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The quality we deliver now is a result of the interesting projects we had the opportunity to work on. It is not a secret, that we put a lot of effort to put in use every new knowledge we gain during our path. We want to make sure that your project will be a competitive winner.

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Key clients: 
Unicef, Chupa Chups, DSK, Walltopia, Creative Center(Authorized Apple Reseller), BOSE, Bulstrad Life, Kamenitza
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Dal Siat SA Accounting Company

SK Dal Siat is a joint-stock company, which from the very beginning was run by a Doctor of Economics. For 29 years on the market, it can be safely claimed that it is one of the leaders in its industry.


SK Dal Siat is our long-standing partner and it is a great pleasure for us to work with their wonderful team. Together we were

challenged to make their old site the epitome of modern technology, design trends, and UX practices.

The process of creating was challenging and interesting, providing both parties with a lot of new experience and knowledge. Thanks to their assistance, we have created several user paths and profiles that have played a key role in the final creation of the product. We have analyzed the needs and requirements of their customers and created a product that not only provides the necessary value but even more.

All this combined with an excellent technical performance created a final product which exceeded our expectations.

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Integra Digital

Integra Digital is a digital agency that has a really clear mission - to connect the users and the business via digital marketing.


The creation of a digital product for an agency just like us, is always an interesting task which requires an out-of-the-box approach. Positioning itself in the field of digital services,

Integra Digital needed a website, which had to communicate vision, creativity, and aims. The end result exceeded everyone's expectations. The final product covered all the requirements, supplemented with a lot of interactions and animations.
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IT Together
IT Together aims to provide quality education in the field of information technology.

Education has always been one of the most intriguing topics, to which the Weband team strives to contribute. That's why we are extremely thankful and happy, that we succeeded to contribute to IT Together's aim to launch their digital educational


The creation of a platform, on which people will spend a lot of their time and effort in order to gain new knowledge requires a planned and creative approach.

The aim was clear from the beginning - the creation of an experience, in which every user can find the right course for their needs, sign up and dive into the new knowledge. In addition to this, we've added a small detail - virtual classrooms in which the courses are held.


Creative Center Image

Creative Center

Creative Centre is certified from Apple Inc. as the only Solution Expert - Education, with delivery and maintenance rights for Apple products in the educational field in Bulgaria.

Adhering to the latest technology trends, it was a great pleasure for us to take part in the creation of the corporate website of Creative Centre, which

combines the functionality of an online store.

Unique in their nature, the products offered should be presented in the best way to the eyes of consumers. This is where the minimalist and simple look comes from, which leaves the products to speak for themselves.

To the elegant design and technological development, we have added an intuitive and intuitive experience that will make it easy for consumers to buy the products they offer.