Lean And Professional SDR Solution For Your Team

SDR LEAD is Lead generation agency.
We find leads that become customers.

Our company offers sales development services. We find leads for your company, educate them about your product or service and set an appointment with your rep, so that you can close the sale.

We enrich our data with social network accounts and contact details, providing information about leads’ interests and hobbies when available.

The company started as a branch of Happy Tube LTD, a seasoned mobile content publisher (www.happytube.com).

Our workflow is below:

1. You tell us about your business and Ideal Customer Profile

2. We search for leads based on your criteria and provide you with the sample data

3. We scale searching efforts and generate leads according to your criteria

- You can correct the results anytime to ensure we are on the right track.

Benefits of working with us:

☆ powerful lead generation;
☆ strong lead qualification;
☆ lead enrichment;
☆ appointment setting;
☆ all industries supported 

We use the range of instruments to deliver the result you need. We provide help with any sales related tasks, including qualifying accounts, generating leads, or researching the list of trade show attendees. Be it calling, emailing or social media posting – we do all that and more to generate leads for you. 

Contact us with a simple task, and be amazed at the result we deliver!

Our service comes with the money-back guarantee*

Got questions? Email us at [email protected]

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Key clients: 

Our team at SDR LEAD, working under the umbrella of Happy Tube (www.happytube.com), has completed numerous project in customer acquisition and content improvement for such pundits of the mobile VAS industry as ZED Worldwide, Appland, Opera Software and many more.

Focusing on the content improvement for more than 10 years Image

Focusing on the content improvement for more than 10 years

Our team has worked with TIMwe Tech for over 10 years, making sure our services are provided at the supreme level.

Here is what Tiago M., a senior TIMwe has to say about working with out team:

"...(they) always provided a consistendly professional, knowledgable and proactive approach..(they) always follow up to ensure that the solution provided met our requirements.."

Confidence in using our services Image

Confidence in using our services

As part of Happy Tube, our team has worked on the number of mobile marketing projects. It has always been a success, and here is what Tito R., a senior executive at Barnstore LTD, has to say about working with us:

"...I feel confident recommending Katya's (our rep) services. Her knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping our company as one of the best content providers for the region."

Deep insights and understanding the rapid changes of the industry Image

Deep insights and understanding the rapid changes of the industry

Zed Group is a leading provider of integrated digital services, developing projects and tailor-made services for the MVAS world. Luris Higuera, Head of Partnership, has these words to say about working with us:

"I have been interacting with Olga (our rep) for a while right now, and she has demonstrated to have a great knowledge...I like working with her, because she is very flexible and understands the rapid

changes of our entertainment industry..."