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A large and multifunctional forecasting web-portal Image

A large and multifunctional forecasting web-portal

Users can (a very short user story): 1) read sports news 2) forecast/predict results of many sports events with an argumentation message to other users 3) real results of a real event will affect user’s virtual wallet balance, depending on a size of the bet and a coefficient of the bet (like a real bookmaker, but with virtual money) 4) best users with best betting results are in the TOP list 5) and finally, top users can sell
their forecasts/predictions with argumentation to other platform users, so other users can increase their chances of winning with a real bookmaker, for example. This is a huge work, thanks to all team members. It was completed in 8 months from scratch and the project continues to develop new features.
Cargo taxi service (Uber/Lyft/Gett alike) Image

Cargo taxi service (Uber/Lyft/Gett alike)

Another huge project we did with the team was a cargo taxi app. This is the system of mobile and web apps working all together to provide an experience like Uber/Lyft/Gett but for users who needs a truck to carry things from one address to another. Technical requirements include: 1) web app for operators and administration 2) mobile app for drivers 3) mobile app for clients 4) web site for clients on PC

Getbetter - social network

There is a great project where I was involved as a manager in charge of development, testing and publishing. Getbetter is a native mobile application for iOS and Android. Technical requirements include: 1) group chats and one-on-one chats 2) feed of posts with likes and comments 3) a map and list with users and statuses 4) profiles and badges for activities 5) and many more what you expect to find in a modern Social Networking
application. This project is aimed to help people to fight diabetes.