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Digital Marketing Services Large Telecommunications Service Provider

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BusinessOnline provides business prediction services for B2B telecommunications with the goal of improving marketing strategy. The team also works on SEO and Adwords.

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The work has improved the CRM and general lead visibility. BusinessOnline provides a diverse array of services and has improved SEO. The team has a very collaborative approach and demonstrates a clear expertise in marketing and buyer analytics. 

"[T]hey’re always generating new ideas and new approaches to our challenges."


Could you briefly describe your organization?

I work for a relatively large telecommunications service provider. Specifically, I work in the business-to-business marketing department. We focus primarily on marketing business-related Internet and telephone systems across 36 states. I manage the entire department of business-to-business marketing, including social media outreach, marketing communications, marketing operations, and customer relationship management.   


Could you describe the business challenges you were attempting to address when you began the relationship with BusinessOnline?

We were predominantly up against some very big players in the VoIP [Voice over Internet Protocol] phone system market. We were struggling with the fact that these key players had much larger budgets and audiences due to the fact that they were able to provide services in larger geographic areas. Because we’re a telephone company, we’re essentially landlocked, which presents some unique challenges in terms of marketing, especially on the digital front. We were looking to increase our market presence, and expose more potential customers to our brand and services.  


Could you describe the scope of work of this project?

We looked at several different things. One of the things that we looked at was the concept of validated engagement scoring, which was trying to look at people’s buying behaviors on our website and our Google search history in order to predict purchasing thresholds. We were trying to anticipate the demand for our products and services.  

The other thing that we looked at was an entire canvas of our two Web properties to ensure that our content was optimized for search engines. We performed quite a bit of keyword research, and then initiated several Google pay-per-click [PPC] campaigns based on best practices and new keywords.

How did you select BusinessOnline as your solution partner for this endeavor?

We met them at the ULMAS conference a couple of years ago. We saw a presentation that BusinessOnline had done around predicting who is going to buy, what they’re going to buy online, etc. We were very intrigued by the whole premise. I reached out to them after that conference to find out how they could do something similar for us. That initial task snowballed into a much wider variety of services.  

As we began talking with them, we realized that they were very knowledgeable in the various moving parts of online marketing. Everything changes so rapidly, and they seemed really on top of what to do, how to remain agile, and how to ensure that we could improve our search rankings. We felt very comfortable with their expertise and approach. It took several months to figure what our complete statement of work would be, but we went with them right away. We never really considered any other vendors.

Could you give me a sense of the size of this initiative in dollar terms?  

It costs between $200,000 and $500,000 a year.

When was the most recent project completed?

We’ve had a continuous statement of work from 2013 through 2014, so it remains ongoing. We don’t have any intention of terminating that agreement anytime in the foreseeable future.


In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or anecdotal feedback that would demonstrate the effectiveness of the work they’ve delivered?

One of the stats that I like to reference is the fact that when we began this initiative, the number of leads that were being tracked in our CRM [customer relationship management] system was extremely low. We had no visibility into what was happening with our leads. We were basically blind. Once we started working with BusinessOnline, all of that changed. We can now track almost 90 percent of our leads, we can track all the way from when they submit contact forms to what happens to them in the CRM, and to closure.  

The traffic of our website has almost doubled since we started working with them, too. Our forms, our conversion rates, have increased dramatically on both of our websites. In terms of SEO, our conversion rate has doubled with regard to our AdWords campaigns. That’s a good metric. Our click-thru-rate has remained consistent. Our cost-per-lead is down 80 percent. The percentage of our keyword’s in the top 10 or top position has also increased dramatically. In terms of keywords in the top 10, we’re up to about 17 percent. It’s grown quite a bit in a very short time period.

When working with BusinessOnline, is there anything you would consider unique or special about their approach or methodology compared to other vendors you’ve worked with?

What really stands out to me is their collaborative approach, and they have experts in each one of their relevant fields. Each week, their entire team is on a call with us strategizing what the next moves should be. They have this very positive attitude and a fantastic work ethic. They know a lot of people sitting on the client side. They understand that we can’t always do things at the turn of a dime, but they’re always generating new ideas and new approaches to our challenges.


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