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We are Europe’s largest Python software house. We have over 170 Python, JS, React Native and full-stack developers ready to supercharge your project with extraordinary code, the Agile way.

Based in Poland, we employ a total of over 300 people including Product Designers, Manual QA and QA Automation Engineers, DevOps Engineers and business communication experts ensuring smooth cooperation with our partners.

With 14 years of experience under our belt, we can provide full-stack web development and cross-platform mobile app solutions to clients across all industries using Python Django, Flask, Twisted, Angular, ReactJS, React Native and more. Moreover, we are proud to work with long-term technology partners throughout the US, Canada, Western Europe, Scandinavia, South Africa, Australia, and the Middle East.

Great software begins long before the first line of code is written. That’s why we start our development process with Discovery workshops, UX/UI, web graphic design and deep analysis of your business needs.

At STX we can easily translate your ideas into successful digital products. Want to learn more? Contact us.

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Key clients: 

Seerene, Verve, Hogarth WW, Pixomondo, Unity Technologies, Blocktrade, IMD Optimad, Wunderman, Vyze, Coras, Realface, BetBright, KNMP, Paze, Decernis, Lamden, Zappi, Newable, finstreet and more.



Lamden is a suite of developer tools that speed up the process of creating new and custom blockchains and apps. The Lamden Tau token connects these new projects together to create the first ever blockchain enterprise solution. The Tau token has a more general use as a universal swap token between most existing cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. This will allow TAU to exchange seamlessly

between endless cryptocurrency pairs.


Clove, which we are working on, is a decentralized application that makes atomic swaps between chains easy. Most Bitcoin-based and Ethereum-based chains, including ERC20 tokens, are compatible with the protocol. Clove enables decentralized payment channel swaps and facilitates trustless communication between compatible blockchains on the network.




Seerene is a code+people management platform that sets a new standard for how CIOs manage their most important resources – their codebase and engineering capacity. The company is based in Germany with additional offices in Hong Kong and the US.



The biggest challenge for the multiple product teams in this project has been finding the right way to implement deep

analytics algorithms that transform low-level code-related metrics into KPIs and insights for C-Level users, Seerene’s target group. The team is constantly developing new features and machine learning capabilities into the product to make the raw data more consumable and full of value for decision makers of large corporates.


STX Next tackled the challenge by providing 2 full Scrum teams (+ Product Design support) and integrating their work with Seerene’s internal teams.



Zappi is a new company on the UK supply teaching market. They come with 20 years of experience in recruitment and education and a strong focus on positive user experience and employee happiness. Their new app effortlessly connects teaching and support staff with local schools for supply work—making the process faster, easier and more transparent. Zappi teachers lead to happy kids!




Zappi approached us with the need to design and build their application almost from scratch. But they knew they wanted Python, as they were well-versed in its advantages. They emphasized developing the application following good practices. We used the design thinking process to shape the solution and agile methodology to implement it. Thanks to our joint efforts, the Zappi idea of creating freedom of choice for schools and supply staff is live.



Based in Washington DC, Decernis provides regulatory expertise and systems to manage food, consumer, and industrial product safety compliance across more than 180 countries. Decernis gives clients a complete regulatory intelligence on the market through unique, fully integrated, patented technology platforms covering over 80,000 regulations.



Decernis’ application

was based on a fairly old technological stack. Supporting the technology was a growing challenge, and Decernis saw the need to push the project into a direction where they could switch to newer technologies with better support. Another challenge for Decernis was finding a partner who could work with their multiple offices in various locations around the globe and across multiple time zones.

Signal Kit

Signal Kit is a complete communication suite for the K-12 community. With cloud-based mass communication, internal collaboration, business intelligence and industry leading oversight.


STX Next delivered:

- Discovery workshops followed by a UX Audit of the existing web system to understand the potential risks, test usability and accessibility, find friction points, and recommend


- A full-featured React Native mobile app.

- Web App Improvements. We took an existing system and improved its design coherency to create or adjust the features that met the requirements of the users and business partners. We also prepared the product for future improvements.

- Product recognition support through various design tasks, from product marketing materials, through motion and interaction designs and vision, to small interface tweaks.

Newable Business Finance


Newable Limited is a leading SME lender in the UK. Newable Limited and Liberis Limited. Newable Business Finance is focused on enabling growth of UK SMEs through the provision of finance to those who feel they are unable to access finance through mainstream providers (such as banks).



Newable reached out to us with a complete idea for the product’s MVP and a very

short deadline. They were faced with the task of transferring their whole loan application process from paper printed documents to the Internet. The system had to be easy to understand and use and reduce application time for end-customers while still including several levels of approval.

STX Next delivered the entire platform along with automatic payments/payouts, integration with external tools, and additional mentoring services.



Blocktrade is a state-of-the-art crypto trading platform that prioritizes speed, reliability and safety. It allows retail users, brokers, professional traders as well as institutional money managers to trade with crypto assets and indices in a fully audited and highly secure way.


Blocktrade’s challenge was to build a top-of-the-line trading portal in the shortest possible time window and build an internal team of experts who will take over the development of the solution provided by STX Next. Working with Blocktrade, we created a web application that will allow retail users, brokers, professional traders as well as institutional money managers to trade with crypto assets and indices in a fully audited, highly secure way, performing similarly to Nasdaq.





TBSeen is a startup run by 12 British female celebrities, including the founder Kate Thornton. brings together money-saving deals, offers, and rewards from 500 carefully-curated brands, blended with original, entertaining and helpful content.



TBSeen is a unique start-up case. Due to celebrities bringing in followers that immediately converted to sales,

the site is making money from day one. The problem was scaling up: with a London agency of just a few devs, TBSeen could not keep up with the pace of their business growth. The need to scale rapidly and within budget brought TBseen and STX Next together.


STX Next provided TBSeen with discovery workshops, a full Scrum team, full-stack development, automated testing, business analysis, continuous integration and product design services.



Verve (Formerly known as StreetTeam) is the world’s leading peer-to-peer sales and marketing software for live entertainment. Verve enables its customers to turn their most influential fans into ambassadors who promote their events, selling more than 300,000 tickets in 14 countries since 2012.


Verve came to us with an original product built in PHP

and a long list of reasons why they wanted to switch to Python going forward, referring to it as a more modern solution. Their current development team is well-versed in PHP but not Python, so they were looking for a provider to manage development in the midterm while their own developers got up to speed on using Python.

STX Next Delivered

  • A global platform that enables advocates to experience the products that they love with their friends
  • A unique SaaS application for brands, campaign managers and ambassadors
  • A system that builds a strong relationship between events and their fans
  • Advocacy driven model that can work in almost any vertical that has a shared experience at its core

Unity Technologies


Unity Technologies is the creator of a flexible and high-performance end-to-end development platform used to create rich interactive 2D, 3D, VR and AR experiences. Unity's powerful graphics engine and full-featured editor serve as the foundation to develop beautiful games or apps and easily bring them to multiple platforms: mobile devices, home entertainment systems, personal computers, and

embedded systems.



Connecting the world to tickets. Based out of Dublin, Coras allows customers to purchase tickets for any event or activity, through whatever online channel they choose. 


For Coras, the challenge was releasing a working MVP of their product in a short period of time in order to secure another advance of their financing. They were looking to

create an app from scratch to serve as a ticket distribution platform for cultural and entertainment events from many content providers. One of the main issues was finding a common solution for all stakeholders of the project and integrating it with one of the major European airlines.


STX Next Delivered

  • 2 Full Scrum teams to meet the designated goals of the project.
  • Manage the mark back of tickets from one seller to the other for both general admission and seated events
  • Track ticket sales across all allocated sellers with a complete audit trail from allocation to sale
  • Create events and allocate tickets to ticketing agents or through user’s ticketing system
  • API that allows any ticketing system to integrate with Coras, helping to adjust the process to meet specific needs 

Realface (Acquired by Apple in 2017)


RealFace was a company whose mission was to revolutionize the way people are recognized. They were creating A.I software with the aim of bringing back human perception to digital process, delivering to customers the technologies needed to connect with their consumers in the digital era. Acquired by Apple in 2017.


RealFace was looking for a tech

partner who could integrate their library written in C and take over development from a previous company. Their real challenge, however, was to find developers who could understand the logic of the AI face recognition system and deal with GPUImage and the dlib face detector.

STX Next Delivered

Using the most advanced technologies in A.I, developed in-house, STX Next created a user centered authentication service. Meet the first anti-spoof application tailored for everyday use on your device.


  • iOS and Android
  • Face detection functionality
  • Libraries: OpenCV, dlib

  • Mp4 with av-Foundation
  • Connections with Amazon S3 


Pixomondo is an international visual effects company with a global network of studios in Los Angeles, Toronto, Stuttgart, Beijing, Vancouver, Frankfurt and Shanghai. The company is revolutionizing its industry offering visual effects production and supervision, CG character creation, 3D animation and pre-visualization for the feature film, television, and commercial industries. Among their projects are Game of Thrones, Star

Trek Discovery, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., X-Men, Fast and Furious and Wonder Woman.


Pixomondo receives video frames from their clients in different formats with different naming conventions and file structures. Each asset requires specific preprocessing which until now was done semi-automatically with console tools. Their challenge was to create a configurable desktop application with a UI for automating the preprocessing step, allowing Pixomondo to implement further image processing.


To achieve this goal, STX Next used sophisticated logic combined with regular expressions. It led the team to create a variety of unique processors dedicated to transforming the required files. All of the logic is easily configurable through a dedicated desktop application. This allowed us to retain the flexibility of console tools, but also greatly speed up batch operations and minimize the manual work behind repeatable tasks.



finstreet GmbH provides consulting services to banking and financial services organizations in Germany. Their focus is on the conceptual design, as well as the development and distribution of digital products and business models.


finstreet’s biggest challenge was the race against time. They needed to create a banking application in less than 4

months. The app required fully responsive web design while providing the highest quality of user experience. At the same time, server-side app security was a top priority for this banking project.

STX Next Delivered

  • 1 Full Scrum team
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • UI Design
  • Automated Testing
  • Automation of deployment processes



FusePump is a strategic partner for brands, helping them understand and apply technology to succeed in digital commerce. Established in 2009, FusePump started by offering technology that scrapes websites and returns organized, high-quality, real-time data. In 2011, the company launched the first ever BuyNow solution which uses the same data-retrieving expertise to connect customers with live

retailer prices.


The client came to us with an idea for the product’s MVP. The system needed to be easy to use and flexible enough to build different types of advertisements. The biggest challenge for FusePump was to provide a common solution for all clients who had different needs.

STX Next Delivered

  • One permanent and one temporary Scrum Team available exclusively to the client
  • A set of features and tools extending the basic functionalities of the platform (e.g. providing a data validation tool and
a data mapping tool)
  • Analysis and ideas for improvements to the development process – delivered as a workshop in the spirit of Lean process management



Based in Dublin and founded in 2012, BetBright is an online UK sports betting and gaming operator. BetBright takes an innovative and disruptive technology-based approach to winning on the product, which delivers the very best user experience



With three internal teams already working on their project, BetBright found themselves with a need to scale up their development rapidly. In order to do so, they were looking for capable and affordable developers with the ability to make an immediate impact. 


STX Next Delivered

  • Casino “Quick Deposit” allows users to continue to deposit money during the game without interruption
  • Mobile page redesign including Blog & Widgetisation allows BetBright customers to stay updated with current events
  • “Recall” adds personalized bet recommendations based on the customers’ bet history. (15+% conversion)
  • “Automated Bonus” feature potentially adds 10% to every new customer LTV
  • Live Casino for Mobile enables users to place bets using mobile devices 

The Outplay


Analytics, DMP and DSP solutions based on cookie-less technology. Myntelligence helps companies put their customers first, to transform these customer’s digital model into a user-centric business and manage audience buying independently.


TheOutplay was looking for a tech partner to create an MVP of their product. Their goal was to present the MVP to

potential clients and investors and secure further rounds of funding. They were looking for a quick and cost-effective solution to have a presentable prototype as soon as possible.

STX Next Delivered

  • User’s data visualization with interactive charts
  • Ability to group unique users into segments

  • Online campaigns management module

  • Campaign efficiency analysis module
  • Admin panel for platform management (creating accounts, managing permissions, etc.)
  • “Demo account” for sales presentations purposes
  • Marketplace functionality for trading the segments

T Dispatch


T Dispatch was a progressive software development company which has built a unique dispatch system for passenger transport fleets.


Due to T Dispatch’s diverse, global customer base, there was a demand for localized customer features and payment service provider integrations. The development team also had to focus on improving the performance of the

overall system in order to handle an increasing number of end-users.

STX Next Delivered

  • New search engine, over 10 times faster than the previous one 
  • Increased performance which eliminated system outages 
  • Security improvements related to booking and payment processes 
  • Integration with payment providers in 7 countries 

Inteligo (PKO Bank Polski)


Inteligo Financial Services S.A. is one of the first online banks in Poland. It is owned and operated by PKO Bank Polski, Poland’s largest bank by market value and listed among Forbes Global 2000 in 2016.

Completed in 2014.

STX Next Delivered

  • A proprietary (open-sourced) module stxnext. staticdeployment enabled generating a static version of
the content
  • Existing infrastructure was integrated with a CMS Plone system
  • A reliable ‘storing data in relational database’ architecture was created which enabled the CMS application to operate in a hot standby mode
  • Integration with Google Maps to enable search of ATM locations
  • The portal was linked with tracking systems and forms to open accounts and deposit money was created
  • Key Ingredient


    Founded in 2005, Key Ingredient is based in Austin, Texas, and features more than 2 million recipes that have been shared by cooks over the years. With about 3,000,000 unique visitors per month, their largest demographic segment consists of millennial home cooks.


    The website, despite its long existence, was poorly optimized for SEO and the design

    required some refreshment, especially on the mobile site, because the majority of the users access the website from a mobile device. Another issue was that the page loading time was highly insufficient. The code itself contained a lot of legacy code, with outdated libraries and unused features.

    STX Next Delivered

    • Site speed improvement (4-5x faster)
    • The highest SEO ratings due to front-end, back-end, and sitemaps improvements
    • Streamlined technical stack by moving categories to elastic search (removing Oracle), moving pages to site (removing Unbounce)
    • Moved ad code to site for better targeting, and higher revenue (managing ads and vendor in Doubleclick)
    • 4,5 TB of unused stored data cleaned

    • Secure https protocol, instead of previously used http
    • Fully responsive web design (still in progress)
    • Food industry articles available to users
    • Admin Panel, redesigned and upgraded with new tools (such as image management)
    • Automated tests (Selenium, Behave) to increase site quality 

    Key Ingredient Mobile


    Key ingredient is a social networking application for cooking enthusiasts. The application contains over 2 million recipes, which users browse, share and collect into personalised cookbooks. Key Ingredient offers text recognition system for digitizing recipes as well as text to speech engine, allowing to list the recipes.


    • iOS and Android
  • Text recognition system
  • Text-to-speech engine
  • Internal currency system (Key NotesTM)
  • Mobile ads platforms: Amazon Ads,
  • MoPub, TapJoy
  • Mobile payments: Google Play, Amazon, iOS In-App Purchases 
  • Polish State Forests (Lasy Państwowe)


    Polish State Forests (Polish: Lasy Państwowe) is a Polish governmental organization that manages state-owned Polish forests on behalf of the Polish State Treasury. The agency is among the top 20 companies in Poland based on revenues from sales. (This project was Completed in 2014)

    STX Next Delivered

    • Portal based on a modern CMS that allows intuitive
    and convenient content management accompanied by a new graphic design.
  • Due to performance requirements, modern caching techniques were employed.
  • We used tools, such as Munin and Nagios, allowing for the monitoring of the server status and alarming the agency in the event of problems.


    Paze was founded on the premise of eliminating the dependency on short-term credit and encourage working people to save. It is a next-generation consumer finance company that lets customers get the money they’ve already earned without waiting for payday. Paze does this by paying customers their salary on a daily, weekly, or on-demand basis and collecting from the employer at the end of the



    Paze needed to scale up their development team quickly while ensuring that they bring software engineers with the right skills on board. They were about to launch their service and needed more resources for support and future development.

    STX Next Delivered

    • Every day reports about reconciliation
    • Tab for checking statuses of disbursements
    • Using cards for paying installments after opt-out
    • Tab for employers to manage their employees 



    Cielo24 delivers searchable captions, media data and media intelligence for large media platform partners in the online education, enterprise, news, and entertainment markets. Their clients turn to Cielo24 to meet the growing demands on their multimedia including compliance laws, discoverability, reach and user engagement.


    Due to limited internal

    bandwidth, Cielo24 sought a qualified technology partner to support their inhouse development team on a series of complex projects. They were looking for skilled developers who could develop and maintain their product.

    STX Next Delivered

    • User requirements validation
    • Project scoping
    • Data preparation and migration
    • Custom functional development
    • User Interface/User Experience
    • Performance testing, maintenance and support



    Vyze is a leading financial technology company for retailers & manufacturers. By combining a comprehensive lending supply, technology, and support under one roof, Vyze is able to deliver businesses simpler, more satisfying financing experiences for their customers, wherever and whenever they shop. Formerly known as NewComLink, Vyze raised $13 million in series B funding in 2016, bringing

    the total funding to $35 million.


    The main challenge for Vyze was scaling up their internal development team, bringing resources onboard with the right skill set, who could hit the ground running and be able to execute on their strategy. They required qualified developers with extensive knowledge and previous experience.

    STX Next Delivered

    • On-site financing platform for retailers
    • Fulfilling eCommerce financing experience
    • Advanced and robust API
    • Full automatic test coverage with Behave and Selenium
    • Secure online credit applications and payments
    • Quick credit assessment
    • Intuitive front-end design 



    KNMP (The Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association) is a Dutch umbrella organization for both professional pharmacists and the pharmacy in general. It promotes both the interests of its members and the interests of the pharmaceutical sector in the Netherlands.


    The goal was to create a viable product that would help KNMP manage shortages and inform

    specialists about supply forecasts. The ambitious goal was to be completed within a fixed price/fixed scope project. Despite very thorough documentation, the final product needed to evolve to fit the needs of the end users.

    STX Next Delivered

    • A custom Content Management System that allows the management of medicine shortages
    • An application design that enables the user to easily update content
    • A system that quickly notifies doctors, pharmacists, and patients of the availability of a particular medicine 


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    Custom Development European IT Firm

    "They’re thought partners first and foremost, developers second."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    $200,000 to $999,999
    Project summary: 

    STX Next offers primarily Python, as well as Django and Plone, development services to augment an internal team. They do everything from code reviews and bug fixes to complex integrations, QA, and optimization.

    The Reviewer
    1-10 Employees
    The Hague, Netherlands
    Peter Valkenburg
    Director, Edition1
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

     STX Next consistently provides high-quality deliverables. They are proactive, focused on effective problem solving, and deliberately sought after by third party clients for their technical excellence. The team demonstrates an impressive level of care and offers valuable assets and insight.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Could you briefly describe your organization?

    We’re developing sophisticated, in-depth portal for large companies. We build websites, of course. We also build apps, and we’re now into the Beacon technology, the Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

    What is your position?

    I’m the director.


    Could you describe the business challenges you were attempting to address when you began the relationship with STX Next?

    Before STX Next was founded, I was one of the co-founders of STX Poland. I started it up about nine years ago. At the time, I needed some Plone and Python developers, so we began sourcing them from Poland. Even though I don’t work there anymore, I remain close with pretty much all of their leadership. We have a very good relationship. They’re a development firm almost exclusively dedicated to Python/Django/Plone development, and that’s exactly what we needed. We needed a cohort of qualified and professional developers to augment our own internal development team. We were running into capacity and scaling issues, but we had to ensure that whomever we put on the projects would be extremely capable and competent.


    Could you describe the scope of work delivered to you during the course of this relationship?

    They’ve been heavily involved in the technical aspects of our projects. The majority of their work is custom development with Python. They’ve done everything from basic code reviews, bug fixes and slight modifications and enhancements to all the way to complex integrations with multiple unique systems. They handle the testing and quality assurance, and they configure and optimize all of the deployed systems.

    Could you provide a sense of the size of these various initiatives in terms of their financial cost?

    We’ve invested around $900,000 to $1 million, but this is, of course, during the last three years. It’s grown exponentially. We’ll definitely be well past the $1 million mark this coming year.


    In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would demonstrate the effectiveness of their work?

    I really don’t have any kind of figures or statistics to share with you. I can tell you that our customers and stakeholders remain consistently pleased with the quality of their deliverables. For instance, STX Next has worked alongside us with one of our priority customers for almost six years. This particular client has made it patently clear that they want STX developers working on their assignments. They’re very confident in what STX Next can bring to the table. That’s just one illustrative example, but there are a number of others, too. On the whole, we’ve experienced issues with STX. To the contrary, they deliver such high-quality development services that they’re deliberately sought out by firms so that they can guarantee technical excellence to their own customers.

    When working with STX Next, is there anything you’d consider unique about their approach or development methodology that you think distinguishes them from other vendors?

    The thing that impressed me most about STX Next was how proactive they are with their clients. They don’t approach a project in a linear fashion. It’s not A, B, C, and then project complete. It’s less about them meeting our deadlines and checking items off our wish list. They’re much more focused on isolating the problem or problems and then brainstorming any number of viable solutions, depending on what results are most important to the client. They’re thought partners first, and then they’re code monkeys. Their meticulous about this approach, too. I believe it’s one of the primary reasons they’re able to deliver such high-quality work so often. They really perform their due diligence before dedicating their resources to a possible solution.

    Overall Score
    • 4.5 Scheduling
    • 4.5 Cost
      Value / within estimates
      I’m very happy with them, but I’m also realistic and objective.
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer

    Offshore Development for IT Solutions Firm

    “We’re allowed to be part of the process, and keeping that open communication is ideal for us.”

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    $200,000 to $999,999
    Project summary: 

    STX Next provides additional Plone CMS resources as well as a range of services. The team manages entire projects such as migrations and custom development and assists with testing and web presence strategy.

    The Reviewer
    11-50 Employees
    Houston Metro Area
    Mario Perez
    Director, Enfold Systems
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    STX Next assisted with the successful completion of several high-priority projects. The team's code quality, reliability, and project management have garnered increases in repeat business and new clients. They foster a long-term partnership, offer valuable input, and are attentive to detail.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Could you briefly describe your organization?

    Our organization offers web application design and support consulting services. It is mostly geared towards the Plone content management system (CMS). However, we also work with other platforms depending on the client project. We primarily do system development, application development, and application integration, but we also perform systems optimization, environmental setup, and custom development.

    What is your position?

    I’m the director of operations.


    Could you describe the business challenges you were attempting to address when you initiated the relationship with STX Next?

    We needed to find developers with expertise using Plone CMS. Finding resources locally is extremely challenging because of the specialized skill set that’s required in understanding not only Zope and Python. We needed developers that understood the structure of Plone and how to utilize its infrastructure in the most efficient way possible. We needed a reliable and qualified set of developers to incorporate themselves into our own development teams. We need to ensure they’d be competent and capable of contributing significant value to our development projects.


    Could you describe the scope of work that they delivered during the course of the relationship?

    In terms of STX, they have been involved in everything from not only helping us with minor bug fixes, but all the way up into managing entire projects, specifically those that require complex migrations, custom enhancements and optimization services. A lot of the work has been custom development alongside our internal teams, but they also help us with testing phases and strategizing our overall Web presence.

    How did you select STX Next as your solution partner for this endeavor?

    I’m not sure I know the answer to that question. It was actually a colleague of mine who’s no longer with the company that identified them. I’m not sure how they got to us, but once I was aware of their skill sets and once I had the package of information they sent us, I quickly latched on. I saw the value in having them help out with some of the specific projects we had at that particular time. At this point, they’ve demonstrated to us that they can handle almost anything we throw at them. When I know that I have a challenging project coming up, or that our capacity is somewhat limited, I know I can rely on STX Next. They add significant bandwidth to our development capability, and also add significant quality to the work we deliver.

    Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in monetary terms?

    That’s difficult to say because the cost varies depending on the amount and complexity of projects going on at any given time. We’ve had multiple projects going on simultaneously with them, and single, very large ones. Some of the smaller projects have been around $25,000; some of the larger ones have been around $200,000.

    This is an ongoing relationship, correct?

    Yes, it is. We have a number of ongoing projects with them.


    In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback you’ve received that would demonstrate the effectiveness their work?

    They’ve collaborated with us on a number of high-priority projects, and the end customers have been consistently impressed with our deliverables. For us, the fact that our client has continued to bring us more work, and we’re now approaching half a million dollars in the last year and a half with that same client, the return of business, I think, is indicative of our good work and how much they appreciate it. They continue to see us as their main developing arm. As a matter of fact, they had an internal developing arm that was based in the U.K. and they’ve since dropped them. We’re now their primary development team.

    In terms of your own internal evaluation of their performance, how satisfied is your staff and executive team with the overall flow of these various initiatives?

    We’re extremely content. There was a period about two years ago when they informed me that they were going to be reaching their maximum capacity and that we might not be able to utilize their services for a few months. That was when I realized how much we’d come to rely on them. I brought it up as a major point with our executive team, explaining that we simply had no way of replacing them for the interim. The fact was that they provide such high-quality work with such consistency that it’d have taken us months to simply find a viable replacement, let alone get them hired and up and running. We had to convince them to remain active on our behalf so we could keep our own customers happy.

    When working with STX Next, is there anything you’d consider unique about their approach or development methodology that distinguishes them from other vendors?

    They’re very big on having scrum teams and they manage their projects and iterations to make sure that when we are receiving updates, it’s not at the end when it’s too late to make any adjustments. We receive very timely update from them. There are updates that provide feedback during the development cycle so that, again, we can catch things quickly and often. That kind of meticulous process and attention to detail is definitely one of the primary reasons why they’re so effective at what they do. Moreover, we’re allowed to be part of that process, and keeping that open communication is ideal for us. It’s one of the reasons we’re such a good fit because both of us really appreciate and exercise good communication.

     In retrospect, are there any areas you think they could improve upon as a service provider?

    If I think long enough, I’m sure I can come up with something. I feel like everybody has something they need to improve on, or else you don’t have that continuous growth, and you’re not really challenging yourself. Of course, I wouldn’t want them to take any holidays, that’d be number one, not allow them to have any time off, but I know that’s not reasonable. My only wish was that they had more resources. As I’d mentioned, when they end up with too much work, we might end up losing some of their developers to repurposing. Of course, that then diminishes our own internal development resources, and then we’re forced to make do either without them for a specified period or temporarily search elsewhere for replacements.

    Overall Score
    • 4.0 Scheduling
    • 4.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer

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