Why Bilingual Marketing Is Important for Businesses in Arabic-Speaking Countries

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), especially the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, are economic and cultural melting pots for individuals and businesses from different parts of the world. For this reason, companies are always looking to hire individuals with multilingual abilities.

Contrastingly, most of these organizations that value employees with multi-language skills do not care about how their online marketing efforts align with the multicultural tone of their environment. Worse still, we’ve found that most companies in the region do not consider creating content that appeals to the local community.

In this post, Mr. Sami Raja, the managing director of Sami Raja Consultancy, will be highlighting the importance of bilingual content marketing strategies and why firms in the GCC should take Arabic content marketing seriously.

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What’s the Best Software Development Model for My Project?

The best software development model for your project depends on a number of factors, including its size, nature, and level of complexity.

At BairesDev, we specialize in software outsourcing. We employ the top 1% of IT talent in Latin America, so we’re well-placed to discuss the pros and cons of each approach.

To determine the best model for your product, we’ll look at five of the most popular: Waterfall, Kanban, Scrum, Lean, and DevOps.

Waterfall Provides a Step-by-Step Methodology

The Waterfall development model typically lends itself well to small or ‘one-off’ projects.

Likewise, if your venture is a long-term development that adheres to strict guidelines, Waterfall’s ‘stage-by-stage’ process can be very convenient. If your project deals with sensitive data, where human error can have serious consequences, then choosing Waterfall as your model would be a safe bet.

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Top 7 Growth Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

B2C companies aren’t the only leaders in marketing innovations. These days, B2B brands must deliver an equally effective customer-focused experience. As such, each brand needs a creative marketing plan supported by industry research. 

B2B businesses can no longer solely focus on outbound and direct marketing techniques, such as contacting prospects directly. Although some outbound methods do work, they’re definitely not the best practices to bring in new clients.

Below are the top 7 growth marketing strategies for B2B companies that can drive your company to reach its marketing goals:  

1. Focus on Content Marketing

Content marketing has become extremely popular in recent years. Content is useful for B2B companies because it can increase lead generation and expand online presence. 

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How to Build a Customer-Focused Marketing Strategy

Imagine you're on vacation and drive through a new city to get some dinner. How do you decide where to go?

Ten years ago, you may have pulled in to the first place you saw and hoped it was good. But that’s no longer your only option. Now, you can read what someone thought about the atmosphere last September or hear how another customer liked her burger last week. You can scan the area to see what other restaurants are nearby or find a specific cuisine you’re craving.

You have more than enough information at your fingertips to make a well-informed decision – all thanks to smartphones and the internet.

With so much information available, companies have to do more than just offer good products and services – they have to court their customers.

Companies must make sure customers have the best experience at every stage of their buyer (and customer) journey. And this means a change in how we market.

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Website

If you have a small business, it’s no longer a question of whether you should have a website —  almost every small business either already has a website or plans to have one in the next year.

But simply having a webpage isn't enough unless it's optimized. You need to make sure your website is operating at peak efficiency and effectiveness in terms of how it attracts and directs web traffic, how it funnels visitors to your product or service, the way it loads on every device, and how it appears to the average user.

“Optimization” can mean a number of things when it comes to web pages. Here are 5 major things to consider to make your web presence as strong as possible.

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Using IoT for Location-Based Analytics and Content

The Internet of Things (or IoT) describes how interconnected devices work together over a shared network to deliver a predicted function.
IoT is a viable platform for delivering products and joining mobile, desktop, wearables, and conversational user interfaces (CUI). 

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What It Takes to Make a Business Last

What makes a business survive for the long-term? 

Hard work and perseverance are just part of the formula. Growing a business is a combination of various factors working together. 

Three approaches, in particular, can help your business improve its long-term health: 

  1. Adapting to change
  2. Continually learning
  3. Embracing innovation

This article demonstrates how these 3 strategies can help your business achieve long-term success using case studies. 

How McDonald's Adapted to the Digital & Global Economy

Customer preferences transform over time according to new technologies and trends. The only way to succeed in a shifting business landscape is to understand and meet their changing preferences.

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8 Reasons to Use Agile Tools in a Non-IT Business

Using Agile tools in a non-IT sector is common practice now. 

Agile methodology increases performance and delivers valuable products by adapting to changing events in the workplace. Agile tools ensure a quick response to changes in every stage of production, including team communication, task management, issue tracking, and knowledge sharing. 

Many industries benefit from this management method, including sectors such as marketing, education, car manufacturing, publishing, transportation, and recruiting.

Still, it can be difficult to decide what management tools you want to implement for your company.

This article touches on why a non-IT company needs a management solution, and how Agile technologies can solve many of your project problems.

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3 Tips for Providing Multilingual Customer Support for Your App

When you offer customers support in their native language, your customers are more likely to return.

 A report from the Common Sense Advisory found that 74% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that offers post-sales support in their own language. 

The Internal Customer Management Institute, a customer call center, reports the following insights:

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5 Ways Blockchain Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are a huge $360 billion-dollar industry, with more than 16 trillion loyalty points issued annually across 7.6 billion consumers. It’s a substantial industry that businesses use to drive customer spending and loyalty.

Although loyalty programs are substantial, they are also fragmented; there are too many loyalty programs, each with its own way of earning and redeeming. This can lead to frustrated customers and a lot of unused points.

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