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Link Building Services Hiring Guide

Link building services executed by professional marketing teams can improve a business’s SEO strategy, website visibility, domain authority and more.

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Link Building Services Hiring Guide

Updated March 27, 2024

Backlinks can be the backbone of a successful online presence. Link building services executed by professional marketing teams can improve a business’s SEO strategy, website visibility, domain authority and more.

A successful link building strategy can be difficult to master without the right level of support. Link building specialists can provide robust experiences, strategic mindsets, and more to help take your company’s SEO strategy to new levels. But finding the right link building services isn’t easy – there are many companies that practice unethical link building methods that can harm brand reputation and SEO standing.

This guide explains everything you need to know about finding and hiring the best link building services to grow your business.

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What is Link Building?

Link Building: An SEO practice that involves acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. These backlinks act as endorsements from other sites, signaling to search engines that your website can be seen as a valuable resource.

Link building efforts help improve domain authority, website visibility, and organic traffic. High-quality links from reputable websites hold more weight than platforms that might be seen as low quality. Quality matters more than quantity when it comes to link building tactics.

You might ask - what makes a good backlink?

  • Authority: High-authority websites are more valuable. For example, receiving a link from The New York Times website will have more weight than a small marketing agency.
  • Relevance: Getting links from websites that are relevant to your website and the link’s content will have the most impact. For example, if you run a website about influencer marketing strategies, it would be much better to receive a link from an authoritative website about marketing than one about cybersecurity.
  • Placement: A link’s position on a page is important. All successful backlinks appear within the main body of a piece of content as opposed to the footer or bottom of a page.
  • Anchor Text: Anchor text is the clickable text that appears for a link. The more relevant and descriptive the anchor text, the better. For example, if you are linking to an article about business goals for a social media company, the anchor text should be related to that topic - not something like “read more” or “learn.”

Companies can have several goals when choosing to invest in link building services.

Here are some common goals for link building campaigns:

  • Increase rankings on search engines
  • Drive organic traffic
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Establish relationships
  • Improve social engagement and website authority

The most valuable services of a link building team will directly correlate with your company’s vision and business goals. Hiring a link building service provider will provide structure and organization for this process, and it can be helpful to communication to have a partner in your area.

Link Building Services by Country

Link Building Services by City

5 Benefits of Link Building Services

Effective link building requires a strategic approach to work well with an SEO strategy. Link building efforts offer benefits that significantly impact the success of websites.

link building benefits

Here are some of the biggest reasons companies invest in link building services:

  1. Builds credibility. Having a strong backlink profile will help your business boost credibility in your space in terms of industry authority. Your company can be seen as a resource for target audiences looking for relevant information.
  2. Increases referral traffic. If a high-traffic, relevant website links back to you, that increases the opportunity for their visitors to find your website.
  3. Boosts domain authority. A website’s domain rating or domain authority refers to how sites measure themselves in the world of SEO. The number of links from relevant sites can boost these scores.
  4. Helps brand authority & awareness. Online visibility can directly impact brand awareness for businesses. Obtaining links from relevant and authoritative websites exposes your brand to a wider audience.
  5. Enhances visibility on SERPs. Your company’s position on search engine results pages (SERPs) determines the amount of clicks you get. The more effort your team puts into creating useful links, the higher the chances of boosting online visibility.

What Services Do Link Building Specialists Provide?

Link building service providers offer a variety of services included in their link building packages for customers. Here are some of the most common services an agency will offer for link building efforts.

  • Manual Outreach
  • Digital PR
  • Editorial Sourcing
  • Guest Blogging
  • Shareable Content & Assets
  • Broken Links & Unlinked Brand Mentions

Manual Outreach

Outreach for link building is a simple yet time-consuming process. Companies need to reach out to prospects and ask for a backlink. Since people can’t link back to your content without discovering it, this process is very important.

There are many tools that help companies get started, but a lot of teams focus on email as the main outreach source. Link building providers will tailor these email communications based on the target recipient, the subject matter of the link, and more in hopes of creating a link partnership.

Digital PR

Public relations focuses on managing a brand’s reputation, but it can also be an effective link building technique.

Digital PR efforts rely on content creation. To attract reputable websites or capture the attention of journalists, creating high-quality content through blog posts, case studies, data hubs, or press releases that they will share and link to will help your company obtain backlinks.

A link building service provider can plan these campaigns, set targets, and even manage the content creation process, depending on the client.

Editorial Sourcing

The business leaders in your company have critical insights - use editorial sourcing platforms like HARO to bring them out into the world.

By offering expertise on a subject matter, your company can receive backlinks in relevant sites.

Link building specialists can manage your company’s presence on editorial sourcing platforms by pitching your company’s expertise in a variety of topics. If a collaboration works out, your company can be quoted in a piece of content with a relevant link back to your site.

Guest Blogging

Guest posting is a link building strategy that involves writing and publishing articles on websites as a guest contributor. These pieces of content can include a link back to your own website.

The best way to write guest blog posts is to partner with a relevant brand or website and produce helpful, high-quality content for their audiences.

A link building agency can facilitate these relationships, perform blogger outreach, and more to keep the collaborations organized and topical to your area of expertise.

Shareable Content & Assets

Think about what your company shares on social media and your website. Your company can be a resource for high-quality visual content by creating shareable infographics, in-depth guides, and original research.

If your company makes digestible content, relevant sites are more likely to link back to them. Link building experts can find these opportunities for your company and then your content marketing team can take over from there.

Unlinked Brand Mentions & Broken Links

As mentioned with other services, link building service providers can find opportunities for link acquisition and placement.

Broken link building is the process of finding broken external links on other websites in your expertise. Once they’ve been identified, your company or the link building provider you’ve hired will reach out and recommend your link instead.

An unlinked brand mention is when a site references your business without actually linking to your website. By using SEO tools to search for brand mentions, more email outreach can be completed to get a new link to your website.

Common KPIs for Link Building Services

When investing in link building services, tracking the performance of your efforts is essential to determine your ROI and identify what strategies are working for ranking factors.

Depending on the services you’re receiving from a link building service provider, you can outline key performance indicators (KPIs) to help determine success. Common KPIs for link building services include:

  1. Number of backlinks: Measures the quantity of new backlinks acquired through link building efforts.
  2. Referral or organic traffic: Analyzing the amount of traffic driven through different avenues.
  3. Keyword ranking: Assessing the movement of targeted keywords to see the impact of link building efforts.
  4. Domain authority (DA): Monitoring the DA or DR (domain rating) of your website as your company continues to acquire backlinks.
  5. User engagement: How people are interacting with your links in organic search - are they clicking?
  6. Link diversity: The diversity of the link domains and anchor text used.
  7. Cost per acquisition (CPA): Calculating the cost per acquisition for leads or customers acquired through link building efforts helps determine the return on investment and cost-effectiveness of the strategy.

Who Makes Up a Link Building Team?

If your company is working with an SEO service provider, there will likely be teammates dedicated to the link building process. But if you’re working directly with a link building service specialist, there are different roles that tie to the SEO practice.

link building team

Here are some of the most common roles that comprise a link building team:

  • Link Building Manager: The link building manager functions as a project manager, overseeing the entire link building process and ensuring that all other team members are aligned with expectations and objectives.
  • Link Building Strategist: The link building strategist is responsible for developing the link building strategy by identifying which tactics to use to achieve the agreed upon goals.
  • SEO Specialist: An SEO specialist focuses on the technical aspects of link building while ensuring that efforts align with any broader SEO strategy.
  • Outreach Specialist: An outreach specialist is in charge of reaching out to the relevant sites, industry experts, journalists, and more to build partnerships, pitch content, and acquire backlinks.
  • Content Creator: Content creators produce engaging content that will attract backlinks. Popular content types include blog posts, infographics, videos, social media posts, and more.
  • Data Analyst: It is important to track the performance of all of the link building efforts. A data analyst can provide insights, manage any tools, set metrics, and measure impact.

Depending on the scope of link building campaigns and projects, additional roles such as social media or PR professionals may also be included.

What To Look For When Hiring Link Building Services

Choosing the right link building service provider for your company is key to the success of any SEO efforts.

Different link building service providers may specialize in specific niches with digital marketing or even specific industries. Consider an agency’s expertise where it aligns with your business goals.

One of the most important things to evaluate is their reputation and track record to ensure the agency is strict with white hat link building practices. White hat link building refers to ethical practices that abide by the strict guidelines most search engines have. Any manipulative, spammy, or black hat tactics can result in penalties for the parties.

Remember, focus on quality over quantity when it comes to acquiring natural backlinks. Reviewing an agency’s case studies and portfolio along with testimonials can help combat any trickery when it comes to their best practices for link building.

Along with these key areas, it is important for your business to explore a link building service provider’s communication style and how they fit into your budget.

Criteria for Hiring a Link Building Specialist

  • Expertise
  • Approach to link-building strategies
  • Flexibility
  • Reporting style
  • Communication style
  • Reputation
  • Pricing

What Matters to You Most?

When hiring link building services, it is crucial to consider what matters most to ensure that the collaboration will meet your business goals.

Look for SEO agencies or professionals with a proven track record in successful link building campaigns. Each website has its own unique goals – a good link-building partner will take the time to understand your specific needs when it comes to tailoring their link building techniques.

Choosing the right link building service can have a significant impact on your website's visibility and organic traffic. Taking the time to consider what matters most to your business will help you make an informed decision and achieve optimal results.

Here are a few questions you should ask when interviewing link building service providers:

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring Link Building Services

  1. What is your approach to link building?
  2. Can you provide examples of successful link building campaigns?
  3. How does your business assess the quality of backlinks?
  4. What metrics and reporting does your service provider include?
  5. How do you organize outreach services?
  6. Do you have other SEO experts on staff that go beyond link building?
  7. Do you comply with search engine guidelines?
  8. Can you provide references or testimonials from past clients?
  9. What are your preferred communication channels?
  10. What is your pricing structure?

Asking these questions will help your business evaluate the quality link building that an agency can provide to meet your specific needs.

Invest in Reliable Link Building Services

Hiring link building services can greatly benefit your business by improving your website's visibility, authority, and search engine rankings.

By outsourcing this task to professionals, you can save time and resources while ensuring that your link building strategies are effective and adhere to best practices. The right link building service provider will not only help you acquire high-quality backlinks but also provide valuable insights, transparent communication, and measurable results.

Remember to thoroughly evaluate potential SEO providers, consider their track record and expertise, and find a balance between cost and value.

With the right link building services in place, you can take your website's online presence to new heights and stay ahead of your competition.

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