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Peerbits is a global mobile app development company with its presence in four countries; India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Colombia.

With the holistic aim to provide innovative mobility solutions, we, at Peerbits offer a spectrum of custom mobile app development ranging from enterprise mobility solutions to startup apps, on-demand mobile apps, and healthcare mobility solutions.

It is the excellence blended with the sheer dedication that sets us apart from the rest in the industry. Our expertise lies in tailoring the mobile applications that fit our client’s requirement with a promise to deliver more than what they expect from us. This is what thrive us to challenge ourselves every day, and this is how we evolve every day.

Our key competencies lies in

  • Developing and designing, iOS & android mobile applications
  • Creating customized websites on platforms like PHP, Python, and Magento
  • Providing backend solutions for your business
  • Strategizing app launch plan by aligning the same with your business strategies

We believe in a systemized approach towards delivering services to ensure client’s gratification. For this, we do regular follow-ups on

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Design and Development
  • Quality Testing
  • Deployment and support
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Key clients: 

TapNSell - The World's Garage Sale, TracMojo, Kuwait University, Medtronics, AstraZeneca, King Saud University We worked with some awesome Mobiles Startups Throne EpicDelivery TapNSell Busmap Seatsplanet Frimb

Bikers - Social Networking Application Image

Bikers - Social Networking Application

Peerbits is proud to develop a mobile application specially designed for all the bike lovers. This application acts as a platform where different bikers get a chance to go on a bike trip together. It’s very simple, just register on the app and search for bike trips near your location. Accept any of the bike trip and join them for the journey. 

Training -  On Demand Application Image

Training - On Demand Application

Peerbits has developed an education app for our client Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Creativity and Giftedness (SACGC). This mobile application acts as a platform for its users to enroll themselves and their friends in the SACGC – a training center based in Kuwait. SACGC has a total of six branches in Kuwait that provides a variety of courses and training to their students. 

Fuel Drop - On-demand fuel delivery application Image

Fuel Drop - On-demand fuel delivery application

Peerbits has developed an on-demand fuel delivery application for its client in Australia. This application is developed for Android, iOS, and website. Fuel Drop

Al Nahla -On-demand food delivery Application Image

Al Nahla -On-demand food delivery Application

Peerbits is proud to come up with a yet another on-demand application for our client in Qatar. We’ve developed an on-demand food delivery platform for restaurants from where they can search and request a delivery boy to deliver food items from their restaurants to the customer’s location. 

HilTi - Construction & Infrastructure Management App Image

HilTi - Construction & Infrastructure Management App

Peerbits came up with yet another successful mobile application. This time we made an application for our client which is a giant construction and infrastructure company based in Hong Kong. They wanted us to build an application that would enable simple and efficient management of their staff, project, and many more.

Fuelswipe - Fuel Delivery App  Image

Fuelswipe - Fuel Delivery App

Peerbits is privileged to develop an application that provides comprehensive fuel services to all its customers in few cities of UK. No matter where you are: home, office, gym, or anywhere else simply make a fuel order from your app and refill your vehicle at your convenience. It’s easy, fast, and secure.

YAY Meet - Event Planning App Image

YAY Meet - Event Planning App

Recently, Peerbits developed a mobile application that enables a user to create, search, and join various event. These events could be of music, dance, or comedy nights. It serves as a great medium to find and socialize people with common interests. 

Vite  - Gas delivery services app Image

Vite - Gas delivery services app

Peerbits increased its tally of on-demand applications with the latest inclusion of a gas delivery application. This on-demand mobile application assists you to book your gas cylinder in a jiffy.

Giddit - Hyperlocal delivery app Image

Giddit - Hyperlocal delivery app

Peerbits is extremely happy to develop one more On-demand application. This application delivers you with any item that you need. Just go to the app and select any item from the store and get it delivered by our client’s team of skilled drivers.

Sempre Alerta - Emergency services app Image

Sempre Alerta - Emergency services app

Peerbits is glad to develop an On-Demand app for emergency services. Our client from Brazil wanted us to develop a unique app which would prove to be a boon for those who get stuck in perilous situations.

Solosalon -  On demand Beauty Services App Image

Solosalon - On demand Beauty Services App

Peerbits is proud to develop an app which acts as a platform for both salon service providers and the customers. Now there is no need to wait in the queue for a haircut. 

Fishlogger - Fish Tracking App Image

Fishlogger - Fish Tracking App

Peerbits is proud to develop an application for all fishing enthusiasts. It records fishing data with the help of a hardware device connected via Bluetooth. It allows you to capture photos of the fish and thereby fills all the vital data by itself. It saves your time as you don’t need to note all the information on a book. 

Pure Water - Healthy Drinking Water APP Image

Pure Water - Healthy Drinking Water APP

Pure water is an app that provides you with pure and healthy drinking water. No matter where you are, simply use this app to get access of quality drinking water and quench your thirst. This app provides water in containers of various volumes thus providing you with diverse choices to meet your distinct needs.

Airvoy - Dispatcher Service App Image

Airvoy - Dispatcher Service App

Airvoy is a unique dispatcher service which delivers your package cheaper and quicker than the existing courier service. In this the travelers carry packages for customers when they are travelling to their place. 

Advert - Classified App Image

Advert - Classified App

Advert is a platform on which sellers can sell their items and buyers can explore from a wide variety of products. It basically helps sellers to find suitable buyers. Sellers only need to pay a basic amount as a subscription fee to get started. This app consists of options like call & message which make it easy for buyers to contact sellers without any hassle.

Wadeena - Taxi Hailing App Image

Wadeena - Taxi Hailing App

It is a taxi hailing app which helps riders to book cab from anywhere. User just have to book a cab on the app. The nearest driver will get the notification about the booking and will accept or reject the request. On acceptance the driver will reach the user’s location which will conclude passenger onboarding. The rider later can review regarding the service.

Almaha - Petrol Filling Station App Image

Almaha - Petrol Filling Station App

It is an official app for largest chain of gas filling station in Oman. It allows drivers to find the nearest gas station. Apart from this it also navigates and assists drivers to reach the gas station. Along with that the app also provides information about products and services available in the gas station.

5F - Social Networking App  Image

5F - Social Networking App

It is a social networking app which allows you to meet new people with same hobbies. You can build your own football team with players who live around you. Secondly, you can find a gym buddy. 

Frshly - ATM Food Solution Image

Frshly - ATM Food Solution

The passion for food when combines with zeal for entrepreneurship can bring us to innovation previous unthought of. Seemingly, on what looks like an extraordinary journey of discovering good food brought us to first-of-its-kind automated retail marketplace, a collaborative platform of food providers.

LTS - Real Time Tracking App Image

LTS - Real Time Tracking App

Monitor your vehicles and other valuable movable assets from a remote location on a map, get notified on your smartphone app when things go wary, and receive trip summaries at the end of a journey with the app.

Dujour House - Mobile Marketplace App Image

Dujour House - Mobile Marketplace App

With more buyers seeking products they want to buy online, one of our clients took it as an opportunity. The client wanted to create a marketplace to sell products of domestic needs, except he wanted the marketplace to be app-only—a set of apps for both sellers and buyers.

Traderdock - Stock Trading Platform Image

Traderdock - Stock Trading Platform

The website helps you reach your trading ambitions. A new user is presented with a challenge wherein he has to reach a threshold profit mark. There is no time limit over when he must reach the threshold mark, provided he doesn’t exceed the daily loss limit.

AlphaSwarm -  A Social Platform for Financial and Investors Image

AlphaSwarm - A Social Platform for Financial and Investors

We created an app platform for users to share ideas, knowledge contents and data about economy, investing, finance and other related interests. Registered users can view and connect with other users sharing the same interest.

Cauldryn - Bluetooth low Energy App Image

Cauldryn - Bluetooth low Energy App

A bottle, that opens new possibilities to outdoor enthusiasts, can boil water or keep the contents at the ideal hot beverage drinking temperature for extended periods of time with a battery. 

Benaa - Mobile Commerce App Image

Benaa - Mobile Commerce App

An ecommerce platform that allows user to explore different construction products. They have the option to buy them or add them to a Wishlist and buy them later. The user is presented with attractive offers on various products.

Plenus - Food Delivery App Image

Plenus - Food Delivery App

Do you get strong cravings for your favorite food; but are too lazy to go for it? Well, we got a perfect app for you. Now your favorite cuisines are just a few clicks away. 

Wentamashy - Events Management App Image

Wentamashy - Events Management App

Many people are usually clueless when it comes to the events happening around them. The app takes care of this by offering users a comprehensive guideline for all the activities happening in their area. This includes events, festivals, and exhibitions. 

Imuvon - Best Restaurant Management System Image

Imuvon - Best Restaurant Management System

When it comes to managing a hotel or restaurant, one requires a lot of expertise and mind toiling hard work. Several aspects must be handled at once. There was a massive demand for an app which could do this all. So, we built a multi-faceted restaurant management app which would assist restaurant owners, employees
and customers all the at the same time.
Nursigo - On Demand Nurse App Image

Nursigo - On Demand Nurse App

Hospitals and Nursing Homes are always in quest of healthcare professionals; so are the individuals who require medical assistance. Peerbits has developed an app which bridges the gap between the two. Users can send request as per their requirements like scheduled date & time and qualification. 

CMI 365 - Manage Delivery with App Image

CMI 365 - Manage Delivery with App

CMI 365 is app for drivers who seek jobs like parcel delivery

The Delivery app is a driver only app to help them deliver parcels. App admin assigns drivers from the admin panel which is a part of the back end. Backend system holds customers’ collection and delivery details and allocates the job to a driver and send him the details to his mobile app using the panel. Read more on CMI 365

Leazzer App - Make Rental Income  Image

Leazzer App - Make Rental Income

Leazzer lets you rent a variety of items of domestic and commercial needs listed on app. It could be miniscule piece of furniture, a provisional car or kitchenware to manage sudden rush of guest. Conversely, when you have too many items to house list those items on the app and earn some extra bucks. Leazzer is open to businesses too. Office can rent surplus furniture or equipment to offices with shortage. Read more on 

Tippy - Restaurant Meals App Image

Tippy - Restaurant Meals App

Tippy is a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets a diner to tip the waiter without cash. The tip-amount is credited directly to Tip receiver’s bank account linked with a unique Tippy ID. Read more  on  Tippy

Pop'n Or Not? Real-Time Social Events App Image

Pop'n Or Not? Real-Time Social Events App

Finding the best places to go out is often a guessing game.  Many event and nightlife review options exist but most are driven by old information.  That was until now! Pop’n Or Not? provides real-time information on all your favorite venues and social events.  Before you decide to attend, see how things are going from people who are actually there right now.  Join the fun or avoid the crowd by knowing in advance.  Find out

about all the hot spots in your area while they’re still hot.  If it’s Pop’n, find out on Pop’n Or Not?!


IndiRef is a platform for job seekers to get suitable Jobs and to refer people to get suitable Jobs. You earn referral fee Per Joinee from your referred candidates.



Al-Maha is an official app to help find the nearest Al-Maha filling station. Al-Maha Mobile app lets the user know more about Al-Maha’s products, services, and facilities available at their filling stations. With this app, they intend to get closer to their customers, to know their feedback, to help improve their 

products and services.

Major Features:

  • Ads and Notifications
  • Station Locator & Routes
  • Station Ratings and Feedbacks
  • Share Station Locations
  • Vehicle Mileage Recorder
  • Vehicle Registration and License Expiry Notifications
GIFMos Image


The World’s first GIF social network.

Give your photo an extra OOOOOMPH by bringing it to life. Use the GIFMos’ burst mode camera feature to capture live moments and GIFfy them instantly.

Peech Image


Peech is a marketplace for talented individuals to discover exceptional digital marketing jobs. Whether you are an experienced digital marketer or just starting your career - your next job could be a swipe away.

Ramiify Image


Ramify is the app to combine the mobile world with old school, one-to-one, in-person networking. Whether you want to build a relationship with a client, employer, or partner, nothing beats deep knowledge about that key individual. It show your all network on mind map.


M2R Image


M2R app aims to offer it's users (Retailers) a coherent platform to purchase products . The app is exclusively made for the retailers and  they can access the same for purchase activities.

Delibirdy Image


Delibirdy is an online delivery service that lets you order the goods you like from your favorites stores across your city. We bring you whatever you want at the time you need it.

Fishency Image


 Fishency  is created for Fishermen, Aim of this app is to track fishing record of fisherman. App is for wearable devices also so its very convenient to use while fishing in middle of sea as user does not need to  keep mobile device always in his hand. App tracks whole path on which user has travelled and shows markers on map where user has caught fish also it shows weather data of places where he travelled and caught

Solution to your routine problems with Someday Image

Solution to your routine problems with Someday

Someday is on a mission to get a perfect solution for your routine problems and make your life easy. Just post your problems and get answers from a huge audience who loves to solve problems based on their experience.

Schedule Management  App - Nurse Alert Image

Schedule Management App - Nurse Alert

First of its kind dedicated app for Nurses to schedule their work for the day. Nurse alert keeps track of the schedule of nurses so that they can focus on the quality of their work. Can serve the patients in a better way.

Raise your voice against corruption with Nazaha Image

Raise your voice against corruption with Nazaha

Raise your voice against corruption contributing in the making a crime free society. Lodge a complaint with the national anti-corruption commision using the app once you spot an act of corruption in.

Simply Food Image

Simply Food

Looking for the places to order your food? HealthyFood is the best apps for foodie to checkout nearby food places with their pictures, updated menus, reviews and many other things. Maps are also available to search nearby places. This app also provides health information, including nutrient value of every dish.

An eCommerce Jewelry App - Jewlot Image

An eCommerce Jewelry App - Jewlot

Jewlot is an online jewelry store, designed with eye-popping colors and shimmering UI. Worked from scratch to end in creating a distinctive brand for fully featured eCommerce mobile app. Our intuitive design is aimed at deciphering the core values that goes behind the product.

tracking app - Track Mojo Image

tracking app - Track Mojo

Track Mojo is the social goal tracking app that scans trends in performance, confidence or mood of personal, group or business ambitions. Capturing concerns and problems of people and can do adjustments to keep objectivessmooth. This remarkable app is best adopted in different areas, including Health & Wellbeing, Workplace / Employee Engagement and so on.


  • Designed for user-friendliness, independence & anonymity
  • Attractive 5-point, color based input to express their views
  • Simple statistical graphs for reviewing historical tracs
  • Tracs many people and rate their emotions
  • Enable to share views through comments. 


An eCommerece Marketplace App - Throne Image

An eCommerece Marketplace App - Throne

Throne app is an eCommerece marketplace app. Users can buy and sell sneakers and streatwear quickly. Features like animated walkthrough, wallet, payment integration, social and more. It has been one of most downloaded app on the app store after crossing 3 lac counts and 5 stars ratings from 90+ reviews. It is one of most successful

Entertainment App - Picky Image

Entertainment App - Picky

Picky App is the best answerable application that simplifies decision making process. It enables users to create questions, allow them to create list of alternative so that other users can share their view-point by answering your question.

App Features

  • Helpful to take
different types of decisions
  • Get Input from real people
  • Different Category available to add questions
  • Enable to define personal criteria with their importance

    Photo Editing App - Kidz Camera Image

    Photo Editing App - Kidz Camera

    Kidz Camera is a simple camera application that designed for kids to take pictures. We have developed apps without ads and in-app purchases. This application doesn’t use any device’s memory for storing clicked pictures. 

    App Features

    • Store up to 50 photos that
    clicked with this app
  • Prevent unwanted changes from the ‘Settings’ option
  • Delete entire gallery automatically once you set time.
  • Shoot and store video of up to 60 seconds. 
  • Clicked pictures can be exported from the kid’s camera app gallery

    eBook App - Decopedia Image

    eBook App - Decopedia

    Deckopedia is a one-stop eBooks destination, where a collection of different genres books available to read, and purchase in a jiffy. Give users the latest books recommendation while they are exploring application. Integrated with social media sites that enable you to collect Likes, Comments, Shares, Tweets, & Favorites from Readers

    App Features       

    • Trouble-free Reading with
    Portrait & Landscape screen orientation
  • Systemic and Manageable Index to search books
  • Resume Reading Where You Stop
  • Explore your favorite ebooks and save as favorite
  • Enhance social presence, connect with other readers. 
  • Food Delivery App - Epic Delivery Image

    Food Delivery App - Epic Delivery

    Epic Delivery is a real-time tracking & communicating application through which you can have anything delivered within 60 minutes at your destination within Perth. Rate the runners and share your views and thoughts over their services. 

    App Features

    • Real-Time GPS integration for tracking runners
    • Secure & hassle-free Credit card Payment option with PIN
  • Browse merchants’ menu with few swipes
  • Choose any merchant to Request your order from anywhere 
  • Food Recipe Sharing App - Frimb Image

    Food Recipe Sharing App - Frimb

    Frimb is a Food Recipe Sharing App, as but we describe it a food lovers' paradise. This app has mouth-watering recipes that shared by food-makers with proper ingredients and steps.  Discover recipes by category, search trending recipes and get suggestions from people who followed you.

    App Features

    • Simple Way to Tweak Pictures – adjust brightness, position, orientation,
  • Notification Alerts of people, who follow you, liked your recipe or favorite your recipe
  • Attractive users’ profile creation option
  • Easily to Post Recipes in attractive manners
  • Social Sharing buttons 
  • Fashion Social App - Fashion Sizzle Image

    Fashion Social App - Fashion Sizzle

    Fashion Sizzle is a smooth performance photo sharing application, providing mix feelings of using Instagram and Twitter. Connect with people, share pictures of common fashion interest, post feed with hastage (#) tag and get comments and opinions from your followers. Fashion Sizzle enables to share your own feeds on social networking sites, including Twitter & Facebook.  


    • Using technologies like Objective-C, Java, JSON, PHP, & MySQL
    • Integrated social functionalities share, promote & market fashion products.
    • A full-fledged storage capacity to save images
    • Search functionality
    • Pet profile creation
    • Notification and Alerts of new happenings
    Food Order App - Idine Image

    Food Order App - Idine

    Order your favorite food using Idineapp and full your hunger in the fastest and most delicious way possible. Idine is one of the best restaurant applications for food lovers, helping users and waiter to make & receiver order with ease. Make bill payment, food ordering, table booking, etc. with just few clicks to your device. Find your favorite food details with ingredients and make payment according to your


    App Features

    • Place orders without standing in queue
    • Separate login option for user, Waiter, and Supervisor
    • Easy tap to book table (for supervisor)
    • Secure Split Payment Option
    • Track Order History 
    Club Lovers App - ClubCheck Image

    Club Lovers App - ClubCheck

    ClubCheck is an application especially designed for clubmanagers that enable them to add their club to check live status of people who are checked in/checkout. Users can search nearby club, make checkin, check club’s details, and can it to their favorite list. This application is developed for both iOS and Android.

    App Features

    • Quick Registration Process for clubmanger &
  • Easy Login to search club, make check in and add-to-favorite
  • In App Purchase  (To Add club)                    
  • Simple Check In/ Checkout                                      
  • Check Live Statistics
  • LifeStyle App - Appmoney Image

    LifeStyle App - Appmoney

    Searching for a gift card to save extra bugs? GiftApp is the best app for shopping lovers to redeem gift card and PayPal cash by using coins and save huge amount on their purchases. Earn gift card and Paypal cash by watching videos, filling surveys,downloading apps, inviting other users for app.

    App Features

    • Register Yourself to Login for Free Gift card and Paypal
  • Trouble-free Social Login
  • Install App& Watch Video to earn coins  
  • Invite friends and Get more Gift Cards
  • BusMaps - Bus Route Application Image

    BusMaps - Bus Route Application

    The answer to all your commuting in Costa Rica questions has arrived! Navigate with BusMaps CR in your bus travels. Search for your bus terminals, stops and bus routes for an easier trip free of headaches.

    BusMaps CR covers all the major Costa Rican cities. This app will help you plan your trip, know where to take the bus and even where to transfer to another bus.

    App Store Link :- 

    Seats Planet – Taxi App Image

    Seats Planet – Taxi App

    Have you ever thought how it would have been if you would have filled a vacant seat in someone’s car going to the same destination along your way? How great it would be if you could share your car seats with unknown fellow travelers who lie on your way? The app is helpful for both drivers and passengers to earn money or save on commuting costs. Post your ride as a driver. Search for a ride as a passenger.

    Jara - Mobile Recharge App Image

    Jara - Mobile Recharge App

    Do you really want to do mobile recharges or avail discounts/offers across various outlets in Nigeria? Upload money in the integrated e-wallet within the app, recharge the mobile balance, avail the discounts across food outlets, and more. Check your transaction history for future reference, as to how much recharge you do, which restaurants you eat, where you avail offers, and lots more. 

    Katona - Lifestyle App Image

    Katona - Lifestyle App

    Know the best hair restoration products coming from a popular company like Katona. Access the package details and know the best one suitable for you. Book your appointment in advance by paying online. Get round the clock support from the company to solve your queries. Make money by bringing new clients.

    Play Store Link :- 

    App Dial - Communication App Image

    App Dial - Communication App

    Speed dial important numbers listed at a single place to dial immediately from within the app in time of need. Let you have an access to all the medical centers that can be extremely useful in times of emergencies. Do not write down; instead with just a couple of taps, dial medical services within the shortest possible time. No need to worry about the balance as you can dial online directly from the app.


    Loyal Books - Ebook App Image

    Loyal Books - Ebook App

    Access from across millions of books in this extensive eBook library, and download the same in the form of pdf format or audio file. Search for ratings or reviews, and collect your selected ebooks to create a library of your own. Mark ebooks as favorites, for a future reference, and suffice your reading passion.

    App Store Link :- 

    Koko - Sticker App Image

    Koko - Sticker App

    Do you want to express something on Facebook with real human emotions? Standard smileys or similar emoticons may not prove to be helpful. Send across realistic expressions on Facebook such as sorrow, laughter, anger, surprise, and lots more, having fun while communicating with friends. Get a wide variety of human faced emoticons that will surprise you or even your friends.

    Play Store Link :- 

    Ticket Scanner - Entertainment App Image

    Ticket Scanner - Entertainment App

    Organize your own events, invite people by issuing tickets with a bar code, use the integrated bar code scanner within the app to scan tickets of people attending to your event to check whether right people have attended or not. Add up more and more events and handle multiple events at the same time using the app. Let ticket checking be faster even without the Internet through an offline mode. 

    Play Store

    PhotoGraff - Photo editing app Image

    PhotoGraff - Photo editing app

    How about enhancing images with graffiti effects and crop the unwanted portions in seconds. Create your own graffiti art by adding icons or colors to have your images deliver a soothing appeal. Blend different images together and add a XY axis perspective. Once done with your creation, share your self-edited images with friends or network to highlight your art.

    App Store Link :- 

    Tapnsell - E-commerce App Image

    Tapnsell - E-commerce App

    No doubt, Peerbits has inherent knack of e-commerce programming on the web. Therefore, translating them in to touch experiences was not much challenging for its e-commerce mobile application designers and developers. In TapNSell you will find something OLX and eBay like user experiences or e-commerce features and functionality. We have crafted this e-commerce app for both major mobile platforms: iOS and Android with same and

    seamless experiences.
    African Discuss Image

    African Discuss

    We aspire to be the most trusted source of information exchange in the African media. Conventional political or economic institutions and media outlets have yet to provide an unbiased forum where individuals can discuss crucial issues and exchange information that bubbles to center stage within Africa. Our mission is to provide a forum that facilitates candid, crucial and open conversations about what's happening in Africa.

    AfricanDiscuss seeks to facilitate civil, evidence-based discussions about all aspects of African life, and in the process, generate ideas that will positively impact the future of our nation.

    App Store Link :-

    Play Store Link :-

    Show Trax - Music App Image

    Show Trax - Music App

    want to mix event management with social networking and music? Are you planning to organize music events and invite your friends? This is the right app for you. It is a music based event management application wherein you register, connect with new people, create musical events, invite friends, inform people about upcoming events, send notifications, and more.

    Pimyu Image


    Are you planning to save some money? Do you want to keep a track of your future goals by analyzing expenses, cash, jobs, inventory, and more? Check out this app. It is a self-management or money management application wherein you can store your future goals by keeping a check on the expenses on your daily jobs and the inventory that is spent.

    Dubai Expats - Lifestyle App Image

    Dubai Expats - Lifestyle App

    Do you live in Dubai or you're just passing through? Download the Dubai Expats App and learn something in the next 10 mins that could be useful for the rest of your life!

    Knowledge is power! And knowledge is meant to be shared! The Dubai Expats mobile app helps you gain and share knowledge about life in Dubai – fast!

    Have a great tip that could make a difference in someone's life in Dubai? Spread that knowledge –


    The Dubai Expats app allows you to quickly post any question or tip you may have about life in Dubai, and other users can immediately see and respond to it.

    App Store Link :-

    Play Store Link :-

    MGECOM - Business App Image

    MGECOM - Business App

    This free app from MGECOM includes every promotion, coupon code, offer, sale, clearance event, shipping deal, flash sale, and more which are featured on our Client's retail sites. This app is designed for use by affiliate marketers, in order to make the addition of these offers to their site(s) as seamless, easy, and efficient as possible. We update our app multiple times per week with new promotional information, so you will

    always have immediate access to the most current information available.

    ur app is 100% free to download, and will never feature any in-app advertisements. We built it for your use, and we want it to be as quick and easy to use as possible!

    App Store Link :-

    Play Store Link :-

    Movie Reviews Image

    Movie Reviews

    Movie Reviews : the #1 app for movies and tv reviews!

    View info about all new movies as they are released.

    Best rating system in the App Store.

    Share your favorite movies with your friends.

    App Store Link :- 

    Trivia Quiz - Game App Image

    Trivia Quiz - Game App

    Play against friends, mystery people or practice with yourself.

    Choose from many different categories, including sport, entertainment, science and culture.

    Earn achievements, scores and coins to give you powers to using during games.

    App Store Link :- 

    Half Price Specials - Catalogues App Image

    Half Price Specials - Catalogues App

    Half Price Specials lists all of the advertised Half Price Specials from the major Australian Supermarket chains into the one convenient location, allowing you to easily shop around and save hundreds of dollars every week! It's like having the very best specials from every supermarket catalogue all in one place!

    Includes a Shopping List which calculates your savings automatically and a favourites menu.

    Are you a

    retailer? Advertise single goods via the VIP section or contact us to feature your business and list bulk items every week ongoing. We have over 20,000 downloads and growing!

    App Store Link :-

    Play Store Link :-

    Naqdy -  Payment Gateway App Image

    Naqdy - Payment Gateway App

    Naqdy is the third party Payment Gateway. payment gateway engine software with its own sets of API enabling the engine to work on multiple platform developments and handle multiple world currencies.

    App Store Link :-

    Bevlynx Image


    Bevlynx lets you enjoy a night out at a price you’re happy to pay.

    Do you ever go out to bars or restaurants? Of course you do! Do you like saving money? Of course you do! That’s why we know you’ll love our app. Bevlynx saves you money by letting you name your own price at restaurants and bars across town.

    Restaurants and bars love Bevlynx because it helps them get paying customers in the door when business might

    Foxgram - Photo & Video Editing App Image

    Foxgram - Photo & Video Editing App

    Print photos from your Instagram or phone album. Easy photo upload from iPhone and iPad album (Please use WiFi for faster upload or our website for large orders).

    Now you can order square photo prints and cute fridge magnets from your iPhone/iPad album and Instagram photos.

    A measly $0.25 for 3x3", $0.35 for 3x4" or $0.45 for 4x4"

    Photo Prints with only $2.99 USPS shipping with tracking (USA) and $6.99 anywhere in the world, is all you'll pay; magnets cost $2.00 each. We will process your order quickly so you can begin sharing your square prints with family and friends.

    App Store Link :-

    Cash King - Entertainment App Image

    Cash King - Entertainment App

    The Sweepstakes app allows users a chance to win a variety of prizes every day! Our prizes include items such as gift cards, vacation packages, money, and much more! It's free to download and free to enter into all of our sweepstakes. What are you waiting for? Download today and start winning some prizes!

    App Store Link :- 

    Kundalini - Fitness Mobile App Image

    Kundalini - Fitness Mobile App

    Now you can practice your favorite Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations wherever you are: at home, in class, or on the go! Whether you're a Kundalini Yoga student or teacher, Kundalini Mobile simplifies the process so you can deepen and expand your practice.

    App Store Link :- 

    Fund Investor Toolkit Image

    Fund Investor Toolkit

    FIT is useful to evaluate investment funds, create custom factsheets and comparative reports, use veteran investment team as an extension of your own, discover funds that fit your philosophy, access from any device, share with your team.

    Result - Health & Fitness App Image

    Result - Health & Fitness App

    Peerbits has designed health and fitness parameter analysis application with attractive report presentation abilities with a great care. Team of Peerbits has great abilities in this app to include vast numbers of health parameter and their complicated inferences in tabulation, charts, and graph presentation. You can set your targets as per needs with plenty of health and fitness options and save latest ones in the app.

    FiveOH: Restaurant Food App Image

    FiveOH: Restaurant Food App

    Restaurant food discovery app that helps you find food for $5 or less!

    Ever wondered how many food items you can get for $5 or less????

    FiveOH! is a food discovery app, that helps users find food for $5 or less locally. A simple easy-to-use app that connects the users directly with the food they are looking for.

    FiveOH! provides its user's a wide variety of food options to choose from a restaurant they

    iconnect - Communication App Image

    iconnect - Communication App

    With iconnect on your phone, you never have to worry about those moments ever again! You can call and text your friends and family (as long as they also have iconnect installed in their Android devices) completely free, for as long as you want. When you use iconnect to make a call or send a text, you will not be using your mobile minutes. Even when you use the group conversation feature, it’s 100% free!


    YPO Link Image

    YPO Link

    YPO Link was design by the YPO Alberta Chapter to improve member communication and reduce our reliance on email. To use this app you must be a YPO or WPO member in good standing and your chapter must have registered to use of the application at Once the system has been configured for your chapter the app allows chapter members to do traditional chapter website tasks such as registering for events, viewing member

    profiles and completing event surveys. It also offers some very unique features such as Chapter alerts, Member-to-member discussions, member initiated events and a chapter participation leader board.

    The app does not connect to information on the YPO International website. It is a stand alone application and therefore event and member data is maintained through a separate administration website.

    App Store Link :-

    Health & Fitness App Image

    Health & Fitness App

    iCare4u is a technology based solution for those requiring help with tasks when ill or in times of need. iCare 4u enables you to form your own support group from your friends and family who have offered you assistance.

    Language Learning Application  Image

    Language Learning Application

    Connect with native-speaking teachers on SayWhat to practice and enhance your listening, reading, writing, and most importantly speaking skills! You can also meet and make new friends with students from all around the world just like you on SayWhat, ready and willing to learn.   


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    Mobile Application Development for Communication Tool

    "We haven't had any major issues working with Peerbits, which is always a risk when working with a new company."

    Willing to refer: 
    The Project
    Less than $10,000
    Project summary: 

    Peerbits is providing Objective C and Java programming expertise to develop a mobile app and its components. They will also collaborate with an in-house development team as the app platform grows.

    The Reviewer
    1-10 Employees
    Los Angeles Metro Area
    Dave Delgado
    Founder, Appdial
    The Review
    Feedback summary: 

    The project is in its early stages with no finished product yet, but Peerbits is already distinguishing themselves as responsive and knowledgeable. They communicate well despite a time difference and are quick to answer any questions.

    A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


    Please describe your company.

    We're a startup mobile app company.

    What is your role and responsibilities?

    I'm the founder and CEO.


    What was your goal for working with Peerbits Solution?

    We were specifically looking for somebody to do Objective C and Java programming for the mobile apps. It was a pretty straightforward project. The project is still in its early stages, so the extent of work is not yet fully determined.

    Please describe the scope of their work.

    We're about two and a half weeks into the project. The scope is primarily Objective C and Java programming, creating the app and most its components. Additionally, they have been working closely with the development team as the app platform continues to grow.


    What was your process for selecting Peerbits Solution with which to work?

    We put a listing on Elance, and got a lot of proposals from various developers. I looked through the reviews for Peerbits, and they looked pretty positive. I reached out to a couple of their past customers and got very positive responses. At that point, we decided to bring Peerbits in for the project.

    Can you provide a ballpark dollar figure for the size of the work that they've done for you?

    The current project is less than $10,000.


    Do you have any statistics, metrics, or general feedback to show the success of the project?

    We're in the very early stages, so we don't have a finished product yet to measure metrics but, so far, so good. They've been really good about communicating.

    Is there anything unique about them that really makes them stand out, compared to other companies?

    I don't have a lot of experience with companies like Peerbits, but our initial feedback would be that they're responsive and knowledgeable. It is very refreshing to get answers to my questions right away. We haven't had any major issues or concerns working with Peerbits, which is always a risk when working with a new company.

    Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or something that you might do differently?

    Nothing speaking to their work or skills, but the only thing is the geographic and time zone issue. They're 11 hours different than here in California and scheduling is sometimes difficult to remedy.

    What advice would you give a future client of theirs?

    I don't really have any lessons learned with them right now, so not really.

    Overall Score
    • 4.5 Scheduling
    • 5.0 Cost
      Value / within estimates
    • 5.0 Quality
      Service & deliverables
    • 5.0 NPS
      Willing to refer