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Smart DG is a digital agency with more than 10 years of experience in online advertising, web development, creating landing pages and sites and integrating systems.

We believe that every business can create its digital presence by designing the right strategies and goals. We use innovative and modern work methods that help businesses increase sales and consolidate their online presence.

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Varna, Bulgaria
  • Blvd Hristo Botev 3
    Varna, 03 9000


Key clients: 
Carducci, Helbos Living, IBA Bulgaria, Hotel International, Nov Dom1 - Real estate agency, InnoWave 2017 - Youth Capital, Waste Collection System, Innowave Summit, Chelopech Startup Village, Bikes4you
Helbos Living Ecommerce website Image

Helbos Living Ecommerce website

E-commerce website for interior design and home living.

Google PPC campaigns Image

Google PPC campaigns

Using the collected data, we at Smart DG planned and launched an online marketing campaign that targets potential clients for both hotels by giving them a choice between the two Bulgarian resorts. We targeted the campaign mainly in social media and we also launched parallel pay-per-click campaign. 

Our strategies resulted in growth in the number of reservations made by the people from

the same country as the targeted audience and into increase of the social media fans of both hotels from people from the same country as the ones in the target audience.
Speak Online Ecommerce website Image

Speak Online Ecommerce website

Speak Online -


TimeZone System Image

TimeZone System

Timezone system for scheduling and task management.

Smart Bot Order system Image

Smart Bot Order system

Introducing the latest innovation of food ordering. SmartBot is a multifunctional system that helps users to order quickly and easily online through Messenger Chatbot. Artificial Intelligence understands and answers the most frequently asked questions and the menu editing system allows full control over the products displayed.

The owner has full control over the orders and can easily use our system to manage the

Wasting GPS tracking system Image

Wasting GPS tracking system

GPS tracking system of the Wasting disposal company of  the Municipality of Varna. Tracks the full containers so the trucks can easily empty them.

Real Estate Software & CRM Image

Real Estate Software & CRM

*We created the website design for Nov Dom1 with internal Real estate CRM system.

*Digital Marketing campaigns in Google and Facebook

Event calendar and project assesment system Image

Event calendar and project assesment system

Innowave 2017 is the youth capital website of the Municipality of Varna with internal calendar system and assesment software for evaluating projects.

IBA Network Image

IBA Network

Andreas Voice Over Image

Andreas Voice Over

Wordpress plugin about ordering of Voice overs for IVR systems. The plugin makes API calls to obtain the dynamic information which includes library of voice actors worldwide. Specific modules are online payments via Stripe and white label usage for different resellers.

Innowave Summit Ticket system Image

Innowave Summit Ticket system

In order to easily manage the ticket sales, we created an automatic ticket system that allows the customer to receive their passes and invoices instantly on their email and to pay it with bank, paypal and other services.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Innowave Summit Image

Digital Marketing Strategy for Innowave Summit

Innowave Summit is the biggest high tech conference in Southeastern Europe and our aim was to create a digital marketing strategy.

Our focus from the begining (in 2017) was to make it the most popular and well-known high-tech and business conference in Bulgaria and slowly to spread its reach in Europe.

Main activities:

- Facebook marketing

- Google Adwords

- YouTube Ads

- Email


- Billboards and citylights in major cities

By the end of the 3rd edition in 2019, we've reached over 1 300 000 people through Social Media and Google, contacted over 30 000 business owners, managers and C-level executives with email campaigns and have been published in more than 200 newspapers, magazines and other regional and international medias.