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Cloud Computing Education in the UK: Two Professors’ Perspective

As part of Clutch’s ongoing research on cloud computing education at universities and colleges, we interviewed two cloud computing experts who teach at universities in the UK.

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The Benefits of Insurance Brokers and PEOs

Both an insurance broker and a professional employer organization (PEO) can provide expertise on navigating the employee benefits landscape.

However, PEOs offer more general benefit help and handle health insurance, retirement savings, and payroll, among other HR concerns. Insurance brokers, on the other hand, focus on health insurance.

Depending on what kind of benefits administration you need, either an insurance broker or a PEO may be a better fit for your business.

This article breaks down the similarities and differences between PEOs and insurance brokers to help your search. For more information about the kinds of benefits you might offer workers, read our study on employee benefits.

What Do PEOs and Insurance Brokers Have in Common?

PEOs and insurance brokers are like two kinds of HR outsourcing.

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How Human-Centered Design Creates Better Products

At its heart, good product design aims to create products that will be successful in the market and ultimately drive engagement and growth for the companies that create them. In order to do that, most products aim to solve a problem or improve some aspect of a user’s life. 

In the past, a common approach to designing these products was to come up with an idea, build it, and hope people will buy and use it. This approach often falls short when the resulting product doesn’t solve a problem people actually have or wastes time and resources on features people don’t actually need. 

To avoid this outcome, designers and companies are increasingly adopting a different approach, known as human-centered design. The focus of human-centered design is not the problem itself; it’s the people who have that problem and often, the underlying causes of it. 

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Interview With Clearbridge Mobile on How to Make an App

When Clearbridge Mobile launched in 2011, they were one of the few app development companies prepared to deliver mobile apps that could handle the scale of enterprise companies. Sanjay Malhotra, CEO of Clearbridge Mobile

Sanjay Malhotra, Clearbridge Mobile’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, recently shared his observations of how mobile app development has evolved. In this lightly edited interview, Malhotra offers advice into how to make an app, as well as how companies should approach monetization, marketing, and new technology.

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An Interview With Brian Childs of MozPod, an SEO Podcast

Childs, who is the training program manager at Moz, created MozPod in order to break down SEO topics in easily understandable episodes that both SEO novices and experts enjoy.

Childs and the Clutch team discussed the value of podcast content for businesses, organic vs. paid SEO, and the future of SEO.

MozPod Moz logo

I started listening to MozPod and was hooked.

I learn a lot from my discussions on the podcast. SEO has several different sub-topics, but most articles about it aren’t helpful or are too promotional.

People write about what they’ve achieved with SEO, but that doesn’t help readers understand how to do SEO better! They think, “I’ve got to replicate these people’s process, but how?”

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Guide to Choosing a Voice Services Provider

When customers call a business, it’s usually not to complain. Over half (54%) of customers want to schedule an appointment, while 16% want to ask about a product and 14% have billing issues, according to our recent survey on voice services.

Customers have many reasons to communicate with a business via phone, but not all businesses have the time or resources to handle those calls. That’s where voice services come in.

Voice services save businesses both money and time. However, few reliable guides to voice services exist, which can make it hard to understand the value of an answering service or virtual receptionist.

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How to Improve Cybersecurity for Your Business

Cybersecurity occupies a dark place in the public conscious. There are rarely (read: never) news stories that celebrate the strength of a company’s information security. Instead, we consistently hear about cybersecurity attacks, threats, and the failures of businesses in their attempts to respond.

Clutch spoke with Billy Cripe and Tim Roddy, the respective Vice Presidents of Global Marketing and Product for Fidelis CyberSecurity, a Maryland-based global cybersecurity company. They discussed how recent cyber attacks and the responses to them, particularly the Equifax breach that blew up in September, expose fundamental flaws in information security and shape the public’s dubious perception of cybersecurity. 

To Cripe and Roddy, the impact of cybersecurity simultaneously carries pain and gain. Companies suffer but (ideally) learn from their mistakes.

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How to Choose an App Development Firm

How do you find the right app development partner for your business?

Choosing the right app development partner is one of the most important steps in transforming an idea for an app into reality. You need to find an app development firm that will understand your vision, add its technical expertise, and deliver a mobile app that meets your needs.

Use this guide to prepare for meetings with potential app development partners to ensure that you choose the right firm for your next project.

Top 3 Factors for Evaluating An App Development Partner

  • View previous examples of mobile apps the firm has produced
  • Explore whether you have compatible work and communication styles

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How to Make an App: From Brainstorm to Launch

More than 40% of small businesses have a mobile app, according to Clutch’s annual Small Business Survey. That number may increase to 67% by the end of the year. As companies increasingly invest in mobile apps, they find that there are multiple options for building an app, and this can make it difficult to understand which option aligns with their goals.

To date, Clutch has reviewed 3,400+ leading mobile app developers and surveyed 102 app developers from firms around the world. We gathered everything we learned into a step-by-step guide to making an app, including pros and cons of each option.

Use this article to explore the app-making process and learn how to take actionable steps toward making your app idea a reality.

Steps to Make an App

  • Step 1: Determine Why You’re Making an App 

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Inside the App Discovery Stage: 3 Case Studies

Read three case studies on how app development companies approach the increasingly important "discovery" stage of app development.

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