We create engaging experiences for web and mobile.

At Vuzum we create engaging experiences for web and mobile.

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Iasi, Romania


Key clients: 

H&M, CBS, Four Seasons, US Navy.

David Beckham at H&M

For the launch of David Beckham bodywear collection at H&M, our studio created a custom software framework to filter and display all social media reactions to theSilver Statue campaign.

For this initiative we also built a responsive website that informed users about the contest and engaged them across different mediums.


A simple web tool that allows anyone to create visual interactives on the spot.

Producing interactive content used to take a considerable effort from strategists, product managers, designers and developers. It required the collaborative energy of many staff members and a hefty budget & timeframe.

With Widgetic we planned to bring widget creation to the masses. The challenge was to make the entire process

accessible and easy to use for anyone, by removing the need for a designer or developers.

The product is now used by many small and large organisations such as The Huffington Post, Le Figaro, TV5Monde, BFMTV and others.


Stewards of the Sea for US Navy

In partnership with the Hampton Roads Naval Museum and Nauticus, the U.S. Fleet Forces Command has created Stewards of the Sea: Defending Freedom, Protecting the Environment. The 1,000-square-foot, highly interactive exhibit uses immersive scenarios to explore how the Navy protects marine life while fulfilling its mission.

Our studio joined as a technical partner in the project’s early stages, contributing to a range of

areas including installation setup, prototyping, engineering and user testing.



1407 Broadway Image

1407 Broadway

By combining geometric shapes with a responsive layout we created an engaging and dynamic interface for the big reopening of 1407.

The site is using WordPress and is featured as one of the best use cases for isotope, the gallery grid system we used.

The site's key innovation is its interface

By carefully placing key elements immediately under the thumbs —a specific set of icons—users have a

swift and natural flow from one page to the next.

To accelerate the design process, our studio created a custom software framework to test fully-functional prototypes with all the devices that have become a part of the digital ecosystem—desktop, tablet, mobiles, and more.
This process enabled us to explore the product’s design possibilities more quickly, conduct more frequent user testing, and do so in an iterative fashion.


In partnership with Marc Kremers and Camron, we created a timeless experience for the company’s online presence. The project received multiple awards and it features beautiful interactions and content.

Camron is a Design Communications Agency with a vast international presence, working for clients that put design at the core of their businesses.



Hikayat is a unique story-building platform that can be used to create any world you can imagine. We used it to tell the stories of the pink elephants that can fly, the cars that can talk and the bears that know how to dress.

Alongside this platform we also built a native iPad application for users, to playback these stories. The product combines the creative use of storytelling with interactive experiences

triggered by tapping on objects and characters.