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At Pyxl, we’re passionate about the web. We build digital experiences – from enterprise-class websites, mobile and web applications, to integrated and engaging communications programs. Pyxl helps customers monetize their investments in websites, web applications and other web presences by utilizing strategic, custom inbound marketing plans tailored to each customer’s needs.

We help clients meet their digital goals, whether that means driving traffic through an integrated inbound marketing and public relations campaign, encouraging online engagement via social media or increasing sales through e-commerce functionality. Pyxl builds online tools for nationwide brands seeking enterprise level support.

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IBM, Samsung, Medtronic, TeamHealth, Curvature, QTS, ADS Security, Akima, Access Ventures, Stanford Medical, Berkeley Haas School of Business, LiveNation, Regal Entertainment Group, PetSafe, American Cancer Society


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Inbound Marketing Campaign for Hosting & MSP Company

"[Pyxl]'ve really made it a point to learn and understand what we do so they can properly represent us and help us."

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The Project
$200,000 to $999,999
Project summary: 

Pyxl implemented a full-bodied marketing campaign after the client’s company was acquired by new owners, updating all branding guidelines and messaging with a focus on growth.

The Reviewer
51-200 Employees
Washington DC Metro Area
Marketing Communications Manager, Hosting & MSP Company
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Pyxl’s guidance has been instrumental to the client’s increased lead generation and brand awareness within the industry. The client notes that Pyxl’s balance of young, energetic and experienced staff, as well as their transparency and responsiveness, have made them an invaluable asset.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Please describe your organization.

Carpathia is a leading provider of hybrid cloud services and managed hosting. We provide these services to enterprise customers, government, and federal agencies across the world, helping these organizations meet their unique security and compliance requirements.

In June 2016, we were acquired by QTS, a leading national provider of data center solutions based in Overland Park, Kansas. As a function of the acquisition, we are now in a unique position to provide our customers the expertise and flexible IT [information technology] infrastructure solutions they need to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

What is your position and responsibilities?

My title is marketing communications manager, but I wear several different hats to include running the day-to-day marketing activities at Carpathia, managing vendors, such as Pyxl and PR/AR consultant, and internal and external communications, in addition to the integration efforts associated with the acquisition. I also oversee a partner enablement manager who is responsible for all partner-related activities for Carpathia.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Pyxl?

The relationship with Pyxl started about seven years ago, when a group of individuals who had previously worked together bought Carpathia from its existing owner. Along with all the other efforts associated with growing the organization, there was a rather large focus placed on marketing and the need to create awareness around the "new Carpathia" in order to make it successful. Pyxl was hired to help address that need.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in detail.

I was brought on to handle the responsibility of managing the Pyxl relationship. We started from scratch focusing first on the logo and the website, which then rolled into updating all the branding guidelines, and messaging. You could say it was treated like a startup. Pyxl was very instrumental in helping us grow, and we all kind of grew up together because they were very small at the time as well.

We served as a test ground, if you will, for different types of things that we wanted to try, and that they wanted to try, sticking with the things that worked very well. We evolved in time, as a function of Pyxl growing and bringing on a lot of great talent that they still have today, and have expanded upon today; people in development that guided us on how to build a really functional, successful website, which I think we have. We're very proud of it, and we get accolades on it all the time.

Pyxl has an excellent design team that really brought us out from under the original things that were being used, into a player that would be well recognized and received in the IT world. That's very important, because there are so many companies that play in our space. We wanted to make sure that what we did was well represented in our design efforts, and Pyxl was very instrumental in helping us do that.

They helped us pick out the appropriate platforms to get the most bang for our buck. For instance, we had started with a company called Marketo – a marketing automation platform – to run our marketing campaigns, metrics, and data analytics. We all decided at one point that it wasn't big and robust enough for us, so they went out and found another solution that they manage for us today called HubSpot. We're using that to its fullest capacity, and Pyxl manages that for us 100 percent. They run it on our behalf, and the metrics and the analytics that we get out of it is incredible.

It's a hand-in-hand kind of relationship where we're talking to each other all day, every day. They're in Knoxville, Tennessee, and we're Washington, D.C., but you would never know that we are in separate places by the way we work together. There's a very tight fit. We like to look at them as an extension of us, not necessarily a completely different company. I think that helps a lot.

What they've done in time, and because we've become one of their bigger customers, they've identified a team that is 100 percent dedicated to Carpathia's needs. It's not like a project comes up and they have to find somebody who's not too busy to handle it, or has to fit it into another schedule for somebody else that they're already doing something for. They've identified a total of six to eight people in each area that they provide services in development, design, communications, social, and a dedicated account manager who manages the whole process/relationship. It's become a very well-oiled machine.

Pyxl is extremely familiar with our business. They understand what we do, and that's hard because what we do is hard, and it's hard to explain. When you use the word "hosting," people automatically go to the hospitality industry, and when you have to try to explain that it has nothing to do with hotels, it's hard. Pyxl has really come a long way. They've really made it a point to learn and understand what we do so they can properly represent us and help us.

The Pyxl team is extremely creative. We've embarked on some really crazy ideas that we thought would never amount to anything and, quite conversely, they've turned out to be really cool campaigns with really great results. They're a young group, they're an energetic group, they're a very talented group, and we are extremely lucky and pleased to have them on our team.

How did you come to work with Pyxl?

When I came to Carpathia, it was just me. Our consulting CMO [chief marketing officer] introduced us to Pyxl. My role was to manage the Pyxl relationship. Here we are, seven years later, Pyxl now has five offices across the country, and they've done remarkably well.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

Our relationship is ongoing and on an annual basis $750,000-plus.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

I think we can attribute the awareness that we've created in our industry directly to the efforts supported by Pyxl. Our web analytics continue to show growth every month, from the number of users that come to us to the number of page views, to the amount of time someone spends on our pages. The campaigns we push out are very well received, all tracked through HubSpot, providing open rates, click-throughs, and downloads. The numbers that we get on a monthly basis, and on a quarterly basis, continue to show us that we are growing and heading in the right direction as it relates to awareness and lead generation efforts.

They've become very good with PPC [pay-per-click] and SEO [search engine ]. It's a very competitive space for us with keywords, because there are several companies that do what we do, and we all use the same words to describe it. They've become very good at getting creative with how to use keywords and how to get the most out of the content that we're producing, how we're using it on our website, and how we're incorporating all of that into blogs and white papers. They were very instrumental in setting up our website the way it is today so that we would maximize SEO as well as lead generation activities. They are responsible for the success that we're seeing in our lead generation efforts and ultimately our awareness across the industry.

What distinguishes Pyxl from other providers?

I think, in general across the board, they're all wonderful, young professionals. I like how they focus on bringing in young talent because that's how you stay ahead of the curve. When you get experienced hires like me that have been doing it for years, you kind of get stuck in your ways, and you have to be taught how to do new things.

They used to hire only young people, which I think is great because it keeps everything fresh and innovative. In the last couple years, they've struck a nice balance by bringing in some experienced folks, too, and everybody seems to work very well together. I think they've done a very nice job finding the right talent for the right services that they're offering us.

Is there anything Pyxl could have improved or done differently?

That's a hard question to answer. I don't want this to sound like it's been a cakewalk the whole seven years. There's been some growing pains, but they've always been very good at addressing the issues, talking through them, and figuring out a way to make it right. There really isn't one thing that stands out, that I think they do poorly or I wish they would do differently.

I really have to say that we have a unique relationship, it's a very honest relationship, and it runs both ways. If we are mishandling them, or if we are pushing a little too hard, we definitely hear it – and vice versa, if we feel like we're not getting what we've asked for or what we need, we share it. In both directions, things are addressed openly, honestly and I can say that I'm happy with the relationship. I don't know that there's anything that stands out that I think needs to be fixed.

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