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Spider Group LLC is one of the industry leaders in mobile app / AR / AI development, which includes Android and iOS.

In the early 2000s, we started from scratch by creating websites for governmental institutions.

Later on, we developed interactive applications, projection and holographic complexes, and multimedia systems for international exhibitions and forums.

Since 2010 we redirected our efforts into mobile application development and AR/VR projects.


For years, we have strived to solve the tasks of our customers by building competencies and implementing up-to-date technologies and tools in everyday business practices.

We aim for continuous growth and development and with that, our experience and expertise can enhance your business’ success!

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Key clients: 

Grohe, SberBank, Palitra, Chone, Franmer, MTS, Hill Hunter, RSM, RosAtom

Mobile showroom with Augmented Reality for GROHE

500 pcs of 3D models

We have prepared 500 pcs of 3D models to view products in different modes for the application in 3D and Augmented Reality.

Easy to use a selection of products in the catalog with the option to fit them in your interior.

Search for products by filtering with various criteria or using a barcode scanner

Detailed product description, specifications, video instructions on how to use

and install

Hill Hunter Mobile App with Augmented Reality

There are two modes of locating in Hill Hunter - on the terrain map and in the Visual Search Mode with Augmented Reality technology.

With this app, you can track the accurate location of your skiing peers on the slope. When in the Visual Search Mode the system will show the location of your fellows even if you cannot observe them on the slope. You will see how far they are and the

elevation difference between you and them.

Arboretum Guide. Mobile App with Augmented Reality

When you visit the most famous park in Sochi  Arboretum your smartphone becomes a personal and free guide. 

An interactive park map will help navigate in the park, the audio guide will tell about the sights. Just bring your smartphone to a tablet with QR-code near the plant, and you will get full information about it.

A unique feature of this app that always brings joy to children is virtual animated animals that

inhabit the Arboretum. With Augmented Reality, you can see different animals, observe their behavior in their natural environment, and even take pictures with them.

Mobile App for Swiss Restaurant Chezsandro

With Chez Sandro mobile app, you can book a table, choose food and drinks in advance and pay for your order online.

After arriving at the restaurant, guests simply show the code and enjoy a meal without waiting!

Mobile App for Food Delivery Service "Antey"

With the Antey delivery app, it is possible to order quickly the delivery of food, flowers, products, and goods from Krasnodar stores

Mobile App with Augmented Reality for the Youth Center for Innovation and Technology "Inventum"

After installing the app on the iPad, point the camera at a special marker image and a 3D model of the fuel pump will appear on the screen. 

The model can be viewed from all sides by rotating it around the marker. The app shows the pump model in 2 views: normal and in cross-section. 

The animated 3D model is used to show how the mechanism and processes operate and what is going on inside the fuel pump. 


have additionally provided descriptions for the main parts of the pump. The language in the app can be changed from Russian to English. Read the information about the customer and learn more about the pump itself.

3D modeling of harvester units for RSM

The application supports three languages: Russian, English, German.

When the tablet is being hovered over the marker sticker, an animated 3D model of the selected fragment appears on the screen with a short text comment.

Mobile App for Tax Return NDFLKA

This mobile app allows you to get a tax refund without visiting the Tax Inspectorate.

The app helps to fill out and submit the tax declaration

Mobile App for Patrick&Mari Bakery

In the mobile app there is a convenient order and delivery of dishes from Patrick&Marie bakery. News, promotions and menu

Mobile Application for Pool Management

Intuitive remote control of a pool from a mobile device Full automated control of the pool parameters It is convenient to run water attractions Turn on the pool light Simple to manage water preparation - filter the water and set the desired temperature Radiation background an

Control System for Swimming Pools for the Limpid Pools Company

The mobile app is for remote equipment control and monitoring for theLimpid Pools company, which provides services for the design, construction and maintenance of swimming pools in Russia and abroad. 

Tax Return Mobile App for Sberbank

This mobile app allows you to get a tax refund without visiting the Tax Inspectorate.

The app helps to fill out and submit the tax declaration.

CityLab app is for practitioners. In the application, doctors can generate applications for laboratory tests for their patients.

Patients do not need to bring a referral and expect to fill out all the necessary forms.

Just call the code received via SMS, and the staff will immediately find the application and print out the documents already completed.

The doctor will receive timely notification of the

status of studies.

The Madyar Collection app

The Madyar Collection app is a convenient and easy way to order meals from the Madyar Restaurant Chain and pay for it.

Without leaving home, you can choose and order the delivery of your favorite dish and pay for your order online with a bank card.

Palitra Wallpaper Factory Mobile App with Augmented Reality

Using a marker placed on the wall, you can try on the preferred wallpaper in your home, pick up the best design and combinations, take photos of a pattern you like better with a list of product items. There is also a full catalog of products with filters.

The store consultants can edit their personal profile information, upload store photos, send messages to the head office in the private part of the


Employees can manage catalog settings. They can switch online and offline modes (to download the catalog to the device)

Nutrilon-Progress Mobile App with Augmented Reality

When buying baby milk or Nutrilon kid`s nutrition the user can “look into the future” with the entertaining “Nutrilon-Progress” app.

The user points the phone camera on the product package and will see a real little miracle.

A miniature ballerina begins to perform her dance on the jar of children`s nutrition.

After watching it, can share the

information with your friends through social networks or go to a website presenting progressive child development techniques.

The VR application provides an opportunity to show customers the future interior of their bathrooms, pools, using one of the highest quality gadgets today - the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality helmet.

Visitors to Kairos salons, wearing a helmet, get inside the room, where they can look around in the interior created by designers.

With the help of virtual reality, it is now convenient and comfortable to make a


The mobile application with augmented reality is designed for the "LCD Central".

The application offers a spectacular presentation and demonstration of an interactive 3D model of an apartment block.

Just pointing the smartphone’s camera at a special flyer, the user can take a virtual tour of the housing estate, examine it from all sides, look through the walls, and also get comprehensive information about the


Mobile App for Waste Sorting Line Ecomash

The Key Objective

The task was to present an automated waste sorting line (and technologies for automated sorting of solid waste) with a capacity of up to 400,000 tons with the selection of secondary raw materials and alternative fuel production from waste (RDF) at the international exhibition "Wasma-2016" in Moscow.

How It Works:

With a small marker on the table in the center of the stand and with a tablet

in the hands of a sales consultant. It is quite enough to demonstrate a complex facility. By pointing the tablet camera at the marker, you can take a virtual tour of the waste sorting complex, take a look at it from different angles and look through the walls.
Furniture Catalog with AR Module Image

Furniture Catalog with AR Module

There is a furniture catalog of the Stolplit factory inside the app with incorporated Augmented Reality technology.

In AR + mode you can place a piece of furniture in your interior with moving and rotating it to see if it fits perfectly.

We used the latest ARKit 2 technology to make the app run quickly and safely. This feature is available for the iOS 12 for iPhone 6s, iPad Pro or iPad 5/6 devices.