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Reksoft is a software engineering company with headquarters in Moscow and delivery offices across Europe. The company specializes in supplying software development services, products, and solutions to enterprises, ISVs, and system integrators operating in a variety of industries.

Since 1991, Reksoft has developed and delivered hundreds of high-end software solutions for major organizations in both the private and public sectors. The company possesses extensive experience in deploying and running secure dedicated software development centers, as well as delivering large and mission-critical projects.

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Moscow, Russia
  • Varshavskoye Shosse, Building 26, Varshavskaya Plaza business centre, Office 406
    Moscow 117105
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Key clients: 

VTB, Swisscom, Philip Morris International, T-Systems, Ozon.

Conducting an In-depth Billing System Audit for MTS Image

Conducting an In-depth Billing System Audit for MTS

An increase in network coverage and the number of subscribers at VivaCell MTS demanded that the operator improve the capacity of its billing system. To determine what improvements had to be made, an audit of the billing process first needed to be carried out.

Particular attention had to be paid to the company’s database cluster, operated by Oracle and Sun Cluster. Essential equipment requirements and the project budget

needed to be accurately determined before the required improvement in system capacity could be realized.


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Creating a point of Sale Automation System for Sulcus Hospitality Group Image

Creating a point of Sale Automation System for Sulcus Hospitality Group

Hospitality is a fast-paced industry, and efficiency is highly prized. Hotels often experience difficulties when using one point of sale system for their bar and restaurant, and a separate property management system for its rooms. Data can easily be lost and time wasted due to double entry, and staff require complicated instructions. Sulcus wanted to change this by offering its customers an integrated product bringing point of

sale and property management systems together, streamlining processes and minimizing time-consuming manual operations. At the same time, the integrated systems needed the flexible functionality to allow them to work separately if needed.

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Establishing a Competence Centre for Sicap Image

Establishing a Competence Centre for Sicap

Having monitored the growing momentum of the Russian mobile telecommunications market, Sicap decided to upgrade company operations in the country. The aim was to acquire new blue-chip clients and increase company share in Europe’s most promising market.

Since setting up the firm’s presence in Russia from a standing start would have meant missing out on booming market conditions, Sicap needed to enter into a partnership

with a global company with established operations in Russia, proven experience in telecommunications and strong capabilities in mobile value-added services (VAS) delivery platforms.


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Supply Chain Optimization for Tieto Image

Supply Chain Optimization for Tieto

As one of the top three pulp and paper companies in the world, Tieto’s end client faced a significant challenge in terms of strategic planning because of the large scale and complexity of its operations. Accurate quantitative modeling of various scenarios was practically impossible due to the sheer quantity of variables and the high sensitivity of the model to fluctuating market conditions such as wages and fuel costs. To

address this issue, the end client required a software engineering partner to develop a pioneering supply chain planning and optimization tool

Due to complex requirements and a tight schedule that included accumulated delays, Tieto was looking for a partner that could very quickly assume responsibility for a substantial part of this innovative project.


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Automating Business Processes for Philip Morris Sales and Marketing Image

Automating Business Processes for Philip Morris Sales and Marketing

With a Documentum-based workflow management system for competitive bidding already in place, the affiliate’s purchasing department wanted to enhance it with contract management functionality. Those involved in the process face intense time pressures, and documents need to be easily moved between participants. With around 5000 system users across Russia and over 50 simultaneous users, the PMI affiliate needed to enhance the

quality and speed of tender and contractual administration by introducing sophisticated process automation.

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Corporate Networks Security services for AlertLogic Image

Corporate Networks Security services for AlertLogic

In 2017, Alert Logic has felt the need for a more scalable and higher-performing solution. They had to store a constantly growing volume of customer data (over two petabytes of new data a month), to process more than a million messages a second and to ensure a 24/7 operation of several thousand customers. To satisfy these requirements, the decision to develop a new cloud architecture has been made.

Reksoft was charged

with the development of services for data search, storage and access.


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Gas Stations App Development for Gazprom Neft Image

Gas Stations App Development for Gazprom Neft

The creation of a new communication channel increased current customers’ loyalty and also grew gas stations’ customer base. The Google Play app alone has more than a million downloads.

Nearly 50,000 people have rated the application – 4.6 on the App Store and 4.2 on Google Play. Almost every second customer left a review, showing a high level of interest.

Global CIO awarded the project its special Product of the

Year award ‘For consistent customer-oriented digitalization’.

Learn how we have achieved these impressive outcomes:

Internet traffic optimization system for Tele2 Image

Internet traffic optimization system for Tele2

As the fourth-biggest operator in Russia in terms of subscribers, Tele2 is constantly working to improve the quality of its services and provide a high level of customer services.

Today’s mobile users are accustomed to reliable voice calls and high-speed mobile Internet. Mobile operators must make it possible for them to see good quality images on their phones, and view web pages and download video at high


Tele2 decided it needed to optimize its packet data to improve the efficiency of content delivery. These measures were aimed at improving subscriber satisfaction and thus increase traffic.

Read how we had tackled this complex challenge and which results we achieved:

Incident management system and portal development for T-Systems Image

Incident management system and portal development for T-Systems

With a permanent workforce of more than 46,000 employees, T-Systems are always looking for innovative ways to increase the efficiency of their operations and keep them running smoothly. Part of this involves enabling company employees to optimize their job performance by issuing them with precise task instructions and making scheduling information available to them at any time and in any location. To achieve the highest levels

of service, T-Systems also required the capacity to report system problems both online and offline. To carry out these IT projects while reducing costs, T-Systems required a well-organized partner possessing considerable telecommunications experience and offering the value of an outsourcing firm.

Read about the project roadmap and results here:


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Platform Development for Freight Company

"We continue to cooperate and the number of tasks will only increase."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Mar. 2017 - Feb. 2019
Project summary: 

Reksoft provided digital platform development for a calculation tool. Their team integrated several APIs and complex systems. They automated key processes.

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
Moscow, Russia
Vitaly Grekov
Founder, Agora Freight
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Reksoft succeeded in development. Their team has improved logistical efficiency. They were very professional and willing to cooperate. Their team created a unique and reliable solution. 

The client submitted this review online.


Please Introduce your company and what you do there.

Agora Freight facilitates international transport via sea, road, air, multimodal transportation and provides other services such as insurance and customs clearance.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Reksoft?

We needed to develop a digital platform for commercial transport providing customers with a user-friendly online calculation tool with delivery options and transport costs along with an option to make a booking.

The aim was to launch the first digital logistics platform on the Russian market that would simplify and greatly speed up the quotation process for ocean, air, trailer, rail and multimodal movements, thus helping companies to save time and money and serve their customers faster and more efficiently.


What was the scope of their involvement? What did they do for you?

The traditional business model for companies requiring rate and routing options is to search for vendors through off-line channels. Search for carriers, comparison of costs, cargo insurance and customs processing using e-mails, phone calls and in the recent past even faxes. The process is slow, and the client can wait days before receiving a fully accurate and comprehensive offer.

We aimed to automate the process of organizing multimodal transportation — to create a platform that would quickly select the best options in terms price and optimum routing.

At the beginning of the project we faced several issues that needed to be resolved:

1. there are no set criteria and standards for the presentation of tariffs. Freight forwarders and carriers use to their own in house standards.

2. the need to interact with various non-standardized partner APIs during online calculation.

3. the need for multiple system changes in the process of configuring the product's business model.

For these reasons, the top priority for our expert team and that of Reksoft was to bring a variety of tariffs and geographical designations into a unified appearance. We worked closely with our partners to ensure seamless integrations and to provide international coverage. 

We understood that, first of all, we had to put high performance requirements and further scaling capabilities into the project. Secondly, we needed to experiment in order to find the optimal business model, which meant that the flow of constant changes within the system had to be effectively managed. Therefore, the stack was based on Java, MongoDB was chosen as the database, and ReactJS was used for frontend.

What is the team like? How many people and who are your main points of contact?

Initially, the goal was to bring the pilot project to the market in a shortest possible time. Reksoft organized a team of highly qualified specialists comprising of product owner, analysts, front and back developers, testers and DevOps engineers. Industry expertise was provided by employees who also participated on a permanent basis in the project group. The high level of project communication organization, team unity and overall results-oriented mindset allowed us to enter the market a year after the start of the platform development.

How did you find Reksoft? Why did you choose to work with them?

When searching for a software partner, we reviewed offers from several Russian software development companies. We chose Reksoft because the company has almost 30 years of experience in developing unique solutions, has launched more than 10 successful startups and has a strong competencies in developing marketplaces and high-load websites (OZON, S7, O’keydostavka projects, etc.). As a result, Reksoft took over the development and maintenance, thus enabling us to focus on the business development and product requirements.

What is the status of this engagement?

Project completed. We launched a system for the price calculation of freight transportation services provided by freight forwarding companies and carriers that aggregates info of transportation services for international freight shipping.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

The project allowed us to solve complex calculations and optimization issues. The platform compares hundreds of routes and rates in a few seconds, and then offers the best option in terms of price and routing. In fact, it is the first logistics services aggregator in Russia.

At the moment, the system has millions of rates for various transport modes. More than 50 companies around the world directly enter their tariffs into the system, online calculation already works for transportation between China, Vietnam, the United States, India, the EU, and Russia. The geography of the system is constantly evolving.

Using a digital freight forwarder allows logistics companies to save up to 70% of time in preparing commercial offers while not wasting money on constantly updating the rates of carrier companies.

How did Reksoft perform from a project management standpoint? 

Within the framework of the project, we successfully communicated with each other and with freight forwarding partners, solved tasks in accordance with the project plan and distribution of responsibilities. I would like to note the ability of Reksoft’s specialists to build effective communication and achieve milestones in a timely manner.

What did you find most impressive about them?

Professionalism and efficiency in solving issues related to the project, as well as a willingness to seriously delve into the complexities of our industry. Reksoft’s specialists have successfully coped with solving complex algorithmic and optimization problems. We continue to cooperate and the number of tasks will only increase in the near future. There will be more users, more information in the system and more changes. We are confident that together with Reksoft we will ensure the active growth of the platform and will be able to offer tools for rapid development without lowering the quality and reliability.

Are there any areas they could improve?

Reksoft functions in a highly professional manner which allows for the creation of unique solutions on the market. Therefore from our perspective we do not see areas that require improvement. 

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Enterprise Architecture Management System Implementation

"The project team managed to make the right decisions, which eventually led to successfully achieving our goals."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
July - Oct. 2019
Project summary: 

To consolidate several legacy IT solutions, Reksoft implemented an enterprise architecture management system. This involved configuring an architectural repository, developing modeling templates, and more.

The Reviewer
10,000+ Employees
Moscow, Russia
Andrei Zalmanov
Chief IT Architect, Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Having a correct description of the operating IT landscape enabled the bank to save up to 15% of IT costs. This was due to the reduced cost for infrastructure data collection and increased savings from further developing specific information systems. Reksoft worked well within tight deadlines.

The client submitted this review online.


Please describe your company and your position there.

My name is Andrey Zalmanov, I am Head of IT Architecture of Otkritie Bank. Otkritie Bank is a full-service commercial bank benefiting from a diversified business structure. It is recognized by the CBR as a systematically important financial institution.

The tasks of the bank's Architecture office headed by me include developing basic principles of corporate IT architecture, monitoring of their execution, setting up a target IT landscape that meets the requirements of corporate business and IT strategies, managing system and application architecture.


For what projects/services did your company hire Reksoft?

We chose Reksoft based on the results of a competition among the Orbus Software iServer Enterprise Architecture providers. Reksoft’s offer was the best in terms of competence/scope of work/price.

What were your goals for this project?

We wanted to structure the entire range of inherited IT solutions and create a high-quality basis for effective management of IT landscape.


How did you select this vendor?

After reviewing several Enterprise Architecture Management solutions the bank's Architecture Committee approved iServer. After that, a tender was held, in which Reksoft was recognized as the winner, since the company has the necessary experience and competencies, and its offer was supported by the iServer vendor — Orbus Software company.

Describe the project in detail.

The IT landscape of Otkitie Bank historically formed as a conglomerate of different IT solutions inherited from earlier absorbed banks. With the accession in January, 2019 of B&N Bank to Otkritie Bank the integrated IT landscape utilized more than 700 information systems and services.

As a result of the analysis of all complex of legacy applications carried out by Architecture Office of the bank, 215 information systems were recommended for further development. Other solutions need to be disconnected without risk of loss of any data or processes. At the present moment a considerable part of this work is executed, in particular migration on core systems of Ex-B&N Bank is fully completed.

However, during this work it became clear that further transition from the optimization of the information infrastructure to its effective development is impossible without the use of specialized tools allowing to systemically structure a complex of applications and services, having created thereby a qualitative basis for effective management of the IT landscape.

For the purpose of performing this task the teams of Otkitie Bank and Reksoft successfully implemented a corporate Enterprise Architecture Management system.

In accordance with the developed Enterprise Architecture management methodology the configuring of the iServer platform including structuring a repository for storage of architectural artifacts, setup of roles of users of the system and development of templates for modeling were carried out.

The metamodel and a set of artifacts for the current demands of architectural practice and the agreement on modeling setting rules for modeling in the bank were defined. The architectural repository was filled with such components of architecture as organizational structure, key business processes, information systems and data on their interaction, configuration units of technology architecture.

As a result, the repository was enriched with data on more than 700 information systems and services; via more than 1 000 integration interfaces. The scope of the project included the creation of a specialized portal enabling the bank’s employees communicate on the objects of architecture and their functioning.

Looking forward the possibility of its integration with the general corporate portal of the bank was envisaged. During the implementation of the project Reksoft trained and certified 25 employees of Otkitie Bank.

What was the team composition?

For the successful implementation of the project, the bank formed a working group headed by me, which included the heads of Enterprise Architecture management practice and specialists. Reksoft also presented a team led by Ilya Kravchuk, Head of Enterprise Architecture.


Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

The project is one of the Russian’s first full-scale implementation of the iServer platform from Orbus Software. Within the project framework Enterprise Architecture management system encompassing all architectural domains such as Business-Data-Applications-Technologies was created.

As a result of the implementation out of 700 legacy applications 215 information systems were recommended for further development, that significantly reduced the bank’s IT expenses without loss of the necessary functionality.

In addition to that the correct description of the operating IT landscape enables savings of up to 15% of the cost of IT projects only due to cost reduction on IT infrastructure data collection.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Both parties of the project successfully communicated and solved tasks in accordance with the project plan and the distribution of authorities.

It is worth noting that during the project there were quite non-trivial tasks that required a constructive approach on both sides: development and customization of the meta-model, development of special templates for modeling, and others.

At the same time, despite the rather tight deadlines, the project team managed to make the right decisions, which eventually led to successfully achieving our goals.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

I would like to note the professionalism and efficiency in solving issues related to the project. The work was completed on time and in accordance with the terms of project. We are fully satisfied with the results, express our gratitude to Reksoft and look forward to further cooperation.

Are there any areas for improvement?

Based on the quality of our results and the successful collaborative work, we do not see areas for improvement.

Overall Score
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  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
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