Data-driven social media for on and offline brands

Over 40% of all marketers cannot quantify the impact of their social media advertising.


When brands cannot understand this impact, they limit their ability to grow their business through one of the most effective marketing and advertising platforms in the world. 


This is a particular problem for startups who have both offline and online business models. 


They often cannot track sales to 3rd parties or retailers, which can prove and quantify this impact. 


They often don’t have the right expertise or time required to understand this impact. 


As a result, they lack the confidence to invest time, money and effort into a platform that can so easily grow their brand and business. 


We use data-driven social media advertising to understand and improve the impact it is having on your brand and business. Through this data-driven approach, we can:


-          Demonstrate the impact you are having on your target audiences

-          Improve your ad performance at scale

-          Give you the confidence to spend your marketing budgets more effectively


We’ve used this approach to improve Innocent’s knowledge around paid social, to improve BOL Foods’ brand awareness by 2 million people nationwide and to grow FaceGym’s business by 166% in the UK and USA. 

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Key clients: 

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FaceGym Case Study Image

FaceGym Case Study

Client /


What We Did /

We implemented weekly test cycles to identify what audience interests within beauty and skin care visited FaceGym’s website most.

We retargeted this web traffic with location-specific ads driving people from different parts of London, Manchester and New York into their closest store. This generated a consistent

5x ROAS.

For store specific launches, such as Notting Hill we used hyper-localised ad targeting to target customers within a small geographical area. This approach led to a 61% increase in conversions. 

BOL Case Study Image

BOL Case Study

Client /

BOL Foods

What We Did /

We took BOL’s Tesco Clubcard data and mapped 3 audiences that reflected their core customer base.

We overlaid interest targeting to these demographics, allowing us to target ads to people interested in healthy eating, organic food and vegan/vegetarianism.  

We tested a series of different

product ads, creative and messaging to determine which audiences engaged best with BOL’s product range. These were designed to improve brand and product consideration. 

Visit Britain Case Study  Image

Visit Britain Case Study

Client /

What We Did /

To analyse Visit Britain’s global Influencer marketing network, we needed to create a centralised model that could pull in, format and process data from a variety of sources.

The model allowed us to add contextual tagging to the Influencer’s data, adding elements such as content type, locations visited and size of Influencer

to the raw data.

This data was then formatted into pivot tables that displayed the data against metrics that aligned to different stages of the consumer journey, enabling us and Visit Britain to see which Influencers were driving the most Awareness and Engagement among their followers.

Innocent Drinks Testimonial Image

Innocent Drinks Testimonial

BMB Agency Testimonial  Image

BMB Agency Testimonial