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Mindbowser Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a dedicated and service-oriented company having catered to various organizations across the globe in a very short span of time. 

We believe in providing our valuable services to our Clients. Creativity and Strategy skills keep on innovating and we have mastered this art of keeping up with the changing trends of revolutionizing technologies. In the past, we have partnered with startups, ISVs, as well as tech enterprises. Today, we are at the verge of reaching out to larger target audiences, as we have indigenously developed and increased our design and marketing palette with an array of incredible developers with expandable knowledge. With that we mean; we are too finicky about talent and too considerate in nurturing the ones that we hire. We have developed a team of industry's best and brightest software engineers and technologists whose expertise adds in a lot of value to the project every day through a greater understanding of the client's needs. 

Ours is the only company where we provide a lifetime guarantee of the software with no additional support cost and we proudly own this fact.   

Our services include- 1. Custom Application Development 2.Mobile Applications 3.Web Application Development 4.Cloud 5.Big Data

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Key clients: 

1. Get Serviced  2. Smart Goals 3. Agouti media  4. Swipe Lab  5. Enchante

6.Bailey and Gaylen  7. Vivid Consulting  8. BuyNow Worldwide


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SMS Commerce Software Development

“[I]t’s working out great for us.”

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The Project
Project summary: 

The team developed a mobile app which allowed users to purchase products in social media via SMS. Mindbowser created the business’ infrastructure in AWS and developed both the business’ site and the app.

The Reviewer
50-200 Employees
Chicago Metro Area
Division Leader, Multinational Conglomerate
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Mindbowser’s services have been instrumental due to their innovative solutions and ample knowledge on the development and deployment of cloud services. As a result, the team frequently delivers excellent results and remains a valuable development partner for the business.

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Could you briefly describe your company?

I work for a subsidiary company of an international conglomerate.


We came up with a global commerce app that enables consumers to instantly buy products from any social media simply by sending a text message. Last year, we wanted to go into production before the holiday season. We interviewed 35+ different vendors operating in the mobile app space. We then systematically filtered that list down to Mindbowser. Their work looks great and this was one of the best decisions for our company; it’s working out great for us.


Could you describe the scope of the project and what parts Mindbowser were involved in?

They constructed our corporate website in addition to creating our mobile app. At that point we shifted them to creating our infrastructure in the Cloud, AWS, Amazon. They have considerable experience in managed cloud services.  

When was this project completed?

It remains an ongoing project.


When working with Mindbowser, Is there anything that you would consider unique or special compared to other solution partners you’ve worked with in the past?

In our industry, the top three things are: (1) you have to be familiar with PCI compliance; (2) innovative, patentable solutions; and (3) familiarity with deployment and management of cloud services. Mindbowser excels in all three areas and they've been absolutely invaluable because of it. 

In retrospect, are there any areas that you think Mindbowser could improve upon, or things you might do differently as the client before approaching this type of project?

We usually work with vendors here in the U.S. The norm is that when you provide business requirements there’s an implicit understanding of what the U.S. marketing and advertising space looks like, and you cater towards that from a development perspective. However, if you were to work with somebody in Argentina, Pakistan, or India in this case, then the mindset is not the same. There’s a learning curve on both sides. For me, it was a great because I've worked with Indian companies before.

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