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Tallinn, Estonia


Key clients: 

Vitamin-Yes, Sax Bauer Anvälte, Vastlund Apartments, Norresø Mad, Clausevilde Architect

Vitamin Yes Image

Vitamin Yes

Vitamin Kosmetika AB is an import company that deals in organic products for the Scandinavian market. The company recently launched their brand “Vitamin Yes” that sells online organic cosmetics to the Swedish market, while also spreading awareness about the benefits of using organic cosmetic products.

Sax Bauer Anvälte Image

Sax Bauer Anvälte

Sax Bauer is a Munich-based solicitors company. After running the business successfully for years, the company owners planned to start their own business to provide more services. They also wanted to make an attractive profile of the company, which can help generate new leads.

Norresø Restaurant Image

Norresø Restaurant

This is a modern Nordic restaurant who is operating in Copenhagen Indre by the district. After establishing their services, they knew it is important to have a website to display their booking menu and can help the clients to enjoy online event booking and table reservation services.

Clausevilde Architect Image

Clausevilde Architect

This is a well-reputed architect company from Munich who is specialized in designing private modern style houses. Therefore, the company is providing its services in Bavaria and Switzerland mostly. The company felt a need to show its portfolio to the clients to let them understand what magical architectures they have completed in the past. However, the main focus of the website was to generate leads and to attract new

Vastlund Apartments Image

Vastlund Apartments

This is a company facilitating with hospitality services in Stockholm since 2010. The company is offering amazing long and short-term rental services and luxury apartments in the heart of Stockholm. Above all, they find a need to have a booking website for their regular clients to serve them before the company was using online booking services like Booking.com or Airbnb.com.