Interview with Dalton Finney from BFO

Dalton Finney, SEO analyst at BFOClutch spoke with Dalton Finney, SEO Analyst at BFO, about Clutch's 2016 Enterprise SEO Survey Results.

Learn more about BFO on their Clutch profile or Also, read more from Dalton in his recent article about SEO website transitions.



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Interview with SkySync

Clutch spoke with Steve Woodward, CTO of Portal Architects (creator of SkySync), about the results of our 2016 Cloud Backup Survey. Learn more about SkySync at

SkySync logo


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Interview with CloudEndure

  • Jun 9, 2016
  • Alexander Miller

Clutch spoke with Leonid Feinberg, the Vice President of Product at CloudEndure, about the leading cloud computing platforms – an important discussion for enterprises seeking to adopt Cloud technologies.

Learn more about CloudEndure at

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Interview with MaxAudience 2016

Clutch spoke with Mark McIntyre of MaxAudience as part of a series of interviews regarding PPC strategies.

Learn more about Maxaudience on their Clutch profile or at

Please describe your organization

Maxaudience is an Internet marketing agency that assists medium and large-scale businesses with precise, high ROI, marketing campaigns.

What are the easiest ways to waste money quickly with paid search for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs)?

With paid search it’s easy for smaller businesses to blow their budget early. But there are several strategies SMBs can take to minimize risk and insure a smooth and cost effective entry into the paid search world.

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Interview With Clearbridge Mobile

Deepak Chopra Clearbridge MobileClutch spoke with Deepak Chopra, the CEO of Clearbridge Mobile, about mobile app development, app development in Canada versus the United States, the constant search for talent and the future of mobile app technology.Learn more about Clearbridge Mobile on their Clutch profile or at

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Interview with Elinext on Microsoft Azure and AWS

  • Apr 6, 2016
  • Alexander Miller

Alexey Trigolos, IT Services Director, Elinext Group

Nikolay Karzhan, .Net Development Team Leader, Elinext Group

Clutch spoke with Alexey Trigolos, IT Services Director at Elinext Group, and Nikolay Karzhan, .Net Development Team Leader at Elinext Group, about the benefits and challenges of utilizing cloud platforms, specifically Microsoft Azure – an important consideration for organizations familiar with Microsoft technologies seeking a Cloud Service.

Learn more about Elinext Group on their Clutch profile or at



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Interview with 180Fusion 2016

180fusion logo

Clutch spoke with Mike Rosa of 180fusion as part of a series of interviews regarding the 2016 Small Business SEO Survey

Learn more about 180fusion on their Clutch profile or at

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Interview with Avalaunch Media

Clutch spoke with Matt Siltala, the founder of Avalaunch Media, about Clutch's 2016 SMB SEO Survey Results.

Learn more about Avalaunch Media at

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Interview with Softarex on Cloud Platform Options

  • Mar 22, 2016
  • Alexander Miller

Clutch spoke with Alexander Lipanov, President and Chief Executive Officer of Softarex Technologies, Inc., about the various cloud platforms available to organizations – an important consideration for businesses seeking a Cloud Computing Platform.

Learn more about Softarex on their Clutch profile or at

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Interview with Local Search Masters 2016

Matt Job Local Search MastersClutch spoke with Matthew Job, Chief Marketing Officer for Local Search Masters, as part of a series of interviews regarding Clutch’s 2016 SMB SEO Survey.

Learn more about Local Search Masters on their Clutch profile or at

Local Search Masters logo

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