10 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Content Marketing Strategy

By offering useful and free resources, content marketing can establish a foundation of trust between a brand and its potential and existing customers.

Sometimes, however, in the race to create more content, companies forget that the key to success for content strategy is quality, rather than quantity.

It's important to create content not just for the sake of having it or to meet a publishing schedule. Instead, your content should create value for both your business and your customers.

Consider these 10 questions before you develop your content marketing strategy.

1. What Outcomes Should My Content Achieve?

Before you create any content, you need to determine the objectives of your overall content marketing strategy.

Your content marketing strategy should have a true purpose and a clear goal, for example, such as driving traffic to your website.

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How to Create a Data-Driven Culture in Your Business

The importance of data as a business asset is increasing exponentially. It’s imperative that companies adopt a data-driven business culture.

Data-driven cultures have generated impressive results and high ROI. For example, the NBA recently set all-time records for total attendance. The ticket sales and service department teams used data-driven strategies to achieve this result.

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How to Avoid Headaches When Making a Mobile Application

We have overseen our fair share of successes during our 10 years of experience as app developers at Foonkie Monkey.

We’ve also experienced our share of development failures.

Through all of our experiences – both successes and failures – we have learned and shaped our development process. 

This article outlines 6 things to keep in mind to improve the chances your app development process succeeds.

1. Make Sure Your App Idea Is Original

At Foonkie Monkey, we are always open to hearing about new ideas for apps.

On average, we receive 3 app ideas per week, or about 12 per month. Of those, however, approximately 10 already exist in one way or another.

Unfortunately, we have seen very interesting projects halt or change their objectives because creators fail to research whether their idea or concept already existed on the market. 

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Why Purchasing a Magento 2 Theme Can Become a Money Pit

Merchants begin their e-commerce journeys by making decisions critical to future business development. For example, they will consider customer experience and the web store’s visual presentation. At this juncture, they will choose a website theme that fits the project budget.

To save money on custom development, many merchants opt for low-budget and ready-made solutions.

You can use this article to learn the advantages and disadvantages of using ready-made Magento themes for web design, plus learn key mistakes to avoid. 

Ready-Made Magento 2 Themes Are Convenient

The primary benefit of ready-made Magento 2 themes is that they are convenient.

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3 SEO Services That Work in 2018

SEO is a different ball game in 2018.

In the past, SEO was synonymous with keyword research and optimization. In 2018, however, your SEO strategy needs to be more comprehensive.

For example, an SEO strategy should now include 3 efforts such as:

  1. Link building 
  2. Commenting on industry blogs and forums
  3. Creating compelling meta descriptions

Let’s take a look at how these can help your SEO strategy.

1. Link Building

Link-building is one the most significant factors that influence search ranking. Earning backlinks from other sites signals their endorsement of your content as relevant to a particular topic. 

To earn quality backlinks and their SEO benefits, your business needs to be diligent about outreach and keeping track of the companies that link to you. 

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How Businesses Can Use an Indoor Navigation App

Shopping malls, offices, university campuses, hospitals, airports, warehouses – all these buildings take up a large area, challenging visitors who want to find their way quickly.

Indoor positioning and navigation apps can solve that problem.

The idea behind indoor positioning and navigation apps is simple: Inside large facilities – where GPS does not work — the app helps smartphone users locate and get to certain destinations.

My team at IT Craft has been helping to create navigation platforms capable of providing benefits for both facility owners and visitors. These platforms can be quickly adjusted based on each facility’s requirements. We wanted to share some of our expertise with you, including how indoor positioning apps function and how to make them.

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Why Content Marketing Doesn't Work for Every Business

Over the past decade, digital marketers have chanted the “content is king” mantra to the masses: Whatever problems have appeared on the digital marketing horizon, content was considered a solution to:

  • Increasing your company’s search engine rankings 
  • Driving traffic 
  • Improving conversions 
  • Reducing customer churn

Since 2016, however, there has been a shift away from content due to the fact that many content marketing campaigns actually end in failure.

So, is content marketing dead? Or is content still king in 2017?

In two articles, I will explain why the “content is dead” movement is so powerful and argue that, although there are reasons for skepticism, content marketing still matters.

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How to Test Mobile Game Apps

The game industry is more in demand today than ever before. According to Newzoo, the global games market generated $108.9 billion in 2017.

Game design isn’t easy, though, and neither is game testing, especially when testing games for mobile devices. Developing, designing, and testing mobile games require specialized skills.

You don’t always know all of an app’s requirements before you start developing, so testing is one step in an iterative process for creating a quality mobile game.

How Is Mobile Game Testing Different from Regular App Testing?

I’ve been testing mobile games for the past four years with Bugraptors, and I’ve realized that doing so requires specific skills.

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The Importance of Creative Leadership

Creativity is one of the most important qualities of a modern business leader.

Creativity itself is the abandonment of rigid structures, a very desirable trait for individuals in leadership positions to have in a corporate setting.

Creative leaders have the ability to look at things in new ways and solve problems by seeing things others don’t. Synonyms of creativity include words like inventiveness, imagination, innovation, vision, progressiveness, originality, and resourcefulness just to name a few.

All of these are characteristics of successful creative leaders who are changing our world today.

The role of creativity in leadership is vital to any organizations survival in the ever-changing business and cultural climate that exists today.

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How to Reskin Your App in 6 Steps

App development is expensive, but developing an app doesn’t always have to be from scratch; you can, instead, reskin your app.

In this article, I will tell you how you can use the technique of app reskinning by spending a fraction of the money you spend on developing an app from scratch. You will learn the definition and examples of app reskinning and 6 steps to reskinning an app.

What Is App Reskinning?

App reskinning means enveloping an already existing source code in a new design. You can also slightly modify or develop the source code, provided that the main idea remains the same. Although this process is much more popular in gaming apps, it can be done with all kinds of apps.

When you are browsing through the app store, you might come across some similar-looking apps, ones that have a similar idea and design but are not exactly the same. Those are reskinned apps.

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