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Established in 2008, Zoondia came about in order to fill a gap in the mobile, cloud and web applications market. Created to supply the demand for affordable and efficient development outsourcing solutions, Zoondia came about as a result of pooling together of the top technological development talents of India.

We have a large operations facility in India with development offices in Technopark - Trivandrum Kerala , Cyberpark-Calicut Kerala India & Hyderabad  . We also maintain offices in several parts of the US and Middle East.

Zoondia is a leading provider of technology solutions and custom software development, one who is dedicated to the development of customized, creative and affordable solutions that can meet the needs of our expanding clients. We take pride in our team of highly trained, committed, and talented professionals who come from a diverse set of backgrounds such as Open Source technologies computing and Java programming. Our commitment to offering an exceptional experience to our clients is unmatched, delivered through a means of education and personal attention to detail. Our goal is to help our clients to enjoy the technology they use, and reap the benefits it can provide for their businesses’ profits and productivity. This level of commitment makes the Zoondia experience truly unique.

$25 - $49 / hr
50 - 249
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Trivadrum, India
  • T2 ,Thejaswini , Technopark, T2 ,Thejaswini , Technopark
    Trivadrum, KL 695581
other locations
  • Sahya , Cyberpark ,
    Calicut 673016
  • Kapil Tower , Hyderabad
    Hyderabad, AP 500032
  • Zoondia DWC-LLC Business Center, Dubai World Central
    Dubai, DU 390667
    United Arab Emirates
  • 1000, Venetian Way, Suite 1502,
    Miami, FL 33139
    United States
  • 4608 Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal St, 8220-12572, Saudi Arabia
    Riyadh, RD 822012572
    Saudi Arabia
  • Sabros Building, Teeba street, Salwa road
    Doha 75361


Key clients: 
Our clients are mainly from different parts of the globe especially from US, Australia, UK and Middle East. We offer innovative solutions to our clients and ensure the maintenance services there after. Our goal is to help our clients to enjoy the technology they use, and reap the benefits it can provide for their businesses' profits and productivity. This level of commitment makes the Zoondia experience truly unique.


TLVVIP is a premium tour and travel company based in Israel. They are Israel's leading boutique travel company. We created the whole online system for TLVVIP, which enables a user to book hotels, cars and various other services offered by TLVVIP such as guided tours in Israel, Nightlife, shopping etc. The system makes it easy to manage the bookings and plan things accordingly. Everyday TLVVIP helps a lot of people to plan their
trip to Israel. Technical Details: Symfony framework Ajax forms integration google services used for currency conversion Invoice generation using invoice4u z-credit payment integration SSL installation on the server


Peapps is an internal estimation tool for a UAE based construction company. The tool allows the user to calculate the estimated cost for a project. The tool takes into consideration various factors like material cost, manpower, taxes, communication, overhead charges and so on. It has provisions to add various parameters to the calculation and see how the quote changes. It allows user management, resource management and privilege
control. It also allows the management to allocate and manage resources to various projects and control the period of engagement. another important feature of the system is that it can calculate the duration for a project based on given constraints. This tool was designed for Intercontinental use and takes into consideration, the parameters that vary from country to country. PEAPPS is the last word in estimation and project analysis.


Dr.Direct is an online healthcare platform designed to help pregnant women and newborns. It helps them to find and fix an appointment with a physician, buy medicines online and get help on any topic they want. The Client wanted us to create a subscription based hosted business solution for Doctors where he can assist his patients and sell products online. He wanted to create it such that the doctors can sign up, and create a
website for themselves, from within the system. The system consists of a series of professionally designed website templates and their respective themes that Doctors can choose to represent their online solution and sell products to their patients. This solution provides the Doctor a portal to offer products from the Dr.Direct product network. All products purchased from the product network will be directly shipped to the patients’ shipping address. The payment for the same will be directly sent to the Dr.Direct Merchant Account and Dr.Direct sends the respective doctor’s profit amount with a deduction of the transaction fee. It also has a function where the Pronova products can be compared with similar products in the market. Patients can view the website of his/her doctor and get assistance. The Doctor can also edit the contents of the website by Logging in to the content management system. Another intuitive aspect of the project is the application for marketing team. There is a login for the marketing team where they can sign-up doctors to the system, show product demos and presentations and calculate total sales and profits.
The First Group Micro Site Image

The First Group Micro Site

A multilingual website for The First Group . Technical Details: ASP.NET Framework 4.0. CMS: Umbraco v6.1.3 Database: SQL Server 2008 Web Server : II7 7.0
Emirates Skywards Future Artistic Competition Image

Emirates Skywards Future Artistic Competition

The Emirates Skywards Future Artists competition, launched in 2010, is a program dedicated to discovering and promoting emerging, creative talent. link to site Technical Details ASP.NET Framework 3.0. Architecture: MVC 3.0 Database: SQL Server 2008 Hosting Platform: Cloud (Windows Azure)
Pronovacorp Image


Pronova Corporation is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company providing unique solutions that empower healthcare organizations, professionals and consumers to meet the most pressing healthcare challenges, improve patient safety and ensure optimal outcomes. We created the online portal for the company, using the feature rich Adobe Business Catalyst Platform. The site features an elegant interface and is the face of the
company online.


Miccosukee is the Tribe of Indians of Florida. They have resorts, golf clubs, festivals etc which are open to the public. The website features all the facilities available in the Miccosukee village. Resorts, Restaurants, Games, Festivals, Night clubs, etc are just to name a few. The website gives details of all the events, their rates, and contact details. If you are looking for a place of absolute fun, Miccosukee is the right


Surfing online is an Adventure and Tourism Website. It’s main purpose is to educate build a website for him with which he can publish tutorials, videos etc to create awareness among the general public about surfing. The site provides an integrated course on surfing and on completion of the course, it certifies the candidate. The site includes coaching for surfers, coaches etc. It also features a blog where users can share
Reelgenie Image


Reelgenie is a website that allows users to create videos online. It is designed so simple that anyone can make a video in seconds. Just add images, audio or video templates to start with. The site offers a large variety of items to choose from. We created the blog for Reelgenie. The blog gives the reelgenie users a platform to share their videos. Users can browse through the videos uploaded by the users, view them, and share or
like them on social media.
Intelligent menu Image

Intelligent menu

intelligent menu is an application for restaurants and cafes. It has a web application and mobile application sides. The app enables the restaurant owner to create and publish his menus to the app. The users can select their favorite dishes and choose their item. The app offers restaurant wise display of menu for the convenience of the users. The restaurant owner can analyse the buying pattern of the customers and can give
exclusive deals and discounts via the app. There is also a points reward for every item that is purchased. The users can redeem these points later. Users can also share their favorite items on social media. Intelligent menu is indeed an intelligent way of managing restaurant menus. Technical Details: Ruby version :1.9.3. Rails Version : 4. Ruby Gem Version : 1.8.5. Image Magick version : 6.8.7-0 Database : sqlite 3 Push notification for Iphone. Scaffolding for restaurants. Json parsing for Iphone web services.


Campomatto is an android game in which the user plays the game by moving/tilting the device. It is a football inspired game. The ball will be placed at the middle of the field at the start of the game. The player can control the ball by tilting the device. The ball moves according to the motion of the device to give a realistic experience. It uses the gyroscope of the device to sense the motion. The ball rolls on the field
according to the tilt. The objective is to make a goal by moving the ball across the different obstacles and terrains on the field in a given time. The game is developed using cocos2d and jbox for android games Technical Details: The game built with android,Cocos2d and jbox libraries IDE used as eclipse juno
Ulker Image


Ulker is a Turkish manufacturer of food products, which are exported internationally, to 110 countries. The company's core products are cookies, crackers, and chocolates, although Ulker has expanded to other product categories. Ulker – Tell your story is a promotional program of the company, in which kids are invited to share the story of the funniest moments of their vacation. The kids can create an account on the site. They can
then record their story and post it in the site. The best stories are selected and put to vote. The voting is open to public and a winner is chosen. Zoondia did the work of the complete multilingual site, its design and the whole system for recording stories, voting etc. Technical Details Using wordpress and mysql online video recording using red5 ffmpeg installation and implementation multilingual support
Supplierscan Image


Supplierscan is a B2B search engine. It helps to suppliers find the buyers, and buyers to find Suppliers. A user can use this search engine to locate specific product categories in our database. Using Supplier Scan produces a win-win situation for Buyers and Suppliers with both is benefiting from major efficiencies in time, cost, communication and management of the process. Through improved process management sourcing, groups can
arrive at a solution that maximizes savings and factors in all business constraints. To find Suppliers of your Product or Services Category enter either CPV Code or Product Description and hit Submit or refine your search results and use the filters within Advanced Search. Our list of categories is the Standard CPV Code list as adopted by the EU Commision as the standard code list for notice publication in OJEU, the European Journal of the European Union. Technical Details php with mysql database
Picvoice Image


Picvoice is an innovative social media website. It introduces a new concept of sharing one’s unforgettable moments with friends and relatives. Picvoice gives one the freedom to describe his/her photos in their own words. The client contacted us to build a new social media platform where he can share pictures, along with a voice recording for them, and hence the name Picvoice. Picvoice allows a user to sign up to the website for
free and share his pictures along with a voice recording for each picture. The process is organized in the simplest manner. Upload a pic, record the audio and share with a button press. Technical Details: Yii framework in php using mysql database AJAX using Jquery facebook login fetch user images from facebook Login using Instagram ffmpeg implementation and installation


ENREM is a complete Enterprise Resource Management Tool dealing with companies’ documents management and expiry notification. With ENREM, document management, tracking and sharing is very easy . ENREM is available as standalone and online versions. In the online version, clients will get access to unique sub domains and thereby they get access to the application. In the standalone application, all documents are synced with the
device database for offline availability. ENREM is very useful tool for small to large companies. The tool covers a lot of documents like Company Documents, Employee details, Insurance details, Payroll details, Visa Approval details etc as per any Company standards. Any licensee can also customize the Tool according to their particular specifications. The other attractions we put in to the Tool are - SMS alerts, Mobile Apps (iPhone,Android, Blackberry), Mobile Compatible Site, Desktop Notification etc. Technical Details: ZEND framework in php using mysql database AJAX using jquery. Server Management Data export as pdf or excel Web cam integration to website for update user profile Automatic subdomain creation when admin submit a form etc
iMad Art Image

iMad Art

Kids have a flair for Art from their very childhood. Their parents can enhance their learning skills with this same Art. Mad Art is one such example for the parents to help enhance their kids’ talents through the language of Art. Mad Art is a simple drawing application for Kids. Through this App, the kids can spend their leisure time in the world of Art and Colour. With the App they can make drawings, use colour to enrich them
and also use the Clipart, Outlines and textures available within the App to make their creations. The App also allows to ‘save’ these drawings by the Kids and also they can share it to Facebook or send an email with the same. This is the basic version of the App. More enhanced and interactive version with lots more fun loving facilities for kids would be available in the app-store in the near future.
Bubble and Me Image

Bubble and Me

Bubble and me is a very interesting game for all age groups. The game is based on the popular water bubble game toy. There are two jars under water and there will be different balls outside. The player has to drop the balls in the jars by using the bubble button at the bottom and also by tilting the device. The game has nine levels, with the gameplay becoming more and more immersive at each levels.

TKCMU is a community where people can post funny stories, quotes, or thoughts that would happen to come out of the mouths of kids. Kids are natural comedians! They see the world in a whole different way and sometimes it’s just too funny not to share the things they happen to say, about anything and everything. Kids grow up quick and they are constantly learning about the world around them. The older they get, the more they
have to say. Little comedians, intellects, philosophers, goofballs. Sometimes what comes out of their mouths can hardly be believed or remembered. TKCMU is a place where people can come to share their daily stories that will put a smile on readers faces This Kid Cracks Me Up is not only a place to share these one-liners and stories, but also a place where users can record them, and go back whenever they’d like to re-read the things their kid’s have done and said over the years. Everyone wants to remember of the things kids say, and now here’s an easy way to keep it handy, and add to as they happen.
Hair Magic Image

Hair Magic

Hair Magic is an App using which one can try any hairstyle on themselves from the provided list of hairstyles. User gets two options to use the Hair Magic. One is that the user can take his/her own photographs using the device camera and then choose the hairstyle from the provided option. Otherwise the user can use any of the pictures from the photo gallery in the device. In both the cases, they can then adjust the hairstyle
according to your face with the available options. You can try different colors on the hairstyles with the different options for Men and Women separately. Once done with the hairstyle, you have options to save the image and also share it with Facebook and Email.
Path Finder Image

Path Finder

The game usually involves two or more players (maximum four).The players have to enter in their username and select a color coin of their interest. The aim of the game is to reach the finishing point first, by taking turns to move their coin by rolling the dice. The dice can be rolled by tilting the device.The coin that represents the active player will be highlighted on the top left corner of the screen.On the way to the
finishing point, the players will meet with some hurdles in the form of snakes, river, crocodile etc and some opportunities in the form of fruits, vegetables etc.The boxes that represent the hurdles will be red in color and the opportunities will be in blue. There will be points on each of these boxes, which resemble the number of steps the player should take forward or backward.Whenever the player encounters the red box, he or she will be moved back to an earlier position. On the other hand, whenever the player encounters a blue box, he or she can move on to a higher position. If a player rolls a 6, the player may, after moving, immediately take another turn. The player who reaches the finishing point first wins the game
ZooGym Image


Zoo Gym is the perfect companion for any person who loves work outs. In their busy schedule many people opt for work outs not only for their health but also as a part of getting a relaxation for both body and mind. Here, Zoo Gym is the perfect app for any such gym goers. Zoo Gym is an App where the user can manage his workouts. He can set and organize the timings of his workouts. The App provides a workout tracker, and thus

logs in each of his workouts to the system and lets him view the history whenever he wants to. The App also has the option for calculating the users’ BMI, using the BMI calculator. The best add-on feature of the App is its entertainment part. Any user sets his time for any particular workout and get it started. Now the user can be totally entertained with the Music Player in the iPhone. The App gives the user options to choose his playlists from his phone to entertain him all the way through his workout. Work out management and entertainment together in one device. Zoo Gym promises full on entertainment throughout each workout. Technical Details: build against iOS 5 SDK. supports iOS 4 and later. sqlite3 database. MPMusicPlayerController for music. BMI Calculation