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Web Design Company Pricing Guide April 2024

Updated November 17, 2023

Web Design Company Pricing Guide 2024

How much does it cost to hire a web design company? The answer depends on the scope of your project, the agency’s location, and more. Learn more about the factors that can impact web design cost. 

What do you do first when you’re looking to make a purchase, hire a contractor, or research a topic? Most people immediately go online to find the information they’re looking for — and your customers probably do too.

Your business’s web design can be a big factor contributing to your company’s success. In particular, the look and feel of your website can have a huge impact on your brand image and credibility. Additionally, the design and layout of a website can impact the website’s accessibility and usability.

If you’re looking to build a user-friendly and visually appealing website, a web design company can help. With a team of experts that are not just up-to-date on web design trends, but are also familiar with best practices, a web design company will be able to deliver accessible and functional design for your business website.

This pricing guide will provide deeper insight into how much it costs to hire a web design company depending on the scope of your project. 

Web Design projects reviewed on Clutch typically cost

< $10,000
< $10,000 $10,000 - $49,999 $50,000 - $199,999 $200,000 >

As shown in the chart above, most web design projects reviewed on Clutch cost only a few thousand dollars. There are a few outliers for pricing website design, however, usually because the scope of the project is bigger or more complex.

While most web design projects are relatively affordable, some design projects can be costly due to the number of pages that need to be designed, the features that need to be included, and the web design agency’s fees.

To get a better picture of what it costs to hire a web design agency, you must have a full understanding of what type of website your business is looking to create.

What Do Web Design Agencies Charge For Their Services?

The average cost of hiring a web design company on Clutch is between $100–$149 per hour.

Designing a great website requires a solid understanding of best practices to ensure that, when the website is finally developed, it functions well, is easy to navigate, and represents the client’s brand.

Many web design companies go through extensive discovery to ensure that they deliver a final product that meets their client’s needs. This can include researching the client’s industry, target audience, competitors and more.

Once they have a solid understanding of the client’s goals, web designers will begin sketching different ideas for the web design.

What Services Do Web Design Companies Offer?

Designing a website requires more than just sketching how the website will look. Web design agencies provide a variety of services in order to deliver a high-quality website that meets your needs.

  • Custom web design: A bespoke web design guarantees that the website will meet the client’s needs. However, it requires web designers to create layouts, images, videos, text designs, and more from scratch. 
  • Template-based web design: Rather than building a website from the ground up, designers are able to save time by using templates or website builders. They still are able to edit images, colors, and text to make the content on the website unique for their clients.
  • Website redesign: Companies looking to enhance the look and feel of their website may choose to refresh their site design rather than start from scratch.
  • UI/UX design: UI/UX focuses on the interface and user experience of a website. This includes everything from wireframing and information architecture to visual elements such as screen layouts, transitions, animations, color schemes, and typography.
  • Development: Some web design companies also offer web development services. They are able to build the website based on the specifications they’ve outlined in the design process. 
  • Branding: Since a website reflects the company’s image, it’s important that the site is branded. This includes using brand colors, logo design, graphics and images, and even typography design. In addition to including brand materials in a web design, agencies often provide branding services as well.
  • Graphic design: Graphics such as images and logos are a big part of the site’s look and feel. Web designers often help create these visuals for the website.
  • Accessibility & usability: Accessibility and usability ensure that all users are able to access information on the website. They are also very important factors for ranking on search engines. Web designers have a solid understanding of best practices, so they can deliver a design that follows accessibility standards.
  • Other: Web designers also can provide assistance with other items needed to launch a website such as registering a domain name, getting an SSL certificate, and establishing web hosting.

When hiring a web design agency, be sure to specify exactly what you’re looking to accomplish. Certain design features can be more or less complicated to build and, therefore, will require a larger budget.

To get a more accurate cost estimate from a potential web design partner, you should create a more detailed description of your project. Alternatively, if you’re working on a tight budget, be sure to share what you expect to spend with potential partners. They will be able to direct you toward different web design options depending on what you can afford.

The cost of a web designer is based on a number of factors, but the complexity and size of the project often come with a larger price tag.

Web Design Companies Use Website Builders To Keep Costs Low

While some companies may want to design a bespoke website, there are more affordable options for businesses on a budget or for those who don’t need particularly complex websites.

Many web designers use website builders, such as Wix and Wordpress, to reduce the amount of time and effort required to design and develop a website. These platforms provide ready-to-use templates and themes or allow developers to add plugins and integrations for more robust functionality. Because of this, web design companies that use website builders charge lower hourly rates than those that design the website from scratch

Even though website builders can be a huge time- and cost-saver, many business leaders find that they still provide more than enough features to create a beautiful and functional website.

Determining if hiring a web design company to design a bespoke website or to use a web builder depends entirely on your business needs.

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Popular Website Platforms

This table breaks down the average hourly cost a web design company may charge depending on the services they’re providing. As you may notice, the average hourly cost of hiring a web designer that uses a web builder is significantly less than those who hire a web designer that can build the website from scratch.

Web Builder
Average Hourly Cost
Wix provides over 500 templates with features such as blog content, live chat, and search functionality. While they offer a free version, the paid version includes a custom domain, SSL certificate, and hosting.
Wordpress is very similar to Wix in that they provide templates and can be integrated with various plug-ins and apps. However, it is free and does not include hosting. 
Squarespace doesn’t require any coding, making it super user-friendly. Originally built for content-based websites, it’s particularly well-known because of the e-commerce features it offers. 
Webflow provides website building and hosting. With visual editing features, it is very easy for users to design, build, and launch a site with Webflow.
Shopify was built specifically for building online stores. Even though it offers many other features, it is perfect for businesses looking to build an e-commerce platform.

Note: Price ranges above are in U.S. dollars.

What Impacts The Cost of Hiring A Web Design Agency?

  • Agency location
  • Experience
  • Industry

More well-known web design agencies often charge more for their services than others. Usually, these agencies have large portfolios that showcase big-name brand websites and client’s they’ve worked with. Because they’ve already established credibility in the industry, clients feel like they can trust their partners to deliver a great design and are willing to spend more to work with them in terms of web designer prices.

Of course, what each agency charges depends on their market. As such, how much an agency charges can range widely based on where their office or designers are located. 

2024 Web Design Pricing by Location

Browse most common hourly rates for web design companies by popular locations.

CountryAverage Cost per Hour
United States of America$100 - $149
United Kingdom$150 - $199
Canada$100 - $149
Australia$100 - $149
Ukraine$25 - $49
Poland$25 - $49
Spain$25 - $49
Mexico$25 - $49

* Countries ranked by Clutch traffic 

Offshore Outsourcing

Many business leaders choose to work with offshore web designers because they charge less for their website design services.

In areas where the cost of living is higher, design agencies have to charge more for their labor. Generally, that’s why agencies in North America, Australia, and Western Europe have higher hourly rates. While these agencies charge more, companies located in these regions find that agencies located nearby are easier to work with because there is less of a time difference. By working with partners in the same time zone, it’s easier to schedule meetings, resulting in easier communication and a stress-free partnership.

Of course, what each agency charges depends on their market. As such, how much an agency charges can range widely based on where their office or designers are located. 

Decide whether a freelance web designer or a web design agency is best for your next project.

Nearshore Outsourcing

If you appreciate the cost-saving aspect of working with an offshore service provider but are concerned about communication with service providers who aren’t nearby, you can also work with a nearshore service provider or an agency from a neighboring country.

Web Design Costs Vary Depending On Your Scope

As we discussed above, the total cost of a website project is largely dependent on the scope of the project. While agencies often provide an hourly rate, the amount of time, effort, and experience required to design and build a website depends entirely on the scope of the project.

Additionally, the cost of developing the website depends on the complexity of the design. The more you want to accomplish by designing a website, the more you will have to pay.

How to price web design? Here are a few items that may impact the cost of your web design project:

  • Website size
  • Features & functionality
  • Style
  • Copywriting
  • SEO

Website size

The number of pages a website has certainly will influence the cost. Each page has to be designed and then developed, so each page adds to the amount of time needed to build out the platform. For example, a simple website with just a few informational pages will take significantly less time than a large database website or an e-commerce platform with thousands of product pages. 

Features & Functionality

The complexity of the website will also impact the amount of time, expertise, and labor required to design and develop the website. Therefore, it’s imperative that your business know exactly what features your business needs in order to get an accurate quote. This will also help you manage your budget throughout the project.

Here are a few features that may impact the cost of your web design project: 

  • CMS
  • E-commerce functionality (shopping cart, product reviews, order tracking, etc.)
  • Database
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Navigation
  • Search Bars
  • Chatbots and other AI tools

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Some web designers have a certain style that may appeal to their clients. Before you get too excited though, you should remember that web design trends can impact the development process, and therefore, your budget.

Trends like minimalist websites, infinite scrolling, animated typography, cinemagraphs, and video header images are more difficult to execute. To make sure that these trends don’t impact accessibility or UI/UX, designers must spend time perfecting their designs. They also may need to work with animators, graphic designers, videographers, and more.

Then, once the design is ready, developing these design features can be challenging. Consequently, some web designers will charge more for pricing a website design with these style features. 


Writing copy for every web page is tedious and time-consuming. Many copywriters spend time going through brand guidelines and conducting keyword research in order to develop content that reflects the brand and performs well in search. While web design agencies often offer copywriting services, some clients may choose to write the copy themselves. Remember, hiring a web design agency to write copy will increase the price of your bill.


Finally, web design can have a huge impact on how the website ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). These rankings are important because ranking highly can increase the visibility of the website, which can then impact traffic and sales.

Knowing this, many web design companies follow SEO best practices during their design process and offer guidance to improve the website’s search performance. Keep in mind that this is an additional service that will also impact the cost of designing and building your website.

Still, SEO is a great digital strategy to grow your website’s visibility. With it, you are more likely to see the results you’re aiming to achieve with your web design project. 

A Great Web Design Agency Can Help You Build The Platform Your Business Needs 

A great website design is about more than just how the site looks. For one, It can have a huge impact on the website’s accessibility and rankings. More importantly, though, a website design reflects the brand’s image and can be a big factor when it comes to converting customers.

Hiring a great web design agency is one step your business can take to make sure your website reflects everything you envision.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of low-cost web design agencies out there. While the total cost of your project may vary depending on your project scope, working with a website builder or limiting the features on your website can keep the web design price affordable for your business.

Regardless of what you hope to spend on your web design project, you can find a top web design agency that will meet your budget on Clutch.

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