Right app, right time.

Your business needs an app because that’s an effective way to engage with the audience now. Your app needs users because it’s them who bring profit. Users need the app that is useful, convenient and reliable because it’s this app that makes their lives better. Apps need specialists that are scrupulous, far-seeing and experienced because it’s only them who know how to put all the puzzle pieces together.

What you get at Runcite is these skilled individuals putting puzzle pieces together the way that ends up in a beautiful application perfectly combining aesthetics and functionality.

But to launch a right app doesn’t mean to win. It must appear the right moment, after the right amount of time invested in its development. It cannot be too late or too expensive.

At Runcite, you get informed what time is right and why. We look for and find the right moments, the right way. We secure that way for your project and follow it until the finish is crossed.

With us, you get the app. You get it quicker and cheaper because we know how to make it right, we understand how important the proactive attitude is and we tend to establish transparent business relations with you.

You share the idea, we convert it into your profitable business. Yes, it’s that simple.

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10 - 49
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Kyiv, Ukraine


Key clients: 

Total Security, Spalneo

Total Access

A smart security system allowing users to open doors, monitor their activities and control the permissions via their mobile devices. For organizations, such a system enables statistics collection, supervision and management as for who can enter a certain door and when.


An online platform for beauty & healthcare services focusing on both a business and a customer, Spalneo offers a range of utilities through web, Android and iOS platforms. Responsible for the mobile applications, we've developed 4 distinctive apps delivering the desired functionality to both groups of users on both platforms. 


The core functionality of the app is associated with the anonymous communication capabilities available for both Android and iOS platforms and managed from an admin web extension.