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OUT OF THE BOX Consulting has over two decades of experience with enterprise information systems, business processes and the alignment between them. We have been working with (SFDC) since 2004 and provide comprehensive services for SFDC environments: From system architecture and design, through End-to-end implementation and custom application development to Integration with other systems and ongoing administration. We are a registered Consulting Partner with SFDC.

What sets OUT OF THE BOX Consulting apart from other SFDC experts is our commitment and approach to solving problems the correct way for the overall business. We make sure that any implementation, solution or upgrade we do to our clients’ systems and/or processes works well, and also works well with the other functions and systems in the company.  By creating strong alignment between the systems, processes and functions in the organization, we enable effective collaboration and new levels of results.

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Sunnyvale, CA


Key clients: 

Clients span from start-up companies to multi-billion-dollar public corporations. Several of our clients are multi-national and multi-cultural.

CASE STUDY: NetTel Partners see 200% increase in productivity after it leaves Oracle and adapts Salesforce. Image

CASE STUDY: NetTel Partners see 200% increase in productivity after it leaves Oracle and adapts Salesforce.

NetTel Partners sees 200% increase in productivity after it leaves Oracle and adapts the Salesforce Sales Cloud for enterprise resource planning.

Two years after Dan Ceravolo and Pete Magliocco founded NetTel Partners in 2008, they chose Oracle On Demand (OOD) as their CRM. But even before the seven-month implementation was complete they began to regret their decision. “The implementation took much longer than it should have, and all that we got was really basic functionality,” Ceravolo recalled. “There were multiple times when our implementation partner said it was finished, and there were still lots of pieces that didn’t work.”

Sales Cloud implementation by OUT OF THE BOX Consulting:

  • 3 times faster than NetTel’s former Oracle On Demand system & doubles as an ERP system
  • 1 to 2 hours saved per account executive per day by using the Sales Cloud
  • 30% sales increase without adding to the management team thanks to efficiencies created by the Sales Cloud
  • 10 times the automation and functionality of NetTel’s old Oracle On Demand system and was implemented in half the time