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Sigao is team of Agile experts and software application developers whose passion is helping customers maximize their technology investment. We believe that rapid iteration, open communication, and lean processes are the key to success in today’s modern business environment. Whether you’re seeking to overhaul your technology stack, or supercharge your business practices, we have the tools and the expertise to make it happen. 

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Key clients: 

McLeod Software, InRule Technology, Credex Systems, Easter Seals Houston, eLiveNow

Credex ESign Image

Credex ESign


Credex has been serving the needs of the financial community since 1990 and is operational in 20 states and Guam.  Their Unity systems provide easy to use functionality and management reporting to financial institutions of all sizes. 


As part of an effort to improve Unity’s feature

set, Credex identified the need to provide financial institutions using Unity with an option for remote loan origination.  By allowing Unity customers to complete loan applications remotely, Credex would be able to greatly improve the business processes of its customers while cutting down on wasted time. To accomplish this, Sigao was tasked with creating a custom application that integrated with Unity and allowed for electronic distribution of loan documents.


Sigao’s solution utilized several Angular portals integrated into the existing Unity system to allow for configuration of the paperless loan signing process.  For Credex’s admin users, the integrated portal provided billing and white labeling options for all client offices.  At a Unity user level, Sigao’s integrated portal provided financial institutions the ability to send reminders, view signing events, and email documents to customers.  The technology stack used to accomplish this project was Angular, Service Fabric, SQL, and Azure Cloud, with custom integrations between Credex’s Unity system and HelloSign document management.  

McLeod Agile Transformation Image

McLeod Agile Transformation


At the time of engagement McLeod had limited experience with Agile concepts, with typical product development cycles relying heavily on waterfall methodologies.  One of the main drivers for an Agile transformation was McLeod’s desire to better tune its product development to the needs of its customers, as well as increase delivery speeds of new products and

features.  As part of this initiative, McLeod had identified a need for continuous customer engagement throughout all phases of product development to quickly obtain and incorporate feedback into their products.



Sigao worked with McLeod to establish clear business value goals as benchmarks for a successful engagement.  Early stages of the project involved in depth Agile/Scrum training train to familiarize McLeod employees with Agile concepts.  From there, Scrum teams were established with a unified sprint cadence and on site Scrum Master to provide coaching and guidance. 

Effective Agile transformation requires knowledge and buy-in from company management.  To facilitate this, Sigao provided one-on-one mentoring for McLeod management in order to promote cultural changes throughout the organization.

As part of the development initiative, Sigao provided training in Agile development practices, as well as guidance on converting legacy CI/CD software over to Git.  These modernizations and process changes allowed Sigao to create a foundation on which McLoed can improve integration frequency, enable greater development flexibility, and improve customer responsiveness.

Chris (Sims) and Larry (Tribble) bring a good mix of youthful energy and steady experience to the table. Being a smaller firm, they have been willing to adjust quickly to our needs since we were unable to plan for something that we did not know how to plan for. The people they hire to work with us have been top quality and are invested in our success just as much as we are.” – Robert Brothers, Manager of Product Development, McLeod Software

Inrule Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Integrations Image

Inrule Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Integrations


InRule enables enterprises to understand and automate decisions with unparalleled speed, agility, accuracy, and transparency. IT and business personnel rely on InRule’s Decision Platform and Business Rules Management System (BRMS) to increase productivity, grow revenues, and enhance customer service.


As part of an initiative to provide customers with a wider range of options, InRule Technology identified a need for platform integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce. To accomplish this, Sigao was tasked with providing development, testing, and documentation support to InRule’s internal engineering teams.


Over the course of development, Sigao has worked closely with members of Inrule’s team to gather requirements for new features and facilitated publishing these integrations to Microsoft AppSource and Salesforce AppExchange for greater visibility. Developing these products has required extensive work with both the no-code customization frameworks built into Dynamics and Salesforce, and full-fledged C#, JavaScript and Java code. Additionally, the team utilizes WPF for the front-end authoring experience, as well as WCF on the backend. As a result of Sigao’s ongoing involvement, InRule has been able to maintain consistent and successful releases of their BRMS integrations throughout the course of the engagement.

Boulo Solutions Image

Boulo Solutions


The Boulo platform is a bridge between professional women and goal driven companies who hire talent for project-based work or roles that can be done in 30 hours or less per week.



Due to rapid growth within Boulo’s business operations, the company was faced with

the challenge of unifying business processes that existed in multiple 3rd party platforms.  As the business scaled, lack of tool unification generated increasingly costly manual processes to be handled by Boulo staff.  In addition, multiple tool subscriptions increased operational costs on the business.



During the engagement, Sigao identified Dynamics CRM as a flexible platform for storing all customer data.  The development team was able to customize the platform to fit the existing processes while creating a singular database of customer information that could be queried for reporting purposes. 

In addition to unifying customer data, Sigao also created a fully custom client facing web application for self service data management.  This portal allowed incoming clients manage their own data and remove data management burden from Boulo staff.

Easter Seals - Respite Care Image

Easter Seals - Respite Care


Easter Seals is the leading non-profit provider of services for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, other special needs, and disabled veterans. For over 70 years, Easter Seals Greater Houston has been offering help, hope and answers to people of all ages with disabilities and their families. Through therapy, training,

education and support services, Easter Seals creates life-changing solutions so that people with disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our community.



One of the services offered by Easter Seals Houston is respite care to allow caregivers the opportunity to relax and recharge.  As part of this effort, Easter Seals is responsible for collecting large amounts of information on respite care workers, clients, and services rendered during the respite care.  Before engaging with Sigao, Easter Seals did not have any method for clients and respite care workers to manage their own data.  Because of this, excessive manual effort was needed to manage client data and growth of the respite program was severely limited.



As part of the solution, Sigao analyzed the existing Easter Seals business process, as well as multiple physical forms used for collection caretaker and client information.  From there, the team created a custom Angular web based front end system for users to submit their application and document respite care received, which drastically lowered the admin effort for data management.  To further optimize admin processes, Sigao utilized a custom Dynamics 365 instance to provide staff with easier access to client data, as well as options for reporting and automation.


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Web Platform Dev for Language Pathology Education Company

"Their communication is quite good...Sigao Studios will ask questions if they don't understand something." 

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Apr. 2018 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Sigao Studios is building a web-based software solution that helps healthcare professionals rotate quickly between different tasks. It features an intuitive login and a diverse set of note-taking features.

The Reviewer
1-10 Employees
Lafayette, California
Melissa Jakubowitz
Owner, eLiveNow
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The MVP version of the solution is nearly complete and reflects Sigao Studios' high-quality work. They’re communicative and always bring up potential delays before they become issues. Clarifying questions are hallmarks of their work and help them manage expectations and deliver what’s required.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I’m the owner of eLiveNow. We provide a video conferencing platform for speech-language pathologists to provide remote services.


What challenge were you trying to address with Sigao Studios?

There are a lot of video conferencing platforms out there, but they aren’t specific to speech-language pathologists. We wanted to develop a platform that incorporated all of a speech-language pathologist's needs into one place.


What was the scope of their involvement?

The platform is web-based and contains a host of materials sorted into common topics, which helps pathologists switch quickly from one activity to another. The system has a simple login that affords easy access to people with disabilities, as well as a number of special tools that help pathologists record notes and data during sessions.

What is the team composition?

We worked with a four-person team and a product manager.

How did you come to work with Sigao Studios?

We found Sigao Studios online, and they seemed to truly understand what we needed.

How much have you invested with them?

We've spent between $50,000–$199,999.

What is the status of this engagement?

We’ve been working together since April 2018.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

We’re fairly close to having a minimum viable product (MVP) and doing beta testing. We still have a bit of work left, but it's looking good.

How did Sigao Studios perform from a project management standpoint?

We’ve worked well together. They hit almost all their deadlines and always do what they say they will. If they can’t produce something in the backlog, they’ll let us know, and we’ll exchange it for something similar. They accommodate our last-minute changes and fixes for things that aren’t going quite the way we want.

What did you find most impressive about them?

Their communication is quite good. Whereas other companies will tell us they know what we need but fail to produce, Sigao Studios will ask questions if they don't understand something. 

Are there any areas they could improve?

They’ve lived up to our expectations and done what they needed to do.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

I came in not knowing much about development, but it’s important for people to understand what they want and what the development process is like. 

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