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In 2010 Eric Leopardi launched The Micc Group, a full-service marketing agency focused on web design & digital marketing. Since then, The Micc Group has grown to include Sports & Media marketing, Content Distribution, TV & Radio advertising, Retail Distribution, Media planning & buying, as well as lead generation and other ancillary functions.

Eric began his TV career as a child actor more than 25 years ago, working on TV, Print, & Radio campaigns for Kroger, United Dairy Farmers, Tide, and Paramounts Kings Island, among others.

Today, Eric's client list includes some of the most notable networks & brands in the world, including NBC/Universal, NFL, NBA, PGA Tour, Lexus, Honda, and countless more. Eric's diverse experience reaches across many different roles including Executive Producer, Director, Creative Director, Media Buyer, Producer, Writer, Location Manager, Network Voice, and Audio Engineer. Additionally, Eric is a highly-experienced digital marketer holding numerous certifications from Google, Hubspot, and Facebook with revenue growth results reaching over $50Million/year.

Career highlights include negotiating national TV distribution with NBC, negotiating NFL & NHL player endorsement contracts, negotiating product distribution into Walmart, and earning FDA registration & listing.

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Key clients: 

NBC, McDonalds, PGA Tour, NFL, NBA, Chevrolet, Lexus, Buzzfeed News, Honda, Ford

Oceas Outdoors - Amazons #1 Outdoor Blanket Image

Oceas Outdoors - Amazons #1 Outdoor Blanket

The Challenge:

Oceas Outdoors established itself as the #1 selling outdoor blanket on Amazon, and looked to expand into retail distribution as well as explore potential licensing opportunities. They developed a graphically-driven online store, a cause marketing initiative, and gained traction across social channels. Now, they looked to establish niche and big-box retail distribution with key retailers and engage leagues

and teams to introduce the brand and explore licensing opportunities.

How We Helped:

We engaged by conducting a comprehensive brand audit, clarifying brand voice, character, and key points of differentiation, as well as ensuring minimum compliance requirements were met. Next, we conducted market analysis, identifying hyper-aligned retailers and developing a detailed distribution strategy and pitch. Once approved, we began executing our strategy, engaging key buyers and pitching the value proposition and brand character of Oceas Outdoors. Next, we began identifying hyper-aligned teams & organizations opening dialog to illustrate the Oceas Outdoors value proposition and engage decision makers. Finally, we liaised between retailer and brand, ensuring timely data transfers and seamless execution to deliver a thriving distribution relationship

Our Results:

Nearly immediately, we negotiated distribution to Touch of Modern’s audience of over 18 Million monthly users, including a customized email blast to their email list of over 11 Million subscribers. Additionally, we negotiated to earn Oceas Outdoors a unit price 11% higher than ToMo’s standard model for new products, instantly delivering increased profitability across their product offering. Next, we successfully placed Oceas Outdoors products into the worlds largest retailer, Walmart, exposing the brand to over 100 Million monthly shoppers. Leveraging our book of business, we were able to successfully introduce Oceas Outdoors waterproof outdoor blankets to MLS executive leadership, leading to an in-person meeting between Oceas ownership and MLS leadership at the league office in New York City to discuss licensing opportunities. Finally, we introduced Oceas Outdoors products to our contacts at Learfield IMG Collegiate leading to licensing negotiations for more than 5 NCAA universities.

Ultracore DRTV Campaign - $250k/mo Media Buy + Production Image

Ultracore DRTV Campaign - $250k/mo Media Buy + Production

The Challenge

Ultracore Supplements spent 9 years dominating digital and growing to the #1 product in the digital space. As their focus shifted to 9 figure revenues, it became clear national T.V. & Radio would be vital tools to steal share & establish awareness on a grand scale. With the creation of a new, premium product – UltraCore Power – they looked to produce successful Direct Response TV & Radio ads as

well as design & execute targeted media buys across TV & SiriusXM Radio. Award-winning directors & agencies told them production alone could not be done in less than 10 weeks, but they needed to hit a 2-week production timeline or risk delaying product launch.

How We Helped

We engaged by conducting a comprehensive brand audit, clarifying voice, target buyer persona, value proposition, and conducting a thorough competitive analysis. Next, we embarked on a deep dive into data provided by Nielsen to identify opportunities, competitor strategies, & quantify markets. Once objectives were identified and a robust media buy designed across TV & SiriusXM Radio, we began developing world-class creative to walk the line between premium, pharmaceutical style advertising, while still falling into the direct response category to solicit immediate return. We handled casting and negotiated an endorsement contract with a former NHL player to star in the campaign. We lead script writing, creative design, & offer development. Finally, we managed & executed filming, post-production, permitting, insurance, and network delivery.


Within two weeks, we successfully produced not only the initial target of one :60 DRTV commercial and one :30 DRTV commercial, but also provided Ultracore with hours of 8K raw footage shot on RED to fuel social, content, and digital marketing initiatives for months to come, in addition to the TV campaign. Additionally, we successfully developed & produced a host of Radio commercials for SiriusXM radio, receiving clearance on every spot produced. We delivered and executed strategic buys across TV & SiriusXM Radio which is currently spending $250,000/month and hitting all identified KPI’s. Finally, we captured hours of 8K product footage for use across the visual branding spectrum as well as hundreds of professional behind the scenes still images for digital and social.

$50Million/Year Revenue Growth - Hotsuit Image

$50Million/Year Revenue Growth - Hotsuit

The Challenge:

Hotsuit developed groundbreaking nano-silver fabric technology and built world-class manufacturing to produce an elite line of performance apparel. After successfully securing an international patent and designing their first men’s & women’s collections, Hotsuit approached The Micc Group to develop and execute a global go-tomarket strategy, develop their first ecommerce website, and grow their social

media channels into profit-producing marketing channels.

How We Helped:

We engaged by conducting a comprehensive brand audit, identifying goals, production capabilities, and prime prospects. We designed an omnichannel marketing strategy, developed an optimized e-commerce website utilizing the Shopify platform, and built enterprisequality social channels to communicate the innovative functionality of the nano-silver based product line. Next, we executed a successful product launch on the Amazon platform, running digital campaigns to fuel initial awareness and velocity, as well as launching list-building campaigns across channels. Simultaneously, we began executing a hyper-targeted SEO strategy to drive organic traffic and conducted targeted blogger outreach placing the brand in front of thousands of in-market buyers around the globe. Once lists were built, we leveraged them to build lookalike audiences and design social campaigns to drive engagement and conversions. Additionally, we deployed targeted email drip campaigns to acquire low-cost conversions and further engage targeted consumers.

Our Results:

Initial launch was a massive success, growing monthly total sales to over $100,000/mo in under 6 months and establishing itself as a disruptive force in the apparel space. Today, leveraging our strategies and functions, Hotsuit earns over $50 Million per year in global revenue including over $8 Million per year on the Amazon platform alone. Hotsuit maintains a highly engaged audience across all channels, earning an average transaction value of over $120, a conversion rate upwards of 3%, and has a returning customer rate of over 65%. Hotsuit continues to design & deploy innovative collections across men’s and women’s apparel and is determined to challenge the world’s leading apparel brands in markets around the globe

Rookie Blue :30 Promo

Audio/Video Production.

Audio/Video Production.

McDonalds McDouble :30

Audio/Video Production