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How to Select an SEO Company

  • Aug 22, 2015
  • nbeach
  • SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) can open many doors for businesses. People are going to Google more frequently than ever to find products and services, and as a result, businesses are becoming increasingly competitive with each other for top search keywords. Finding an expert to help with SEO can bolster a company’s exposure on the web, ultimately taking it to the next level. So, what qualities and experiences should you look for in an SEO partner?

As a source of research and reviews on SEO service providers, we at Clutch are frequently asked this question. To help answer this, we first analyzed Clutch’s user reviews of SEO service providers, which reveal what people say about their selection process.

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What are Your Options for Building a Website?

There are various options for building a website, but what solution can provide the most value for both your website and business goals? A website can be as simple as an informational brochure or a basic blogging site, and as complicated as a customized operational system for a business. The complexity of a website can vary depending on the purpose, goals for performance, and the function and feature requirements. If the purpose, goals, and function and feature requirements are mapped out from the start, it will be easier to choose the optimal solution for building the website.

We interviewed experts from across the field of web design and development to get their input on what to consider before building a website. The experts provide recommendations from the planning stages to after the launch of the website while also detailing the abilities, limitations and costs associated with different website building solutions.

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Mobile Apps and Small Business: Clutch's 2015 Digital Marketing Survey

Large businesses and corporations have come to rely heavily on digital marketing to reach their consumers. Social media, blogs and, of course, the almighty app, are used constantly to communicate, share, advertise, and relate to the public.

But, are small businesses investing in apps? Our 2015 Small Business Digital Marketing Survey was designed to examine just that question and to explore motivating factors for small businesses to build apps. We asked more than 350 small business owners to share with us about their use of apps for marketing and sales.

Below the infographic are the full details of our results along with commentary from experts in small business mobile app development.


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Small Business and Social Media in 2015: A Survey

How are small businesses currently using social media and how can a small business benefit from a social media strategy? In a small business survey conducted by Clutch, results showed that 53 percent of small businesses actively use social media. We investigated small business investment in social media and the change from 2014 to 2015 further, focusing on investment in employee time, spend on an outside agency or consultant, and spend on social media ads. We interviewed social media and digital marketing experts for their thoughts on the survey results and for insights on how small businesses can develop a comprehensive social media strategy. Below the infographic there is more detail on the survey data along with additional analysis from the experts we interviewed.


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SEO and PPC in 2015: Small Business Survey

Digital marketing is seemingly gathering steam as an effective way to target customers online. But, to what extent have digital marketing methods penetrated the small business market?

Below, we summarize the results of our survey of more than 350 small business owners and managers on their digital marketing plans in 2015. We first describe small businesses' overall digital marketing share, and then delve into two specific digital marketing strategies: SEO and paid search ads.

The survey explores topics such as how small businesses are measuring their SEO success, planned spending on SEO and paid search in 2015, and satisfaction with in-house methods versus satisfaction working with a SEO agency or consultant. We also gathered comments on the survey results from several experts representing SEO or digital marketing agencies.

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Cost to Build a Mobile App: A Survey

Clutch surveyed representatives from 12 leading mobile application development companies to determine cost ranges of building an iPhone app and the key variables of cost.

To learn more about mobile app development, visit Clutch's App Development resources page.

How much does it cost to build a mobile application? Like any piece of software, mobile apps vary widely in terms of development cost. We surveyed some of the leading mobile app development companies on the cost to develop a mobile app, and found that the median cost range is between $37,913 and $171,450, but could climb up to $500,000 or higher. The best way to find out where your app will fall in that range is to obtain price quotes from several development companies; however, we've included each cost component in our survey below to provide an understanding of what some of the largest cost drivers are.

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Clutch Announces Top Web and Software Developers in Ukraine

This research identifies fifteen Ukraine-based development firms with outstanding records of client service. 

WASHINGTON, August 27, 2015 - Today Clutch published a new report on Top Ukraine-based Web and Software Developers. The research leverages the proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology, which maps each firm's focus in software and web development against their ability to deliver reliably on client expectations.

The following twelve companies were inducted into the 2015 Web and Software Developers Ukraine Leaders Matrix:

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Personal Referrals Drive Almost Half of SEO Agency Selections

New data from Clutch shows referrals are leading driver of hiring decisions for search engine optimization (SEO) companies, but do not always produce good results.

WASHINGTON, August 26, 2015 — Nearly half (45%) of businesses hire SEO service providers based on a referral or existing personal relationship, according to Clutch, a leading source of reviews on SEO companies.  

Company attributes such as knowledge, customer service, and transparency were the next largest influence, mentioned by 43% of companies. Other factors included company location near the client (15%), client reviews and case studies (14%), and culture fit (13%).

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Clutch Recognizes Top Software and Web Developers in Poland

This research identifies eleven Poland-based development firms with outstanding records of client service. 

WASHINGTON, August 21, 2015 - Today Clutch published an updated report on Top Poland-based Software and Web Developers. The research leverages the proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology, which maps each firm's focus in software and web development against their ability to deliver reliably on client expectations.

The following eight companies were inaugurated into the Top Poland-based Software and Web Developers Leaders Matrix:

Lunar Logic, Future Processing, XSolve, Prograils, The Software House, Codete, 10Clouds, and Railwaymen.

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Clutch Recognizes Leading Digital Marketing Agencies in Texas

The research is Clutch’s latest in a series of reports identifying digital marketing agencies worldwide.

WASHINGTON, DC, August 18th, 2015 -- Today Clutch published an updated edition of its research on Digital Marketing Agencies located in Austin, Dallas and Houston. The research leverages the proprietary Leaders Matrix methodology, mapping each firm's focus on digital strategy, design and marketing against their ability to deliver world-class results for their clients.

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