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NIKITIN Digital has the rare ability to translate complex ideas into simple and elegant designs.

We deliver smart, reliable, modern websites and mobile apps, remaining with our clients at every stage – even after the purchase.

We are highly accomplished, multifaceted professionals with extensive experience. Together for 5 exciting years.

Our team will approach with special attention and with sophisticated originality to develop a unique solution for your project, which will be guaranteed by a high level of standards and professionalism from our side.

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Odessa, Ukraine
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Key clients: 
Zest, Amumba, Eduzaurus, Metta WorldPeace,, CUBE VR
App Design for Online Clinic Image

App Design for Online Clinic

The main goal was to create a good design for an app that will help patients find the right doctor, pay for their service and communicate with them later without using other messengers.

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English Learning App Image

English Learning App

Our task was to develop a cool IOS/Android application for learning English. Since the competition is very high, it was very important for the client to do something unique and outstanding.

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Branding the Casino "Brando" Image

Branding the Casino "Brando"

We used a warm color scheme to attract new players. At the same time, we placed all the design elements on a muted background to create the most appropriate atmosphere for playing games. We made the Brando Casino website responsive since the main traffic comes from mobile phones.

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CUBE is a completely new format in the entertainment industry based on virtual reality technology, where people can experience unforgettable moments with their friends.

We made a completely new branding for the whole network of VR clubs in Ukraine and Russia.

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Website Design for Metta World Peace Image

Website Design for Metta World Peace

One of the most influential and successful clients, an American professional basketball coach and former NBA player, Metta World Peace asked us to create for him a brand new website with a fresh design.

After reviewing the old version of the website, it became clear to us that the changes were absolutely necessary. So we did not wait and immediately took up the case.

Because the customer needed to have a blog and a store on his website, we decided to add this feature to the main page, making it more relevant according to the main stylistic that we picked.


The blog provides an overview of the latest news from the basketball world and from the "Lakers" related news. And in the branded store, it is convenient to pick up any clothing and accessories you like.

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Tune Fork Image

Tune Fork

National University Image

National University

Sport media house Image

Sport media house

Cycle Safe App Image

Cycle Safe App

Tours directions card Image

Tours directions card

Design of Landing Page and Branding Image

Design of Landing Page and Branding