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At Web Epoch we design brilliant business applications that generate revenue, reduce cost and drive efficiency for our clients. We bring over twenty years’ experience delivering bespoke business applications, data-integration and e-commerce solutions. Our customers work with us because they need expertise to apply new technology to their current business challenges.

Clients return to us because of our commitment to excellence and a dependable track record of delivering on time and to budget.

Web Epoch is a dedicated, capable and highly skilled team of technologists working out of our development studio in Brixton. Our breadth of backgrounds blend to provide knowledge and innovation for all our projects. Clients include large corporates, established businesses, charities and start-ups.

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London, United Kingdom
  • The Studio, Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Road,
    London, LND SW21BZ
    United Kingdom


Key clients: 

Our clients include: KFC - Two HR applications, deployed globally Birnberg Peirce - We were honoured to give them their first web presence and continue to support their web platform Croydon Council - Web Application to manage parking tickets

Birnberg Peirce First Web Presence Image

Birnberg Peirce First Web Presence

Birnberg Peirce needed a mobile responsive, easily accessible website. Web Epoch rebranded the firm, and designed, developed and launched their first web presence.


Birnberg Peirce is a long-established prestigious law firm, committed to upholding of the civil rights and liberties. Its celebrated partner, Gareth Peirce’s role in the defence of the Guildford Four was

dramatised in the 1993 film, In the Name of the Father, with Peirce portrayed by Emma Thompson.


Despite the firm's reputation, due to its absence on the world wide web, many of its potential clients were unable to get in touch with ease. Mobile responsiveness was another important requirement so clients in need with mobile phones can call the firm with a simple tap on the screen.

What We Did

To meet the firm’s expectations, Web Epoch worked with the firm to clearly define the project’s scope and outline a number of objectives.

One of these was the challenge of creating a modern web experience with a very old brand identity. Web Epoch retouched the logo to modernise it without losing touch with its past.

After rebranding, Web Epoch produced a web design that captures the values, culture and ethos of the firm. The bespoke design was then carefully crafted into a functional website and thoroughly tested. Thus, the firm’s first-ever website was successfully launched.


The website transformed the way the firm communicates with clients and other external bodies. Each department was able to manage and direct external enquiries by channelling them through to right destinations, thereby saving a considerable amount of administration and reception time. Mobile responsiveness facilitated for clients to get in touch with the firm with ease. The prestigious firm finally made its mark on the internet.


KFC's Procurement Capabilities Self-Assessment Tool Image

KFC's Procurement Capabilities Self-Assessment Tool

KFC needed to identify gaps in its global Supply Chain processes. Web-Epoch designed and deployed a Procurement Capabilities Assessment tool that managers could train team members and strengthen their departments.


Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Yum! Brands is one of the world’s largest fast-food restaurant companies around the world in over 135 countries. It owns KFC, Pizza

Hut and Taco Bell amongst other popular household brand names.


Yum! Brands’ KFC UK approached Web-Epoch to scope a Web Application. The requirement was to identify both knowledge and expertise gaps in their Supply Chain teams. The application needed to create a self-assessment workflow so that team members could assess themselves against a set of benchmarks for the year. Managers would then discuss and ratify those assessments.

What We Did

Over a number of sessions, Web-Epoch identified the primary and secondary objectives KFC was seeking. Working together through these discovery sessions we were able to refine and define the project scope in great detail. This consultancy and planning phase gave our client confidence in the vision and a clear idea of the delivery pathway


We developed and delivered on the web application for our client which was accessed by their teams globally. The users were able to log in and submit assessments with great ease, while their managers, as well as regional managers,  had unprecedented insight into their strengths and weaknesses at a global scale to be able to move talents where most needed.