Messaging rooted in strategy

You're a high-achieving business with so much potential for growth, but you’re stuck ...

... Bogged down in your own message.

... Stuck losing leads because you’re too close to your own story.

... Stuck getting glazed-over eyes when people ask — “What do you do?” — because it’s woefully hard to explain your business.

Here's how to change that.

I have a proven approach to help you figure out what makes your business different and how to talk about it, so you can:

--> Engage the right clients and discourage the wrong ones.

--> Stop losing business to more polished competitors.

--> Align your team, so your marketing sings. 

Whether you want to: (1) create a laser-focused brand message (2) craft a brand voice that stands out or (3) get your marketing content to grab people by the lapels and convert, find out how I've helped businesses more than double their revenue, attract bigger and better clients, and expand into new markets. 

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$100 - $149 / hr
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Denver, CO


Key clients: 
  • Sylvan Learning
  • Intengo
  • (ISC)2
  • McCarthy Healthcare Communications
  • Cherished Companions Animal Clinic
  • Kemper Insurance


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Brand Positioning for Strategic Messaging Firm

"Ann switches easily between the roles of strategic brand consultant and creative, artistic writer." 

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The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Jan. - June 2018
Project summary: 

Vine Street Communications managed a brand repositioning campaign, using in-depth interactions with stakeholders to produce elevator pitches, positioning documents, company descriptions and web content.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Denver, Colorado
Margie McCarthy
Owner and President, McCarthy Messaging
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Industry event attendees have responded well to Vine Street’s prepared pitches, crediting its compelling description of unique business value. Vine Street’s ability to serve as both a high-level creative and strategic partner is rare, as is their insistence on understanding customer perspectives.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

I'm the owner and president of McCarthy Messaging. We’re a strategic communication firm that transforms how healthcare enterprises talk about their most complex issues and high-priority initiatives. This helps them unify their teams and outpace their competition.


For what projects/services did your company hire Vine Street Communications?

First, we gained clarity on our value proposition as part of a company re-positioning. Then, we decided that we needed a new website and new elevator speeches and company descriptions to bring it to life.

What were your goals for this project?

We wanted to identify what makes us unique to and valued by our clients and gain a clear understanding of our target personas (How they think, what they value, and how they buy?) We were also aiming to express these findings through attractive, persuasive writing.


How did you select this vendor?

We wanted a single contractor who could both think strategically and develop artful content to match. I’d followed the principal’s, Ann’s, work at Vine Street Communications for a couple of years, admiring her thought process as well as her writing style. We explored other vendors but kept coming back to Ann as the most capable and talented.

Meeting Ann in person sealed the deal, as we confirmed that she grasped what we were trying to achieve, and was a longtime student of sales psychology, branding, and conversion copywriting. I walked away from our meeting feeling that Ann was talented, trustworthy, strategic and organized, and highly motivated.

Describe the scope of their work in detail.

The project started with a brand positioning phase that involved a one-on-one interview with me and Vine Street, to help them understand our company's history, client base, and vision/goals for the future. Next, they examined our existing sales materials and conducted an assessment of our competitors' messaging and positioning.

Continuing, they brought our core team together for two half-days of discovery and work on our target personas, value proposition, guiding principles, brand personality, and voice. The deliverable from this summit was a brand positioning document that synthesized and condensed all of our learnings into a clean structure.

During the second phase of this project, they developed our website content, elevator speeches, and company descriptions, which were all crafted with our new brand positioning in mind.

What was the team composition?

Our team worked directly with Ann, the principal, throughout the process.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

I've begun using our elevator speech at industry events and am receiving a lot of positive feedback because it's attention-getting and helps to paint a vivid picture about our unique (and somewhat hard to describe) business. Additionally, the positioning document continues to serve as a guidepost for our brand.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Ann switches easily between the roles of strategic brand consultant and creative, artistic writer, but she is also an excellent project manager. She was the driving force behind the project and kept us on schedule. I loved that she was willing to involve and work with our team so that they could contribute their perspectives and, in the end, own the results. Ann's planning and day-of facilitation were superb.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

What I find most impressive about Vine Street is their clear-headedness and ability to keep us focused on the needs, and desires of our ideal customer. They brought disciplined, strategic thinking to the table, and yet moved gracefully into a place of creativity and showcased their writing talent. They bridge these two worlds as well as any company I’ve seen.

Are there any areas for improvement?

I can’t think of any at the moment. I would use Vine Street and Ann again and recommend them to others in a heartbeat.

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