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Oleg Chulakov’s Studio is a digital agency. We know how to create convenient and beautiful digital products: websites, mobile and web applications, interfaces, branding. Our main expertise: design, analytics, development and integration, creative, branding, architecture and 3D.

We do everything so that companies and their customers feel comfortable in digital environment.

Oleg Chulakov’s Studio has been repeatedly awarded by SOTD according to CSSDA, Awwwards, FWA, silver and bronze of European Design Awards.

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Moscow, Russia
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    Moscow, MOW 119072


Key clients: 
Avito, IKEA, Tele2, Yota, Mazda, Philip Morris, MegaLabs, Skylink, Papa John's, Tekta, Stada, Baku City Circuit, Bosch, Estee Lauder, Imperial Tobacco, Fantasy.
Karim Rashid Image

Karim Rashid

Development of a website for one of the most famous designers in the world.



We have developed front-end and back-end work, with a focus on interface animation.


Content management: 

We have designed and implemented a convenient administration panel in our Studio.

Anton & Irene Image

Anton & Irene

Development of a website for two friends, designers and perfectionists Anton Repponen and Irene Pereira.



Anton and Irene have made UX and design. We have developed front-end and back-end work, with a focus on interface animation.



Anton and Irene have chosen a Readymag service that we have

implemented for the ability to add projects to the website quicker and easier. We asked the guys from Readymag to use an additional code for our website containing the additional elements of the interface.


Harbour.Space Image


Website for the worldwide universities network.


About client:

Harbour.Space — is a unique world-class educational institution in the field of technology and design. The project starts from Barcelona, then the university will open branches in St.Petersburg, Malta and so on.



To create a website for the

university of a new generation. To expand the idea and philosophy of the brand in the Digital environment



The basic idea of corporate identity is at the point situated inside the logo. It symbolizes the infinite knowledge, collected in one place. Developed by Oleg Chulakov Studio interactive design helps to fully disclose the brand concept. User interaction based on the animated transitions, subordinate to the principle «all comes from a point».


All pages of the site were prepared for tablets and phones with full functionality.

Get lost. Get natural Image

Get lost. Get natural

Website development for Swiss tourism mission.



Development of online-quest that shows attraction of Swiss tourism

Interactive tour in the name of a chosen character lasts 6 weeks. The characters complete tasks and visit breathtaking places

Each page contains numbers of animated elements, creating the impression

of real adventure: forest landscape outside the train window, cloud-drift against Alps, a ropeway and many other impressive animation. All animation is created with great love to small things.


Captivating quest:

Specialists of the Oleg Chulakov Studio developed and introduced 60 unique pages-tasks and 12 interactive promo pages that are available to the player as he passes the quest.


The result:

30000 quest participants

764413 people has visited the website10000000 people got know about the project



Sila Sveta Image

Sila Sveta

Website for the international studio of interactive media.

AIM: Website for the international studio of interactive media

About the project: Sila Sveta is a studio which makes grand light installments and multimedia projects around the world. Oleg Chulakov Studio developed

technical solutions that allowed the designers bring the idea to life.

Idea: Background gradient imitates changing lights of a projector and immerses people into the atmosphere, which Sila Sveta creates in its projects. Interface design brings out the technological side of the project.

Background: Gradient is a valuable website element. This isn’t a static image: background color is determined by the site administrator, and gradient saturation changes when users scroll the page or switch between section of the website. Each time the background adjusts to the content, which means the text is always readable.

Compatible: The website is compatible with any devices, its functionality and convenient navigation available regardless of the size of the screen. 

Result: The new website reflects the idea of Sila Sveta and offers its clients essential information about the studio and its unique projects.

Slingshot Hero Image

Slingshot Hero

We were faced with the task of developing a flash game meant to attract new users and retain current ones for a global «Tele2 Extreme Cup» event.


We met up for a thorough team talk on the concept and brainstormed all possible ideas we had. In the end, the one we decided to pick out was just bonkers — the game was built on mechanics that features an adrenaline

addict throwing his like-minded friend up into the air for a record-breaking distance.


A great deal of effort was put into the animation of various characters and objects. Just to recreate the lightning strike in its full graphic dignity we had to draw 13 animated sketches. One for each upgrade level and gear item.


Hundreds of background objects were drawn, each with its distinct style. Eventually we decided to opt for the industrial area background.


A simple and appealing interface always wins the day. We’ve placed a special emphasis on the Store and Rating sections.


S7 Priority Image

S7 Priority

Promotional website for S7 Airlines.



To develop a website that shows advantages of S7 Priority loyalty program.



We developed a special scrolling mechanism that emphasizes S7 Priority tagline «Gaining altitude». When the page is scrolled, it goes down instead of going up.



All of the screens have background videos, which are pre-loaded right before you move to the next part of the page. Videos are optimized in order to keep the good quality of images and save the web-traffic.

Playkot Image


Website of the game apps developer: a place where every user becomes a gamer.



To create a website which will feature the games developed by the team of Playkot, as well as know the work process and the atmosphere in the company.



How to tell users about game?

Just let them


The website is always vividly alive. Get involved: build a city, conquer an island and win over in the battle for the world.


Creation of the worlds: 

We have created an extended presentation for each of the games, which show the development process of the characters and the worlds.

Interactive elements make it possible to view the characters in detail, witness the sketching of the key scenes, and even blow some things up.

The story begins with an origination of an idea sketching of the characters. The interface animation helps to emphasize the chronological order of the narration – all of the elements integrated into the pages appear gradually and consecutively, just as they do in the work mode.

All of the elements are put together into a single story in the videos that complete each of the presentations.



264% daily traffic

268% pages views 

130% session length


But most importantly the website reflects the progress that Playkot has achieved in the 7 seven years of its existence — it reflects the company philosophy, its best games and a united team.

IKEA service Image

IKEA service

Redesign of a website for the largest industrial and trading company of furniture and household goods.



IKEA strives to make visits to their stores as comfortable and inspiring as possible. For this the company offers all necessary services — metering space, design, manufacturing, delivery, exchange and return, and more.



To make the process of data retrieval as much comfortable as possible, the user has three semantic units to choose from. Regardless of which section the visitor is in, he always has an access to the navigation menu that allows you to move between categories.



The global changes were made on pages of essential services –  «Delivery» and «Credit». Now with the help of an interactive map, you can easily calculate the cost of delivery or taxi ride to the desired address.


A new approach:

In order to improve the previous version of the site «IKEA Service», a new approach was developed to provide information and the structure of the resource has been changed.



Oleg Chulakov Studio has created the website that helps IKEA visitors to save their time and prepare for the visit to the store through preselection of the required services.


Fantasy Image


Development of the website for American digital agency.



Fantasy have made UX and design. The experts from Oleg Chulakov Studio have made front-end and back-end work, focusing on animation interface.


The principle of continuity:

All movements through website occur animated and without the page being reloaded.

That includes when pressing the navigation buttons in a browser.



Each screen was adapted for tablets and phones, with full functionality.