Connecting your story to clients through Video.

We all want to Sell more and that's what I help with. I work with companies to refine their message, pair that with video so that you can sell more to both potential and past customers. 

We've worked with brands such as Porsche, Teen Vogue and Uncle Bens to capture the captivating and hold your customers attention. 

Aerial, Ground and soon to be underwater, if you can think it we can shoot it.


Striking, subtle or just blending in to the side of a story. Regardless of what image is trying to be acquired I have various experience that lends itself to the production at hand as well as the wherewithal to get the right shot. That may mean get the shot and get out or a more detailed approach where take 2 sounds more like a secondary dry run compared to the first leg of an all-nighter shoot.

$50 - $99 / hr
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Tulsa, OK
  • Tulsa, OK
    United States


Key clients: 

Teen Vogue, Porsche,, Uncle Ben's and numerous businesses who we've helped sell their message.

Porsche Panamera Track Event Image

Porsche Panamera Track Event

Highlight coverage of a promotional event is usually boring right? Well, not this time! This dealership was offerring up that year's model to test drive on track for a select number of customers. Here's the Highlight of the day.

JAG Buildings - Pole Barns

We helped Hannah and Aaron put together a piece that explains what they can build to their potential customers.

We designed this to be utilized primarily on their website but also through social as well with an alternate version with subtitles.

Magness Fitness - Personal Training

We worked with Skye and his wife to put together a video that simply walks a potential client through their process and shows how they could be a great fit for anyone that wants to be more fit than they currently are.