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Stone Soup Tech is a company offering a diverse suite of complementary technology, management, and marketing services. We’ve held true to the same vision since our inception in 2003: to offer fully-integrated solutions to the most demanding clients in the world.

From the simplest web templates and mobile apps to bespoke software and custom artificial intelligence systems, we have done it all; and we know exactly how to handle every issue that might arise when developing a solution for our clients. We develop insightful strategies based on consumer behavior and project their needs into a complete digital and creative format. We then convert them into natural and engaging end user experiences, providing the best possible solutions for our clients.

We are small enough to keep innovating ourselves. We are smart enough to solve big problems.

Our team is a perfect blend of creative thinkers and tech-savvy engineers from around the world who share a passion for creating and implementing progressive ideas and translating them into engaging, intelligent, and innovative user experiences. Our size ensures an agile and cost-effective solution for our clients; while our expertise and talent guarantee a qualified solution for every problem - no matter the size or scope.

Our staff is comprised of creative thinkers and technology experts – designers, writers, graphic artists, product developers, strategists, developers, architects, AI experts, and a dedicated, intelligent, and experienced QA team – which add up to a versatile team. We boast a highly collaborative process with our clients and partners, resulting in outstanding work for virtually every provided solution.

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Key clients: 

Fortune 500 companies, Isometrix, Imagine Exhibitions, Blueprint RF, Atlanta CEO, Alien Intelligence, JustNow, Taleria, Carousel Designs

Startups: HealthWitz, YardMagic, BallparkDJ, Kapitalwise, ReAble, RBC Signals

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Mobile Development MongoDB, Flask, MySQL Programming, Android App Development, Scikit-Learn, Java, iOS Development

Housepedia is a combination between a personal estate agent and a top notch business analyst, serving day to day users looking for properties as well as businesses activating in the real estate sector. We make use Artificial Intelligence to provide fast insights and drive agile, competitive decisions and

actions for the real estate businesses and we help regular users find what they need faster by using analyzing to their behavior and preferences. The web API extends the Python Flask microframework and provides data the crawler’s main responsibility is to populate our database with valid property listings. It was written in Java, extending the crawler4j framework. The main challenge here has been cutting down on processing time and database calls spent determining whether a listing has already been processed.

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Machine Learning HTML5, CSS3, Scikit-Learn, MongoDB, MySQL Programming, Natural Language Tool

HealthWitz was founded by a doctor as a solution to lack of health-related education among the general public. While information is plentiful, people lack the ability to distinguish between biased, unreliable, and even false information.

We have created an Artificial Intelligence based system that indexes

hundreds of thousands of health related articles and publications form the web, analyses them and recommends them to our users based on their preferences.

HealthWitz is a system that combines Business Intelligence with Health education. It improves the health-care environment through smart online education and actionable insights offered to the specific health industry entities, by making use of Artificial Intelligence and the power of the Cloud.
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Blueprint RF

Web Development JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, PHP Blueprint RF’s mission is to help bring the hotel and its staff closer to the guest experience. They are passionate about the business of hospitality and they accomplish this through offering network solutions with an emphasis on energy management. They are considered the “next generation solution” as they gather, manage and leverage business intelligence through a smart IP backbone

and seamless software platform enabling unparalleled control of guest connectivity and hotel facilities. With their new look, and “going green”, Blueprint RF’s new site has a clean look and provides customers information about their complete range of services and solutions for small, medium and large hotels. We have developed their website, designed their print materials and artwork, built their network management and tracking platform as well as an AI analytics dashboard.


Web Development

THE COSMETIC LASER & SKIN CARE CENTER goal is to provide you with the highest quality skincare and laser treatments available today. All services are performed by either a board certified dermatologist, or under his direct supervision by highly trained cosmetic skincare specialists. We are proud to offer you some of the most advanced and proven aesthetic lasers - the Revlite Cutera Xeo,

DermaSculpt Vbeam Perfecta (Pulse dye laser), The DOT Therapy Laser (Fractional Skin Resurfacing). Revlite and MeDioStar offer the latest and most recent technology for resurfacing the skin, removing tattoos, and hair reduction.
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Atlanta CEO

Web Development JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, WordPress

Website design and development for the Atlanta CEO Council.

The Atlanta CEO Council empowers local CEOs to excel by connecting them to their most valuable resource: each other. It addresses the top four needs shared by every CEO: opportunities for personal development, connections to customers, exposure to capital, and access to talent. This goal is

accomplished via the three pillars outlined in the Council’s mission.

Each member of the Atlanta CEO Council is part of a private network dedicated to empowering Atlanta’s most innovative executives.
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Mobile Development

IsoMetrix brings together, in a single system, all your requirements for managing business risk, legal compliance, governance, and sustainability. IsoMetrix is a leading supplier of integrated software for Governance, Risk, and Compliance. We believe that proper management of Governance, Risk, and Compliance is not only good for our planet and the people and communities we work and live with, but it

also leads to more profitable and resilient businesses.
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Mobile Development Yard Magic is Uber for lawn care.

It is meant to facilitate contact and negotiation between lawn care providers and clients by providing a space for clients to advertise their needs and budgets. The app helps clients by reducing active shop around time and providers by allowing them to find projects in their area and with a possibly bigger budget. Yard Magic also has a social dimension, allowing

clients to rate lawn care providers.

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Mobile Development With eVista content comes to life - the system combines augmented Reality with 3D modelling and Audio Video content, all in a mobile setting in order to offer the next level marketing experience. The backend of the system integrates state of the art web 3D content management together with a powerful set of marketing features and analytics. eVista bridges real with virtual, enhancing what your eyes see with
rich digital content, useful information and making lifeless objects ""tap friendly"". Brands all over the world choose to take advantage of augmented reality's power so don't be surprised if everyday objects found in your life today are already able to communicate with you. How to use eVista: Step 1: DISCOVER eVistas in images, objects or scenes around you Step 2: POINT your device at an eVista Step 3: WATCH as content comes to life
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Jurassic World

Web Development DNA Model - Touch Screen Information Panel This web application displays a rotating 3D DNA model with side text information. Once the screen is activated by touch, the DNA strand stops rotating and hot spots appear on the DNA strand. These hot spots show the user where they can be activated again via touch. When each button is activated the screen displays an information box. The text box can contain
various media formats including photos, drawings and text. Additionally, the box will also be used to play various videos. Postcard - Interactive Application This web application also gives the user the ability to create postcards by: -Choosing from a range of backgrounds Selecting and scaling dinosaurs and badges -Changing the filters of the resulting image -Adding text to the postcard and sending the postcard via email.
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        JustNow helps businesses reduce costs while increasing turnover, profitability and market share. JustNow uses a smart advertising mobile application that alerts consumers when products that match their purchasing profile are about to go off the shelf and are heavily discounted. This is augmented by state-of-the-art Machine Learning backend system that optimizes stocks, sales and offers, integrated with a recommendation


        The JustNow ARS uses Machine Learning to capture and process consumer-market information that supports decision-making at the retailer and provider level. While competitive ARS models are typically limited to stock data, JustNow includes sales and promotional offer data for clearer insight into the food resource management situation, as well as the user behavior when making decisions to claim offers. This should result in a 10% improvement over the competition. Shopping behavior-wise, knowing the historic acquisition information of a user, it’s shopping decision time of the day as well as the locations in which it makes those decisions, enables JustNow to send the right app triggers, with the best content at the best time, thus clearing stocks faster and maximizing profit.