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What to Do Before Hiring a Video Production Agency

Many companies today are getting into video marketing or trying to figure out ways they can use video marketing in the future to promote their business and brand. 

However, it can be quite challenging to get a handle on what you should look for in a video production agency, especially if this is your first time shopping for this particular kind of service. 

Like most marketing endeavors, video marketing is a bigger investment and needs to be taken seriously to get your money’s worth. 

Finding a solid partner in a video production agency that you can work well and grow along with will be a key ingredient for success in your video marketing journey.

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7 Ways to Step Up Your LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn is vastly favored by applicants to further their career prospects as most companies and recruiters look to it to fulfill their hiring needs. It is important to learn LinkedIn’s nuts and bolts so you can obtain your career objectives.

We at Hiration have helped 3,500 people build their LinkedIn profiles and find their dream jobs.

In this article, we will show you how to get the best of what LinkedIn has to offer and consequently step up your job search.

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4 Development Mistakes That Can Make or Break Your Mobile App’s Success

Brainstorming, building, and launching a mobile app is like building and selling a house. If you don’t have the right plan, the correct tools, or the appropriate team with the vision to lay the right foundation, you won’t end up with the structure you wanted. Likewise, if you don’t have the right mobile app strategy from the get-go, brick by brick your project will start to crumble. 

The mobile app market is becoming more and more lucrative. Statista reports that worldwide mobile app revenue in 2019 was at a whopping $462 billion. But what many enthusiastic entrepreneurs don’t know is that most mobile apps never manage to make it past the first few weeks of development.

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6 Tips for Effective Vendor Management in Software Outsourcing

Behind the scenes of every successful software development project, you’ll find top-notch team organization, concrete knowledge of all employees’ roles and responsibilities, transparent communication, and other steps both parties have taken to ensure maximum success. 

As a business development specialist at CodeRiders Custom Software Development Company, I’ve identified some useful strategies for establishing an efficient relationship between agency and client. Before jumping into your next outsourcing partnership, take some time to review these 6 tips for effective vendor management.

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6 Trust Factors Your Website Needs

Put yourself in the shoes of the average consumer. You wake up because your phone dings from a text telling you something is on sale. You turn on the radio and hear an ad for a local car dealership. When you sign online, you see ads on social media, your email inbox, and on search engines.

All day, every day, a consumer sees marketing from hundreds of different companies. Some make promises they never keep, and others say things that just aren't possible. Consumers have no reason to trust what brands say — unless those brands prove themselves.

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5 Ways to Link Your Social Channels and WordPress Site for Audience Connection

Many marketers agree that social media is one of the most useful tools for connecting a brand to its customers. Consumers today also rely heavily on social networks when they are searching for brands and product recommendations.

One recent report found that 74% of customers routinely look to social media when they are making a purchasing decision. Further, 31% of online shoppers search for new products on social channels.

But, of course, social networks are much more than a sales channel – they are an avenue in which people can reach out directly to businesses to address issues or ask questions.

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10 Tips to Manage Communication When Outsourcing

Communication is one of the reasons why some companies prefer in-house development and tend to avoid outsourcing. But why do people consider communication a challenge when it comes to engaging with an outside vendor?

Almost 20% of responders in this ChainLink Survey identify language, cultural barriers, and time zone differences as key challenges to face when outsourcing. 

Almost 20% of responders in this ChainLink Survey identify language, cultural barriers ,and time zone difference as key challenges to face when outsourcing.

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5 Benefits of Help Desk Software

Help desk software has the ability to manage all of your company’s important operations, making the management procedure much easier. Think of it as a web-based ticket system that handles all support processes. Its applications help track and process customer requirements. As a result, customer issues can be addressed easily and resolved in no time.

Businesses small and large need to have a proper customer support system, not just to resolve issues but also for building firm communication. 

Help desk software has been specially designed to do that. It’s convenient for both customers and employees. By recording, tracking, and managing customer inquiries, help desk solutions require less manpower to operate. This allows your team to focus their time on other areas of the business.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the different ways help desk software helps businesses thrive. 

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How to Protect Your Business Against Phishers

Security awareness training gives us one more tool to use against hackers.

According to the security firm EveryCloud, 90% of successful breaches are attributed to human error. From my experience as a freelance cybersecurity analyst, I can attest to the validity of that statement.

In 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of companies beef up their defenses after a breach. They all have one thing in common — they had good basic defense systems in place. In the majority of cases, the systems were fine. The breaches could often be attributed to personnel getting careless.

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How Long Does a Mobile App Development Project Take?

We all have apps we can’t live without, and they’re no doubt worth the time and money that it takes to develop them. According to Sensor Tower’s download statistics, the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store saw over 105.3 billion unique downloads in 2018. 

Every application is completely different in its complexity and design, but the basic development steps are similar. Customizing each app’s look, feel, and functionality is what makes the development process so detail-intense and intricately coded. To help you better understand the course of a typical mobile app project, we’ve outlined the four basic phases of app development along with projected timelines and requirements.

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