What It Takes to Be a Good Product Owner

For modern software development companies, the management method is crucial to the project’s success. 

Agile is an iterative and flexible methodology that’s become commonplace over the years. It’s based on the principle of creating a working software through comprehensive documentation. And it can accommodate the need for a dynamic solution in an ever-changing industry.
In my experience working for an angular development company, a functional Agile team requires a competent product owner who can structure the team for success.

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Strategies for Building Better User Personas

To build a product that resonates with users, you need a thorough understanding of the people who will be using it.

User personas are a tool to organize the information you have on your users. They also help everyone on the team visualize the users the product is intended for so their needs and requirements stay front and center. 

But user personas are only as valuable as the data they’re based on. In this post, we’ll explore what user personas look like, how to gather accurate data, what information to include, and four steps to building effective personas.

What User Personas Look Like

User personas look similar to marketing personas. They’re based on real data that describes each user’s goals, motivations, behaviors, and needs. Personas combine characteristics of all users in a particular segment to form a fictional representation of the user type.

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Reasons to Look Beyond Inbound Marketing in 2020

The idea behind inbound marketing is to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time. In order for this method to work, buyers must follow a predictable trajectory.

First, they must become aware of the need and then consider different options to solve that need. They then make a decision and ultimately become an evangelist for the product or service acquired. It provides users with useful information at the start of the journey. With those promises inbound, they’ll eventually put their trust and faith in your product or service.

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Make Your Ad Investments Smarter With End-to-End Analytics

You’re likely investing money into digital marketing — it’s a great and affordable tool in certain cases. But do you know the mark on your return on marketing investment (ROMI)? You might find that you’re budgeting for a marketing channel that doesn’t pay off in conversions.

This same issue usually happens among small and medium-sized businesses. This is especially true within such overcrowded markets like the US and Canada, as they experience high taxes and competition in the most popular online advertising channels like Google and Facebook. In these cases, monitoring your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness is essential, and this is where end-to-end analytics enters the game.

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How to Choose the Right Blockchain Network for Your Decentralized Project

Blockchain technology’s most well-known application, Bitcoin, recently turned 11 years old. In the last decade, the technology experienced a period of transformation, growth, increased hype, and dramatic falls. Now, it appears to have entered a phase of practical reflection. 

It is a mistake to assume that blockchain technology is universal. The massive closure of initial coin offering (ICO) projects that raised considerable funds during 2017, for example, shows that blockchain cannot solve all existing problems. 

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How Retailers Should Prepare for Generation Z

Generations change, our knowledge from today changes, and Gen Z will likely be the dominant generation with the most spending power in 15-20 years. Because of this, retailers must be aware of emerging tech and future customer needs now. 

Omnichannel retail serves as an important foundation today for retailers to drive relevance in an increasingly competitive atmosphere.

Meeting the demands of shoppers requires flexible systems that allow for any number of paths to purchase. 

In retail tech, we think about omnichannel excellence constantly, but do consumers?

We explored the retail generation gaps and the effectiveness of varying omnichannel strategies and found that “a good retail experience” translates differently across generations.

This led us to the question - what could the retail landscape of the future be like in 10-15 years and how can retailers best prepare?

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3 Qualities of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

As people move up the ladder of success in their careers, the experience they gain makes them proficient in the technicalities of their field while developing Intelligence Quotient (IQ). What remains untouched, however, is their interpersonal skills with their peers and other staff.
Emotional intelligence (EQ) has become an important skill for leaders who want to develop effective and healthy relationships with themselves and their team. 

As a soft skill, emotional intelligence is determined by interactions with colleagues rather than knowledge or other technical skills.

The most popular definition of EQ is the ability to regulate personal emotions and manage the emotions and reactions of others in a healthy way. 

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How to Use Web Design to Reach Customers

If you want your business to reach modern customers, it's imperative that you employ a professional web design that loads quickly, is easy to navigate and is equipped with features that the modern customer has come to expect. 

One thing to keep in mind about building a successful website is that the needs and wants of modern customers change constantly. This means that you'll need to stay up-to-date with your site.

Keeping your web presence current will allow you to boost your customer conversion rates and avoid falling short of the expectations of your target audience. An essential factor in effective web design is to provide customers with fantastic user experience and user interface, which will improve customer retention by keeping them engaged with your brand. 

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5 Reasons Why WordPress Works as an E-Commerce Solution for Small Businesses

WordPress, with its extensive environment of plugins and themes, is a viable platform for small e-commerce shops. WordPress is an ideal choice for small businesses even though it wasn’t created as an e-commerce platform. 

As a software company that covers several e-commerce options—such as SAP Hybris, Magento, and WordPress—we know what type of solution works for each particular customer. 

Although there are plenty of reasons why WordPress is a practical starting place for your e-commerce needs, the following 5 reasons will single out the platform as the top choice for small businesses. 

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Why You Should Invest in Augmented Reality for Indoor Navigation

Augmented Reality (AR) is a rapidly expanding market, with demand ranging from entertainment apps and games to custom business solutions

In this new wave of AR solutions, AR indoor navigation is in high demand. However, the current state of technology is far from perfect. The best known indoor navigation solutions use beacon technology and only leverage AR for visualizing routes. 

But AR can also be used for gaining more accurate user positioning data. Currently, robust mobile app solutions feature maps and built-in GPS to determine outdoor positioning and navigation. 

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