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At Polar Creative we understand brands. Honing your image and bringing crucial exposure to your business is what we do best. From crafted logos, to website design and printed marketing material, cohesion and creativity are crucial to an effective marketing strategy. We work with companies across the UK, carefully assessing their objectives, their industry and their target audience, before offering objective advice on a design to match.

We thrive on innovation and individuality, creating for our clients a marketing persona as unique as their own.

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Key clients: 
Teledyne E2V Jump Street  James Haskell Aldi BiKBBI Assurelink Home Defence Leaders Esher Rugby Club Protect My Install
Defence Leaders Rebrand Image

Defence Leaders Rebrand

Formerly TDNUK, Defence Leaders approached Polar with a view to build a new online platform in which to showcase and manage their events globally. From our initial discussions and planning, we proposed a complete rebrand and relaunch of a new and more strategic brand alignment. This involved the development of a new crest, inline with the company vision and objectives alongside a CMS website allowing the internal team to have

full customisation of their website whilst keeping on brand and on message. The results were a powerful and recognisable new brand supported by a high end website build.
Wild & Bear Website Design Image

Wild & Bear Website Design

Wild+Bear Wilderness Experiences wanted to develop a new brand and website from the ground up. Working with a small team, local to them was very important. Knowing that we work very closely with our customers meant that Wild+Bear could present their vision and we could work on an outcome together as a collaborative effort. The simple new brand allowed for imagery to do all of the talking. With rustic textures and colours, the

brand really stood out in a very white and clean market. With Wild+Bear looking to appeal to a new trend of outdoor and rustic weddings. The site, being a full front end CMS meant that the Wild+Bear team could easily update, change and adapt going forward. Giving them a brilliant platform to grow from.
Bartellas Restaurant Rebrand Image

Bartellas Restaurant Rebrand

Bartellas were looking for a local design agency to support the development of their restaurant. The owners were looking to inject some new inspiration through design. From our guidance, a rebrand and modernisation were proposed and accepted. Developing the brand would be key to appealing to a broader audience as well as improving on the already five-star experience at Bartellas. The resulting outcome of this project was a

clean, modern and dynamic new brand. Easy to apply as well as a new digital platform to showcase their food, restaurant and events.
Reacton Website Design Image

Reacton Website Design

Website Design for Reacton!

Company Brand Development  Image

Company Brand Development

Having recently been acquired by Teledyne, e2v tasked Polar with developing a contemporary visual style for their in-house marketing collateral. Through idea generation, concept development, meetings and review sessions, Polar were able to create the perfect visual style. This style was incorporated into a number of differing materials, including new designs for White Papers, Brochures, Posters, Exhibition Graphics,

Digital Displays and Guidelines, all of which could be used across Teledyne e2v’s global locations.
TPMG Corporate Brochure  Image

TPMG Corporate Brochure

TPMG required full branding design to get them off the ground. Polar helped by firstly creating a brand mark from the vision of the team at TPMG. The brand mark incorporated the use of a dynamic line and triangle system, a simplistic yet striking design that perfectly reflected their style and image. Once created, we applied the visuals to the company’s corporate brochure, highlighting the key elements and strategies of TPMG.

The brochure needed to be clean and concise, whilst offering a professional insight into the business
BiKBBI Website Design Image

BiKBBI Website Design

Having previously met Damian Walters, CEO at the BiKBBI, at the Essex Business Awards, Polar were tasked with bringing the BiKBBI’s website up to a level which reflected its quality services. From the outset, it was clear that incorporating previous branding would be crucial for creating a seamless transition between websites for existing members. It was also important that the website was user-friendly and enticed new members

to join. Over a number of meetings, Polar gathered the necessary information to build a brief for this project. Using a live website preview, the team arranged an ongoing review process with the BiKBBI, enabling us to test a range of design techniques and customise the technology so that it best suited their specific requirements.
Jump Street Website Design Image

Jump Street Website Design

Jump Street approached Polar with an exciting mission: to inject the energy of their activities into their brand and create a range of dynamic multimedia.

Alongside the development of the Jump Street brand, Polar were also set the task of building a fresh new website platform that could host their online booking service. The goal was to create a site that showcased the activities on offer at Jump Street while seamlessly

facilitating the process of online booking. Although the site needed to create a simple conversion system, it also needed to include exciting new features such as imagery, video and integrated social media platforms.

The site has been designed to be at the forefront of indoor trampoline park design and website builds. The Polar team has supported the design, development and build of the site alongside content creation, photography, video, drone footage and marketing.


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Branding & Web Development for Mobility Products Company

“They really do come through in the end, and the quality of their creative work is outstanding.”

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The Project
Less than $10,000
Apr. 2019 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Polar Creative established a stronger identity for a mobility company. They melded two existing sites and created a user-friendly new site from scratch. They made imagery recommendations and maintained SEO.

The Reviewer
2-10 Employees
Chelmsford, United Kingdom
Emma Persey
Managing Director, The Stair Climbing Company
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Customer feedback is positive, and the new site draws more attention to the brand. Polar Creative is responsive, and their deliverables often exceed expectations. They make good suggestions and offer fair prices.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

We've been growing for about six years, and we offer mobility products for our clients.


What challenge were you trying to address with Polar Creative?

We hoped to grow the business further with a more professional identity. We were starting to become established in our market, and we hoped to maintain a warm, family feel while presenting a stronger brand image.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Initially, we hoped to meld two websites into one. Neither site was very user-friendly, and they helped us create something that allowed customers to navigate the site efficiently. They helped us establish an identity that was relatable and that could grow as we expanded. We also looked at various marketing opportunities, and we used the branding materials and the website as a central hub to draw customers in.

They developed the content from scratch, but they wanted to maintain some of the existing structures from the old sites. They simplified some of the content, and they helped us add some very professional video content. They recommended the company that did our imagery, and they made sure everything had a professional, high-quality look.

They asked us what we wanted, and they provided three options to choose from. They played with the one we liked the best, and we had a few opportunities to refine everything. In the end, the concept was theirs, but everything suited the brand very well.

What is the team composition?

We had a creative lead, and we also worked with their copywriter to make sure the SEO was right. A third team member helped us with tasks after the initial development was complete.

How did you come to work with Polar Creative?

I found them in a Google search. Their branding really stood out, and their portfolio was quite impressive. When I phoned them, they got back instantly and were very friendly. We met with them to discuss their options, and they made suggestions for potential packages and pricing. Based on all that, we decided to hire them.

How much have you invested with them?

We initially agreed on £6,000 for the website and the initial contract. They've gone on to other tasks, and the total cost is less than £10,000 so far.

What is the status of this engagement?

We've worked together since around April 2019, and the engagement is ongoing.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

We're still in early days, but customer feedback is positive. Their work certainly draws more attention to the brand.

How did Polar Creative perform from a project management standpoint?

Project management is something they can work to improve. I've aired my concerns to them, and we've overcome several issues through face-to-face meetings. They have a clearer impression of what we want, but they could be more focused.

What did you find most impressive about them?

The end result exceeds all our expectations. They really do come through in the end, and the quality of their creative work is outstanding. They respond well in production, and they get the job done. I may be a little bit hard on them; they're a very good company. Their prices are also very fair.

Are there any areas they could improve?

As I mentioned, their project management is their greatest area for improvement.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?

Arrange face-to-face meetings with them. It takes time to understand a business, so be prepared to explain everything you want.

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