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Wellnuts Creative Group is a digital development team that helps any person or business to release their idea/product to the market.
We create proof of concept (POC) for your idea and test it with a genuine target audience before you start investing time and energy on it. It may be that you don't quite see how your business idea can fit in with the digital world. You'll be surprised how we can help you test your concept with the help of advanced digital concept.

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Graphics, UI/UX Image

Graphics, UI/UX

Cruise Connect is the fifth-largest full-service wireless carrier in the United States. Was made UX/UI and graphics elements, logo and style.

Graphic Design Image

Graphic Design

An mobile application with which you can send personalized postcard and buy books. This application allow you to customize, buy and send postcard to your relatives and friends to wish and congratulate a present them happy moments. Made logic, structure and graphic design

WEB Design Image

WEB Design

Sleep Calculator

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UI/UX Design

This application combines user accounts in social networks, collecting music and video content from social networks into one user playlist. It has an ability to categorize the data and form your own library. Also you can recommend the playlist to your friends.

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Design & Development

Job-Set uses a dating-site style algorithm that matches veterans to jobs through the use of competency-based profiles. In under 5 minutes, enter your military, education, and civilian employment history, then perform game-like assessments, and the app builds your profile of 600+ skills and behaviors that is quantifiably matched to a database of over 5 million live jobs. Job-Set then provides you a customized infographic resume

to help maximize your chances of employment.
Mobile Design Image

Mobile Design

Mobile application for tracking your kid's moving to school by bus. Was made UX/UI and graphics elements, logo and style.

WEB Design Image

WEB Design

This web site helps to plan and schedule all your social media compaings and save time.

Resource: https://socialwebsuite.com/

WEB Design Image

WEB Design

Is a training site which helps to make a productive team. They have running graduate induction programmes, ongoing leadership development programmes and intense workshops at board level and so on.

Resource: http://teamkite.com/

WEB Design Image

WEB Design

GadgetHub - Peace Of Mind For Your Gadgets GadgetHub is the perfect app if you like to be organised, it allows you to keep all your gadget information all in one place, including guarantees, receipts, serial numbers and even allows you to upload photos of your possessions, so you always have that information close at hand. Giving you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.


WEB design and development Image

WEB design and development

Within long-term cooperation, we upgrade the current site of the company and developed digital progects under the company strategy.

Resourse: http://mts.by/

What was done: redesign, development, maintenance.

Technologies we used: 1C-Bitrix, HTML5/ CSS3/ JS

WEB Design Image

WEB Design

Design of web pages and graphic assets for the digital company Kinseyco, specializing in web design and development on Wordpress and other technologies.

Resource: https://kinseyco.co/

UX/UI Design Image

UX/UI Design

Web portal for analyzing and comparing real propertys and their constituents including objects (houses), infrastructure, property developer, pricing with an opportunity for people to make the rating based on their preferences and importances.

Take a look at the axure example case: main and inner page for real estate project:

http://s0v5yq.axshare.com/#g=1&p=home graphics design (made in Sketch) for the inner page from this case: https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/5ADIK9G2V#/253677292_Test
WEB & Mobile apps for Bank Image

WEB & Mobile apps for Bank

Within long-term cooperation we developed a new website of the bank, mobile version of the site. In addition we provided the website with tecnical support resourse and promo materials (banners, content).

Resourse: http://absolutbank.by/

What were done: design, development, maintenance.

Techologies we used: Ruby on Rails, HTML 5/ CSS3/ JS, Flash etc.

Marketplace Design & Development Image

Marketplace Design & Development

The website development of a company which specializes on manufacturing, sale and demonstration of equipment.

Resource: http://canesugar.ru/

What was done: design, development

Technologies: Python, HTML5/CSS3

MillionAgents Image


Design of agency page fo Russian project "MillionAgens". Adaptive layout allows you to review convenient content not only with the desctops. but also with a variety of mobile devices.

Resource: http://agents.millionagents.com We were responsible for: design and adaptive layout.

Technologies: HTML5/ CSS3/ J3