Sioux High Tech Software Ltd., a Danang based development center and a branch of Sioux Group in the Netherlands. We are a specialist in Website & Mobile App Development, UX/UI/HMI, Data Analytics, Application Software, Software Control Hardware & Automotive.


With our state-of-the-art knowledge of development methods, programming languages, platforms, and a strong team, we bring the best software solution for your organization. In doing so, we focus on quality, innovation speed, and cost-effectiveness. 


  • Some of our focused Web & App Technologies currently include:
    • Mobile App Development: • Xamarin • MvvmCross • React Native
    • Web Application:  Windows Form • WPF • .NET Core • Delphi • ASP .NET • React JS • Angular JS • WordPress • Umbraco • ASP .NET • Laravel • Django • Node JS


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Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Petrolimex Building - 10th floor | 122 2/9 Street | Danang city | Vietnam
    Da Nang, DN 550000


Key clients: 
Our clients are all around the world: Europe, US, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam. Some of our wonderful clients: ASML, Bosch, Canon, Cisco, DAF, Kulicke & Soffa, Niko, Philips, Technicolor, Thermo Fisher, Zeiss.  
"Give and Take" Mobile App Image

"Give and Take" Mobile App

The customer’s challenge:

The customer wanted to build a non-profit application that runs on both Android and iOS. The app is a platform for people to give away useful items that they don’t need to others, and vice versa.


Sioux's contribution:

Sioux developed a complete system including a mobile app on iOS and

Android for users, a landing page to promote the application, and a Content Management System (CMS) Website for admins to manage the content in the application.



The system is deployed to App-store for iOS, Google Play-store for Android, and has been used by many citizens, especially in Danang. They are happy with this application - which is an important motivation for our company to support the city with a non-profit application. Upon creating this application, we bring high tech to life by inspiring technology lovers to contribute their skills to make our society a better place. Especially, following the fourth industry revolution (Industry 4.0), new solutions and technologies to be applied are indispensable to our society.



C#, Xamarin, MVVM-Cross, MySql, ASP.NET MVC - Web API, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Android, iOS.

Know more: https://www.sioux.asia/case/give-take-mobile-app-da-nang-177

Car Pooling Platform Image

Car Pooling Platform

The customer’s challenge

The requirement is creating a platform to help connect passengers and drivers for the ride under 9 seats and less than 300km distance.

Sioux's contribution

XeDiKe Web is designed to help passengers understand the schedule proactively, the number of empty seats, the time of departure and fare provided by the driver. The evaluation system of the

XeDiKe Web will provide passengers to know the reputation of the driver, which makes the trip had a better experience. With own algorithm, it will show everyone the amount of CO2 which is minimized through each trip. Result

The users have a website to find rides with the best quality. The driver can connect with thousands of customers and willing to serve the needs of travel every day. This has contributed to reducing the amount of CO2 per day. The Earth will be very grateful to us for this.


ReactJS, Javascript, CSS, .Net Core, C#, Web API, Database MySQL

Know more: https://www.sioux.asia/case/car-pooling-platform-172

Danabus Mobile App Image

Danabus Mobile App

Danang is a coastal city, which is well known as the most worth-living city, located in the Central of Vietnam. In recent years, with its ambition of a “Smart City”, Danang Government has made great effort to bring the city to civilization, modernization, and innovation.


The customer’s challenge

Bus passengers' problem is difficulty in searching for bus routes and determining the distance from

departure to arrival points. They want to know exactly the bus arrival time to reduce the waiting time. To come to the final destination, they also need an app that provides detailed time, routes, and bus fares. Sioux's contribution

Sioux has developed the app for both iOS and Android version with English and Vietnamese. After two months of progression, Sioux has released a public transit app for Danang Government and citizens, successfully create a smart mobile app. To support the local government, Sioux held a training session to fully transmit the installation environment and source code compilation of the app.


Bus passengers now can use their smartphone to travel in Danang easily as well as help in reducing air pollution and traffic congestion.



Know more: https://www.sioux.asia/case/danabus-mobile-app-139

De Heus CMS and Mobile App Image

De Heus CMS and Mobile App

The customer’s challenge

The customer wants to have a mobile application that allows the farmers, technicians, and supporters to interact with the functions while the web service will process the requests from the mobile application. While Moderators and Administrators will use CMS to manage data of users.

Sioux's contribution

Sioux has developed the app

in the way to make it suitable for different user roles: Farmers, technicians, supporters, and administrators. It offers an effective solution for De Heus to distribute news, tutorials to their farmers and technicians. The app is developed to inform the users about epidemics, natural disasters, the latest news, knowledge, and skills for agriculture… Moreover, via this app, the users can give feedback about products and services to the De Heus company directly. Result

This mobile app provides a way for better communication between farmers, technicians, and supporters. Admin can use CMS to manage the data in the mobile app logically for a certain purpose.


Xamarin, C#, MvvCross

Know more: https://www.sioux.asia/case/de-heus-cms-and-mobile-app-148

A Mobile Application To Improve Communication And Support Expats Image

A Mobile Application To Improve Communication And Support Expats

Amoha application is designed with such features as voice live-stream/call, language’s fields, dialects, favorite list, and editable self-description to facilitate conversation between people with different languages through real-time interpreters.

The customer’s challenge

The requirement is making it more convenient in the way of connecting interpreters with clients, making meaningful travel,

making improvements, and helping people who liveaboard. Sioux's contribution

Amoha application is designed with voice live-stream/call, language’s fields, dialects, favorite list, editable self-description and more. The users can live-stream their conversation to interpreters then receive voice messages from them or having a real-time conversation through an interpreter.


The users have a mobile app to take the initiative of making connections worldwide.


React Native

Know more: https://www.sioux.asia/case/amoha-web-mobile-app-141

Application: Smart home control Image

Application: Smart home control


The customer wants to give end-users of their existing ‘Home Control’ system an easy way to change the settings of their home automation program themselves, instead of having to call the company that installed it. They need an application that runs virtually on all of the user’s devices like tablets, smartphones (iOS, Android), desktops/laptops (Windows, Mac) and can connect to the Home Control




Sioux developed a multi-platform application that offers equal functionality and looks & feels on all four supported platforms. The applications communicate with the customer hardware through Wi-Fi and allow the end-user to view and edit the configurations of their lights, thermostats, automated actions, etc. The user interface was implemented in accordance with the specific graphic design, including animations and many custom controls. Sioux managed to make over 65% of the code reusable for all platforms, which greatly increases maintainability and testability.



The customer’s users are now in control of their own home with the new multi-platform application. End users can now manually change the settings of their Home Control system.



.NET/C#, WPF and Xamarin (iOS, OS X, Android, Windows).

Website, Tablet App, CMS: Online2study Image

Website, Tablet App, CMS: Online2study


The customer wanted to build a system for global online teaching and studying. The system includes a website for teachers, a tablet app on iOS and Android for students, and a content management system for admins.

The main functions of the system include: registering courses, buying courses, making a payment, making the call, teaching, sharing board, and supplying course




Sioux developed a complete system including web for teachers, a tablet app on iOS and Android for students, a content management system for admins with the same look-and-feel and functionalities. Sioux used WebRTC for the calling system and used many services from Amazon, Azure, and Alibaba.



The system has received positive feedback from users worldwide. Together with the digitalization era, the system contributes to making education accessible regardless of distances.



ReactJS, React Native, WebRTC, NodeJS, Web API, MongoDB, Android, iOS, C#, .Net.

Analytical Application Image

Analytical Application


Analytical Application is a desktop application connected with SEM that can be used in forensics to identify the diatom in a sample. Customers wanted to improve the productivity of analysis work by creating user-centered design solutions and intuitive interface design.



Sioux developed an application with the design solution based on the

user-centered research and validation, through a number of wireframe design, low and high fidelity design then finalizing with the pixel perfect screens. Besides, Sioux development team built a highly responsive UI with precision technologies and a scalable design system.



Customers are highly satisfied with the application, evaluating that the system has improved the productivity of analysis work.



WPF, GRPC, Prism

Cloud Based Application: Workflow Image

Cloud Based Application: Workflow


A workflows assistant which can be carried along all systems in the workflow. This cloud based application with continuous workflow updates predicts the best workflow based on given system configuration and sample/grid type. And based on process results (operator observations), the application provides workflow improvements (recommendations) to optimize the process.


Sioux has become a strategic partner working at the core of the systems and taking responsibility for the results. At the location in Eindhoven, there are continuous development projects in varying teams. Sioux’s Development Center in Vietnam and Russia focus on issues such as service software and software maintenance.

Sioux developed and built the CryoTEM workflow app for Thermo Fisher Company and the Flexible Image Taker for Thermo Fisher electron microscopes.


With valuable information generated for process improvement through feedback via a backend system, the productivity at work is improved.


C#, WPF, MvvmCross, Xamarin Native , Amazon Simple Storage Service