Atlassian Solution Partner and Vendor in Ukraine

Rozdoum is an official Atlassian Gold Solution Partner and Vendor in Ukraine. More than ten years the company has been trained, committed and working with the Atlassian toolset. We offer administrative and implementation services, provide customer-specific solutions, product configurations, advanced product knowledge, licensing and consulting.

There is a line of Atlassian apps developed by Rozdoum to extend Jira and Confluence functionality.

Rozdoum is also focused on services and consulting in the fields of Mobile Development, and Java dedicated teams.

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250 - 999
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Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Rymars'ka St, 23, Kharkiv, Kharkiv Oblast,
other locations
  • 8 The Green, Suite #4415
    Dover, DE 19901
    United States
  • Sepapaja 6,
    Tallinn 15551
  • Germany


Key clients: 

USA, Ireland, Germany, UK, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.

Projects and Data Organizing Solution Image

Projects and Data Organizing Solution

Composite Solution for Project Management and Data Structuring was developed by Rozdoum to organize, structure, and schedule enterprise business processes.

The composite solution provides a way to start a new typed project comprised of several Jira projects. Set of tools aims to map the company business processes and move them into the management tools. This set comprises several tools for every activity. The tools

integrate with each other. They allow to start customer-specific projects, manage and schedule tasks, synchronize data structures, analyze the data, and build status reports.

The developed solution extends the standard Atlassian products functionality to fit client business processes.

Technologies used: Jira API, Confluence API, User Macro in Confluence, REST, Atlassian SDK

Confluence Data Extractor Image

Confluence Data Extractor

Confluence Data Extractor transfers the selected content from the dedicated Confluence pages to the web pages of the CRM according to preset transformation rules and allows saving efforts for double publishing of content. 

Technologies used: Atlassian SDK, Jira API, Confluence API, Java, JavaScript, jQuery 

Confluence to Jira Connector Image

Confluence to Jira Connector

The Connector allows standard actions with Jira issues within Confluence. Users can create, edit, view, make a transition and list Jira tickets right from the Confluence page without switching to Jira.

The app uses REST API to allow users to do all actions with Jira issues in Confluence as they do in Jira. The following operations with the Jira issues are available right from a Confluence page: view, create, edit,

transition, list, and search issues.

Technologies used: Atlassian SDK, Jira API, Confluence API, Java, JavaScript, jQuery

WatchTower for Jira

WatchTower is an app to consolidate issues from several distributed Jira instances into a single agile board. The app is preventing a user from a constant switching between multiple environments. 

The app gathers data from both Cloud and Server Jiras, updated issues directly from WatchTower, allows board sharing (permission to view only, report time, and comment or edit issues). WatchTower uses all common practices of

an agile board: drag-n-drop to change issue status, log work, adjust estimates.

Technologies used: Atlassian SDK, Jira API, REST API, Apache Velocity Templates, Atlassian AJS, Angular JS

Requirements Clarity Map for Confluence

Requirements Clarity Map for Confluence is the app that builds a tree graph of project requirements. It structures the scope in a visual way and reflects uncertainty, size, and status of requirements.

RCM helps to configure each graph element to answer the uncertainty in project demands. Users can set the color identifying the clarity of the requirement, define its size and parent/child relationship. Besides the Jira

issue can be linked to the graph element, so that a user can track the task status and priority. 

Technologies used: Atlassian SDK, Jira API, REST API

Cards Coloring app Image

Cards Coloring app

Cards coloring app was developed to fill with the color the whole body of Jira cards. Filling colors help to distinguish different parameters of issues visually right at agile boards. Cards may be colored separately by assignees, issue type, priorities, or queries.

Technologies used: Atlassian SDK, Jira API, REST API

Range Estimate for Jira Image

Range Estimate for Jira

Range Estimate app for Jira helps to expand an original estimate with a pessimistic one, create an estimation range and monitor the progress of issues by matching the estimation values with the time reports.

In combination with the original estimate, two estimation values create an estimation range which is visualized on the issue view panel. The app highlights with colors how the reported time correlates the time plans

on the same panel. JQL functions are available to filter the issues by estimation parameters.

Technologies used: Atlassian SDK, Jira API, REST API

HP ALM to Jira Migration Image

HP ALM to Jira Migration

Rozdoum made the custom development of a tool for migration from HP ALM to Jira. The migration process consisted of two parts. The first one was a migration of projects and defects from HP ALM to Jira. The second one was a movement of test management data into a third-party add-on for Jira.

A third-party Jira add-on was used to store migrated test management data since Jira does not have native test management support.

For this purpose, the third-party add-on with a rich API was chosen.

Technologies used: Atlassian SDK, Jira API, REST API, Spring MVC, Spring, Angular, jQuery

VersionOne to Jira Merge Image

VersionOne to Jira Merge

Rozdoum has made a custom migration of items and repositories from VersionOne to Jira and Git consequently with a development of automation scripts.

The migration requires a lot of manual work, so our experts wrote two automation scripts to decrease manual activities. 

Technologies used: Atlassian SDK, Jira API, Jira REST API, Git API, VersionOne API 

Reopening Counter for Jira Image

Reopening Counter for Jira

Reopening Counter is an app that shows how many times a resolved Jira issue was reopened. A Dashboard Gadget provides a report on selected reopened issues and makes critical points of the development process visible. 

Consulting Services and App Development for Atlassian® Image

Consulting Services and App Development for Atlassian®

- Licenses and Trainings

- Integration (Jira®, Confluence® and etc.)

- Upgrade & Migration (Data migration, Configuration, Installation etc) 

- Consulting & Support 

- Custom App Development (Architecture, Solution Design)




Agile Remaining Estimate Counter Image

Agile Remaining Estimate Counter

With an Agile Remaining Estimate Counter you get summarized remaining estimated time by the particular group of tasks. This app for Jira allows you to see the total sum of remaining estimated time even with tickets’ subtasks in the sprint list.

Freshbooks Connector for Jira Image

Freshbooks Connector for Jira

FreshBooks Connector for Jira synchronizes worklogs between Jira and Freshbooks. It helps to integrate time tracking from Jira into FreshBooks that resolves a problem of double reporting.

Streak Connector for Jira Image

Streak Connector for Jira

Streak Connector is an App for Jira which helps you to synchronize your Gmail Streak pipelines with Jira. Such synchronization allows you to create tickets from an inbox into Jira, update their status, change assignee and do other Jira issue manipulations. The synchronization works both ways: Streak to Jira and Jira to Streak.

Data Retrieving App for Jira Image

Data Retrieving App for Jira

This App allows you to view and edit tabular data, stored in local or external database, from within your Jira issues. You can easily manage your data from multiple systems into your custom add-on dashboard. Users can update their data directly in the external database.

Gadget for BI Software Image

Gadget for BI Software

A gadget for Jira allows the user to select between a set of dimensions, aggregations, and drill-down types.

The gadget uses Jira API and Lucene indexing to collect the necessary data and present it to the user in a clickable and interactive table-like view.

Time Tracking App for Jira Image

Time Tracking App for Jira

The App defines the work log policies for individual users or groups, enforcing the user to log work in time. The reporting shows in a simple and convenient way when the user failed to add required work logs.

Release Notes for Jira and Confluence Image

Release Notes for Jira and Confluence

Custom add-ons for Jira and Confluence automate the creation of Release Notes documents. The goal is to simplify the product release process and reduce time and resources applied to writing Release notes.

The add-on for Jira tracks ticket statuses and, at the release stage, requires from a developer’s team to fill up several obligatory fields.

The add-on for Confluence renders a page with Release notes and pulls

the latest specified data from selected Jirs tickets to Confluence seamlessly.
OSLC for Jira and Confluence Image

OSLC for Jira and Confluence

OSLC for Jira and Confluence is a custom plugin to integrate data from different management tools to Atlassian products.

With it's help users can add OSLC links from other project management systems and renders them in a readable way. 

Mirror App for Confluence Image

Mirror App for Confluence

This App for Confluence allows synchronizing any Confluence space with its’ ‘mirror’ spaces so that any change in the structure of the space or in the content of the pages of the original space is synchronized to the mirror space(s).

Automation for Jira SD Cloud Image

Automation for Jira SD Cloud


We as Atlassian experts configured settings of Jira Service Desk to fit the company structure and workflows. Besides the setup, we developed automation scripts for several business processes.

Translation app for Jira Image

Translation app for Jira

A custom app for Jira Server which provides visual translation from the English language to Japanese. The app shows the visual translation of the issue description and comments; it also includes relevant information about the issue in Japanese. As a translation service, the app uses Cloud translation by Google. 

Football app Image

Football app

A football training app is a coach’s assistant. It is aimed at coaches who don’t have enough time to plan the several football teams training. The app helps a football coach to build the trainings depending on the team size, weather conditions, skills needed to be trained, and monitor the team’s’ progress.

Mobile Software Development Image

Mobile Software Development

 We create and deliver Mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Quality Assurance and Testing software services Image

Quality Assurance and Testing software services

Rozdoum provides with the full list of Quality assuarence and Software Testing services:

- Validation testing
- Mobile testing (Android and iOS)
- Usability testing
- UX/UI testing
- Black box testing
- Security Testing

- Application

Performance Testing    
- Liferay testing
- Performance testing

- Component testing

- Negative testing and etc.

Ticket Storing App Image

Ticket Storing App

The app is intended for fans who want to buy and save tickets securely with their smartphones. A user can validate tickets from the app with NFC technology or QR-code to pass events. The app features include purchase, storage, sale, and transfer of tickets. On the event details screen, along with main information, the app shows venue location on the Google Map and available tickets.

Speed recognition app Image

Speed recognition app

A mobile app for iOS and Android that analyzes GPS data to define a user’s speed and shows customizable notifications when these parameters change. The application can be applied to various safety and security cases. For instance, it may remind a driver about something important (a child on the back seat, an animal left in the car, a trainee bag, a car/bicycle lock, etc.)

Aqari Image


A real estate analysis app to analyze potential investments, risks, and revenue from real estate property acquisition. It helps users to calculate several metrics (Rent Growth, Vacancy, Loan Type, LTV, Inflation, Discount Rate and others) on the basis of custom input data and analyze them. The Aqari application generates results, such as DCF Cashflows, IRR, ROI, Debt Coverage, etc. in a form of clear and understandable

Online Grocery Store Image

Online Grocery Store

An online grocery shopping mobile application for ordering and delivering goods from the nearest store of the supermarkets’ chain.

Nirvfone Image


A mobile application to visualize how much time a user spends on his device. The goal of the app is to help users to track their screen time and improve their personal time management.

Location-based Marketplace Image

Location-based Marketplace

A location-based mobile marketplace allows users sell and buy things. It combines the usual marketplace features with geolocation and social network features.

Banking App Image

Banking App

A prototype of a client banking application to show and evaluate the benefits of custom UI with animated gestures.

Baby formula shopping app Image

Baby formula shopping app


A user-centered application for shopping milk-based children’s formula. The app allows a user to order the kids powder mixtures, schedule the deliveries, pay for the orders and track shipment history and statuses.

Delivery Tracking App	 Image

Delivery Tracking App

A delivery tracking app is a hybrid mobile application for automation of internal business processes. With its help, a delivery service can monitor the parcel status and check drivers performance

Social Marketplace Image

Social Marketplace

Online marketplace based on artificial intelligence matching algorithms with social features which allows purchasing of goods from associated shop partners (i.e. Amazon) or directly via portal web site.  


- Number of social elements for user interactions, e.g. Uploading photos, Creating Style sets of

products, Creating Stories, Commenting, Like, Sharing, etc.

- Modify existing mechanism of Liferay user registration to enable access of user's site by special communities based on security settings and existing role structure.

- Implement transport layer for purchasing goods directly through marketplace and persistence of private data into different storages (Salesforce, payment provider, etc.) using REST API. 


- Adjustments on Liferay's user registration mechanism allowing the creation of groups with proper name structure and access levels.

- Implementation of mechanism for secure storage of private data across user session on marketplace with consequent storage to different data banks.

- Optimization of requests for work acceleration and adaption of UI in order to improve performance

Web Business Intelligence solution  Image

Web Business Intelligence solution

Real-time Web Business Intelligence solution for Data analysis.



Lead Management System Image

Lead Management System

Lead Management System - a Java-based platform for online collection of leads with a goal of selling them to potential clients. LMS features perfect information filtering settings and advanced reporting functionality. 

Collect leads online with customized Lead Generation System that is hosted on Amazon Cloud Services and included real-time

stand-by replica of production DB to switch in case of failure.

Configuration Portal Image

Configuration Portal

The tool to simplify the process of the configuration of network routers in a closed network. A Configuration Portal is intended to automate network switches & routers configuration process using custom-built SSH client.

Talent Platform Image

Talent Platform

Mobile talent industry marketplace – a mobile app to connect models and actors with agents, photographers or any company that is looking to hire a talent.

Video hosting app Image

Video hosting app

It’s a fun, creative, entertaining and competitive application where people can create their own categories showcasing their individual talents (whatever they may be) by posting 3-15/30 seconds video clips and competing for the top spot in that category.

People infobase Image

People infobase

A mobile application to gather the information on people from Switzerland from the dedicated website, providing the data from different sources all around the country in one place.

Tracking Platform Image

Tracking Platform


Online tracking platform for web and iPhone allows sharing interesting places, activities for leisure time and challenging tracks for outdoor activities. Later Race tracking features were added – for real-time analysis of race competitions.

Fireworks Viewer Image

Fireworks Viewer

Fireworks Viewer is a mobile application shows a customer a video of the selected fireworks explosion. It also helps a user to select the best result for his party.

Social App Image

Social App

The Social App is a Minimum Viable Product to show how social features such as posting, comments, likes, views, and others can be implemented using Firebase. Being the open-source code, the application can be used by developers as the reference for several functions like building queries, data pagination, and counters. 

Mobile SIP client Image

Mobile SIP client

A mobile app for placing telephone calls over an IP network. The app allows making calls only after playing appropriate add transmitted from the server.

Sailboat race app Image

Sailboat race app

Tracker app with which you can record and replay your sailboat race. The app for yachtsman allows tracking the way of a vessel, save this info and share to social network.

App for sailors Image

App for sailors

iPad and iPhone GPS tracking app for sailors with combination of built-in maps and custom maps available for offline use enhanced with various navigational features.

Medical App Image

Medical App

The iOS application for medical emergency needs. This app has a special sticker on the phone that shows that a person has some health problem and in case of emergency, it helps to turn on the phone and open the app with the medical card of the person.

Gift Application Image

Gift Application

Mobile application for iOS and Android that allows users to create lists of wish items they want to have for their personal holidays as for a birthday or for a wedding day. The app has integrated payment system that solves the problem of choosing and buying the gifts for your friend or relatives.

Eventor Image


Eventor is a mobile guide for your conference or another affair.

Rozdoum is glad to suggest all the benefits of Eventor for FREE! Visit Eventor new site to give your attendees an option to manage their personal agenda, check schedule, talks, speakers, venue and sponsors information in a

single application. Every app is labeled with your logo and branding. Supported platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android.
Mobile client for SAP Image

Mobile client for SAP

The Android mobile client for SAP ERP that allows to work offline and send data with postponed synchronization.


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Mobile App Dev for IT Consultancy

"Even 2 years into the project, the team is still reactive and delivers a quality service."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Aug. 2015 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Rozdoum partners with IT consultants to build native iOS and Android payment application. The team began the project when the app was a prototype, providing improvements, guidance, and potential problems.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
CEO, IT Consulting Company
The Review
Feedback summary: 

The team has worked on the app’s continual development and maintenance for over two years. During this time, they have maintained high-quality work and standards, providing key recommendation for improvement. Rozdoum adjusts their management style according to project need.

The client submitted this review online.


I'm the CEO of a small IT consulting company. In 2015, we were asked by one of our clients to create a digital wallet to allow users to make payments between each other. We didn't have a mobile app department at the time, so we decided to work with Rozdoum, whose CEO Andrey Dekhtyar I had recently met. 


We had a Cordova prototype for our app, but we had a lot of questions about the process of building and publishing a native app, which was something we'd never done before. We needed somebody to take our hand and help us deliver the product to our client. 


I had met Andrey Dekhtyar by chance but decided to go with his firm after a few brainstorm meetings with his tech team. What made me decide to work with Rozdoum is the involvement they showed for the project. It was clear that they had worked on our required specifications between meetings and had understood the project's scope. They had immediate comments about what was missing in our prototype and were able to point to potential future challenges and presented good ideas on how to overcome them.


Our client's app is now in stores, but the project is still ongoing with new development. I particularly appreciated how the team at Rozdoum evolved over the 2 years we worked together; they made sharp management improvements to match the project's needs as it grew, communicated well, and were always ahead of the project with thoughtful suggestions. Even 2 years into the project, the team is still reactive and delivers a quality service.

Overall Score We are happy with the process, the people, the communication and the result.
  • 5.0 Scheduling
    They were very reactive on questions and delivered the project on time.
  • 3.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    We went over budget but Rozdoum was very professional and was able to workout a financial mechanism that made it easy to continue to work with them.
  • 4.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    I like working with the team at Rozdoum, and what they deliver works.
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    I would refer this company.