5 Ways to Determine If an Influencer Is Fake

Influencer marketing has helped many brands get incredible results. It is one of the fastest-growing methods to acquire customers online. However, if you want your brand to benefit from influencer marketing, you need to collaborate with genuine influencers.

Today, it’s easy to buy fake followers and increase your following with bots. Many fake influencers use these techniques to seem influential. They artificially inflate not just their followings but sometimes their engagement rates, too. But, they can’t influence a single individual, as there is no real reach.

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Why You Should Invest in a Virtual Reality App

Virtual reality is no longer in its infancy. Today, businesses see VR as the go-to tool in a new and lucrative market. Many companies predict virtual reality will be the next big step for the app development industry. 

Virtual reality technology has enormous potential in the mobile app space. This article should help businesses realize the potential value of creating VR-based mobile apps.

The Journey of Virtual Reality

Today, VR is a booming and growing field. Gadgets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PSVR (PlayStation Virtual Reality) have successfully proven the benefits of virtual reality. 

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3 Reasons Why Agile Doesn’t Work for Your Company

Software developers have used Agile since the early 2000s. Since then, Agile frameworks have found their way into other industries such as HR management, marketing, banks, and even governmental institutions.

But what if you can’t get Agile to work for your company? Should you bother trying to get it to work at all?

Nine times out of 10, my answer would be yes, you absolutely should try to use Agile at your company. But it’s not right for every company.

What Is Agile?

What makes Agile frameworks so unique is that they allow you to deliver business value from the very first weeks of product development. They require a strong focus on the minimum viable product (MVP), a product with just enough features to satisfy the core needs of prospective users.

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The Most Valuable Components of a Productive Workplace

If you’re a business owner or leader, you know the value of time. Every day, you answer calls, respond to employees, and ensure the business runs smoothly. Still, sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. 

Time management and work productivity are crucial for business success.

At Hubstaff, we build time-tracking and work management software for growing teams. Our customers constantly seek ways to optimize their time for personal and organizational success. Whether you run a remote business, large company, or fast-moving startup, you know that time management is the key to business growth. 

If you’re hoping to achieve higher levels of efficiency this year, you’re not alone. According to a new global report, 74.8% of organizations plan to increase their productivity over the next year.

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How To Sell Without A Sales Team

Selling without a sales team is a reality for many businesses, from start-ups that don't have the resources for a sales department to successful companies that feel like they don't need one.

When I co-founded TTT Studios in 2010, I didn’t think about creating a designated sales department. Now, eight years later, I still don’t want one. 

In a world where only 13% of leads convert to sales opportunities and only 6% of sales opportunities convert to deals, we have chosen to rely on other techniques to replace the standard sales team. 

In this article, I offer three pieces of advice for business leaders who refuse to subscribe to conventional sales practices. I will also argue that when business organizations focus on the big picture, sales come naturally. 

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4 Ways IoT Will Transform Manufacturing

Classic manufacturing typically features a set of machines that must be managed by human workers. The equipment units are often loosely connected, but the data about how they interoperate isn’t transparent.

The era of Industry 4.0, however, offers a fresh approach to manufacturing. Industry 4.0 is a trend in automation that implies creating smart factories powered by digital technologies, such as IoT and cloud computing.

Most importantly, IoT allows manufacturers to monitor and manage not only the equipment or production lines, but also data about workers and their activities.

Spending on IoT is forecast to grow, with vertical-specific businesses expected to spend up to $863.66 billion on IoT by 2020.

Internet of Things spending is growing.

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4 Things to Consider While Marketing to a Global Audience

The benefits of going international can be huge. You can enjoy economies of scale, greater profits, and a larger customer base that increases the brand’s value.

However, it’s important to be aware that there are risks associated with launching a global marketing strategy for your company or even entering a new market with a product or service.

It’s important to have a solid strategy in place before expanding to a global audience.

Marketing Strategy Consideration #1: Finding the Right Countries

Deciding which market to enter can be a tough decision, but data makes it easier for marketers.

This data can often come through an analytics platform such as Google Analytics. If you see that a large portion of your traffic is coming from a certain country you’re not currently selling or marketing to, this may represent an untapped market you haven’t yet considered.

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6 Hidden Costs in Mobile Application Development

Some businesses forget that the development process is only part of an app’s full lifecycle. After development, there are also the deployment and maintenance stages, which are both critical to success. The high cost of these two stages may surprise you. Not to mention other costly, but important aspects, which are necessary to any app’s lifecycle.
I've compiled a list of the most common hidden costs in mobile app development projects. Understanding these factors will help you reduce risks, as well as save time and money.

Implementing Multi-Platform Support

Unfortunately, a company can’t create one version of an app that will be universal to all potential app platforms.

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How to Describe Your App Needs to Your Developers

No matter how good and experienced your mobile app development company is, you can’t get the best from it if you don’t know how to describe the kind of app you want.

There are certain questions you must answer in your app description to help your mobile app development company create the app you envision.

If these answers are not complete, some mobile app developers could implement what they feel will be good for the app, and your company might not like it. This is one of the causes of disagreements in app development.

This article outlines the most important information your mobile app development company will look for before creating your app.

What Are Your App’s Main Functions?

You need to tell the developers the main purpose of your app, its desired functions, and how users can access these functions.

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Top SEO Strategies to Avoid

If you work in marketing or SEO, you constantly come across articles about SEO best practices that list top strategies, services, and efforts you need to invest in to improve your search rankings.

What you don't often encounter in these articles, however, are the factors that negatively affect your SEO and push your listings and website down in search engine results pages (SERPs) for target key terms. 

This article highlights factors that negatively affect your SEO and corresponding bad practices to avoid, especially when it comes to your local SEO.

1. Keyword Stuffing in Google My Business Listings

Google has very specific guidelines about the kind of content they want to see on Google My Business listings.

Among these guidelines, keyword stuffing is a recurring theme.

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