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Webster is a branding firm made up of partners passionate about strategy and design. Everything we do is custom made. Not just in the details of our design, but in how we think about every client and every project. We adopt your business objectives as our own – building long-lasting partnerships through honesty, thoughtfulness and consistency.

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Omaha, NE


Key clients: 

Union Pacific,

Boston Properties,

University of Nebraska Medical Center,

ConAgra Brands,

TD Ameritrade,

Upstream Brewing Company,

Keiwit Corporation,

NTT Security

Corvium Name and Branding Image

Corvium Name and Branding

Making the world a safer place to eat

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Corvium is a software and technology company that provides organizations in the food industry with access to real-time factual information regarding the changing risk status of their operations in an effort to reduce the risk of food recalls. With an obsession to make the world a safer place to eat, Corvium has

been named as one of the 25 most innovative startups in the ag-tech industry by Forbes Magazine.

They came to us to build a new brand from the ground up, starting with a name and ending with a complete brand standards guide.

Coalition on Human Trafficking Brand and Website Image

Coalition on Human Trafficking Brand and Website

You can't fight what you don't understand.

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Second only to the illegal narcotics trade, human trafficking is the most lucrative criminal activity in the world. And its reach extends to all corners of the globe – even into Omaha. The Coalition on Human Trafficking is a new

non-profit organization dedicated to fighting human and sex trafficking in our area. Working on behalf of the American Advertising Federation Omaha, we designed the CoHT’s logo (representing both a hand raised in defiance and a person with a megaphone), brand look and feel, website, and other creative assets. We hope what we believe is some very good design work will help in the fight against some very evil activities.
TBI, Inc Naming, Branding and Website Image

TBI, Inc Naming, Branding and Website

Helping the industry leader look the part.

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Founded in 1991, Telecom Brokerage, Inc. had grown to become the nation’s foremost telecom brokerage with headquarters in Chicago. But as their empire grew, their branding and advertising failed to keep pace. Which began to be a

hindrance in attracting new partners, new clients and new revenue streams.

We went back to basics and took the client through our complete branding process, creating a platform, position and voice from which to build. From there flowed a subtle name change to TBI, a bolder logo and tag line, and a contemporary website designed to be a sales tool on the front end and a customer service gateway on the back. In short, the brand is now as modern as the technology services it offers.

TBS Logo Image

TBS Logo

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In early 2015, network president Kevin Reilly revealed that TBS would remake itself by the end of the year. Determined to create more original comedies, animated series and late-night talk show, Reilly hoped to reshape TBS as a home for, in his words, “big unscripted ideas with attitude.” Obviously, reinventing

cable stalwart would require a reimagined identity.

We enthusiastically tackled the work, creating a logo that is consistently bold, yet flexible in its use. Like the original content the network is intent on producing, the logo’s letterforms are custom creations. Additionally, there is no set color palette, and the logotype may be used with and without its “slashed rectangle” container. This versatility allows TBS to incorporate the logo in surprising, dynamic ways that mirror the brand’s bold, brash new image.
Union Pacific - The Great Race to Promontory website Image

Union Pacific - The Great Race to Promontory website

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Union Pacific chose Webster to create a website commemorating the 150th anniversary of the driving of the Golden Spike in Promontory Summit, UT. Through stories, images and events in communities along the route of the Transcontinental Railroad, we built an engaging and educational

experience that can be viewed and shared on any device by a wide-ranging audience.

The primary directive from Union Pacific was to keep a focus on the communities, while also conveying a sense of the scale, distance travelled (1775 miles) and heated competition between the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads.

By visually building the track’s progress while a visitor scrolls through the community stories and overlaying it on a custom vector map, precisely rendered in real-time, we simultaneously communicated the intense competition and the scale of this monumental undertaking without requiring visitors to suffer through a lengthy “loading” screen. We went a step further and created a fun locomotive in motion GIF to further reduce the visitors’ perception of loading time.

Anyone can share information about their community using the unique community profile. The potential of this website for students and researchers is amplified through a full reference-style instant search that makes finding locations, dates, and important figures easy.

NETEC Branding and Website Image

NETEC Branding and Website

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The National Ebola Training and Education Center is comprised of faculty and staff from Emory University, the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine and the New York Health and Hospitals Corporation, Bellevue Hospital Center. All three of these health care

institutions have safely and successfully treated patients with Ebola and have worked diligently to share their knowledge with other health care facilities and public health jurisdictions. The goal of the NETEC is to combine these resources into one comprehensive assessment, educational and training tool for health care systems throughout the United States.
Upstream Brewing Website and Advertising Image

Upstream Brewing Website and Advertising

Ensuring an Omaha original stays Omaha’s best.

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Founded in 1996, Upstream Brewing Company was Omaha’s first brewpub. And while the owners spent the next 20 years successfully building the business, they didn’t quite keep their branding and marketing efforts as fresh as

their beers. To help make sure their public voice was as consistently enjoyable as their food and beverages, we gave them a branding platform that codified their core values, a more unified tone and look across their marketing efforts, and a new website that delivers contemporary UX and UI features absent from most restaurant sites. Including the ability to view a menu without downloading a PDF.
NTT Security - Global Threat Intelligence Report Image

NTT Security - Global Threat Intelligence Report

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In 2016 and on the verge of a holding company-mandated name change, the soon-to-be NTT Group Security wanted to be viewed as the global cybersecurity

experts they are. Their first step down that road was asking us to design their 2016 “Global Threat Intelligence Report,” an annual treatise on cybersecurity that competed against similar reports from competitors. At nearly 80 pages long, designing a better (but definitely not bigger) GTIR required astute information flow architecting and the creation of dozens of custom charts, graphs and blurbs. Not to mention a cover design unlike anything seen before within the industry.

The 2016 report was targeted at information technology experts to help them understand the current landscape of security threats and the tools available to thwart the cyber terrorists, hackers and phishers. In 2017, they took a different approach and targeted the business community and explained to the C-Suite why security is a business problem. We used infographics and visual metaphors to help illustrate how these technical issues affect the business community.

ConAgra Corporate Communications Image

ConAgra Corporate Communications

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Services Provides: Corporate communications, environmental, identity, print

To be effective, corporate communications must exhibit the same traits that all successful messaging campaigns do. They must be relevant, authentic and, yes, interesting. For over a decade, we’ve

delivered on all three of those objectives for ConAgra Foods. From the smallest lapel pin honoring internal contributions to multifaceted events that hosted the industry's movers and shakers, we treated every single piece as an important part of moving the brand forward. Because, in the end, they were.
Fat Brain Toys logo Image

Fat Brain Toys logo

Fat Brain Toys is a family-owned business dedicated to producing toys, games and gifts that entertain and educate. Their products have won multiple awards including the 2015 JPMA Innovation Award and the ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Award several times over. Fat Brain Toys came to us after working internally on a new logo with the only outcome being frustration and division. Their internal design team had hit the wall and needed

some outside perspective, which we were happy to provide. The collaboration between our teams produced a new logo with a fresh, simple feel that is unique and ownable for Fat Brain Toys going forward.
Jones Bros. Cupcakes Image

Jones Bros. Cupcakes

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Services provided: Advertising, environmental, graphic standards, identity, logo, promotional items, visual language, web.

Brothers Bill (the chef) and Brad (the money guy) Jones had set their sights on opening a gourmet cupcake bakery in their hometown. And while they knew plenty about

baking and banking, their knowledge of branding was a bit, by their own admission, incomplete.

We started with the name. Yes, calling a cupcake bakery founded by two male siblings “Jones Brothers” seems rather obvious. But in a category replete with sugarcoated puns, bucking the status quo was a decision worth serious deliberation. The name, naturally, gave rise to a tone of voice, which begat a look-and-feel which spawned packaging, advertising and a complete restaurant design. You could say we helped make the brand from scratch. But that would be a pun. And we don't do puns.