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Merixstudio is a software house established in 1999, based in Poznań/Poland.

We are a full-stack agile team ready to plan, design and develop your web applications & digital products. We love startups!

Merixstudio collaborates with international firms, such as GS1, The Juilliard School, Divio, Toshiba, DFJ, SendinBlue, HSBC, The Independent, Homes.com, Virgin, Volkswagen, startups and other creative agencies who don't have the development skills in-house to help them bring their great ideas to life.

Our core competencies (and something that makes us stand out) are rich web application development and UX/UI design (with the focus on product design and modern branding).

The team has more than 70 high-skilled specialists; Front-end developers (core technologies JavaScript, React, Angular), Python/Django developers, UI/UX designers, testers and project managers – all working together from our HQ in Central Europe in Poznan/Poland.

We also build our own projects including open source solutions such as Django Trench which is an application for two-factor authentication for Django REST Framework. Learn about the application on our Github profile: bit.ly/DjangoTrench

For more information regarding skills, team and approach, please go to www.merixstudio.com

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Poznań, Poland


Key clients: 
  • The Juilliard School
  • Toshiba
  • GS1
  • SendinBlue
  • FOX
  • Deutsche Post
  • HSBC
  • DFJ
  • Ferratum
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Volkswagen
  • The Independent
  • Tesco
  • Payback
  • Bronson Laboratories
  • Herald.ie
  • Virgin Digital Help
  • Billabong

and more.

BrandSync - a Django development of a cloud-based application

BrandSync is a cloud-based, PIM (Product Information Management) solution dedicated to both e-commerce and brick and mortar industries -  retailers and producers that covers three major problematic aspects of distribution: gathering and processing products’ data, standardisation and unification of data for all of supply chain participants, and further data circulation (both internal and external). 

The solution was a dedicated application that enables users to input to the database a precise description of their products. Combined with a great number of products in the base, it allows for a very expanded data exchange between the subjects within the supply chain. 

One of the major challenges was to combine simplicity with flexibility and create as user-friendly tools as possible. The final product has a clear, intuitive interface with custom-made designs that provides the variety of functionalities and makes the high volume data management easy and...

Happy Scribe - a high-end dynamic SaaS platform

Happy Scribe is a high-end dynamic SaaS platform for researchers, journalists, podcasters, and media production companies. It uses state-of-the-art machine-learning models to transcribe audio/video files uploaded by users automatically. Happy Scribe is used in a plethora of different industries, whether it be in education all the way through to the entertainment.

We were tasked with, among other features, the development of a simple and functional player for video or audio. Apart from simply playing the material, users can also control it by clicking on text to jump to the specific point in audio or video simultaneously. 
The next thing we were responsible for was making the transcribed text as clear for users as possible. That’s why we introduce speaker Identification, which allows users to set the identification to differentiate between speakers.

Another problem we needed to tackle was how to help users to easily...

RMS - a Django-based Recital Management system built for The Juilliard School

We supported The Juilliard School in building and launching an advanced Recital Management System (RMS), which helps students and school staff organize recitals.

Our role involved backend (Django) and front-end coding. In the beginning, front-end was based on the Metronic theme, but later during the project, we created new designs of RMS and implemented it into the application.

Our work in the project included integrations with external services such as Panopto (using SOAP-based integration), which is a system for scheduling recital recordings, integration of Colleague system (REST API), and integration with Performance Event Calendar previously created by us before.
We also developed a canvas-based Stage Composer application, which allows students to use front-end tool to create stage setup - either using one of the predefined settings or custom adjusted ones.

The final product requires the input of...

SportsHi - the React Native mobile application

SportsHi React Native mobile app is a great example of a lifestyle-driven business concept. Founded by an after-hour rugby coach living in New York, the application allows the users (Coaches and Players) to schedule their training sessions and games as well as communicate with each other. This project is also a great example of both the lean approach and agile followed development.

App founders were managing the project from their New York-based headquarters, while the development took place mainly in Merixstudio’s office in Poznań, Poland. The 6-hours difference was easily overcome by planning weekly meetups during East Coast morning hours. The daily communication was crucial, as the founding team consisted of a CTO (tech lead), who was collaborating with our Frontend, Backend, and Quality Assurance specialists. In addition to that, the UX designer was overseeing the implementation of the design from the office located in...

Vogue Tyre - marketing website for luxury products

For over 103 years Vogue Tyre is providing custom luxury tires for the most discerning customers. Their perfected design and technology create distinctive products with outstanding performance that needed to be promoted on a website that mirrors this attention to detail. 

We were tasked with creating a site that promotes Vogue Tyre's premium products - Tyres, Wheels, and Accessories. With award-winning animations, premium design, and original style that highlights the value of Vogue Tyre products the bar was set pretty high for us. 

During the project, our software house was responsible for UX/UI, Front-End Development, and QA. Apart from showcasing great craftsmanship through the high-quality animation, the final product was supposed to emphasize the friendly attitude and the longevity of the company. Did we meet all those criteria? Check for yourself on Vogue Tyre's website.

Full portfolio: ...


Everclassic is a leading Danish online marketplace for vintage, Scandinavian design including furniture, ceramics, art, and other design objects. It is a large-scale platform including both online auctions and a marketplace.

One of the main challenges for Merixstudio was to successfully take over the project from a team from Ukraine making it smooth and downtime-free. The key milestone achieved by Merixstudio was developing an English version of the website to help our partner thrive on the international market. This was proceeded by completing the unfinished legacy tasks such as rewriting Zend to Phalcon as well as Magento integration and performance optimization.

The team composition was flexible and adjustable to the current project’s needs. We kicked off with one back-end developer and PM, then, on peak time scale up to four team members adding a front-end developer and QA specialist. The Client and Merixstudio’s manager shared the responsibility for the project...

Shuffle - HTML5 game

Shuffle is a puzzle matching game built by Merixstudio for digital touch displays.

The player taps on the screen to choose between 4 difficulty levels. Photos or illustrations that appear are split into multiple pieces - the goal is to try to solve the puzzle within a given time. If the player gets stuck, she/he can push the "Tip" button to preview full image.

Touch & Go

We made HTML5/Web Sockets technology and Digital Signage work together beautifully.

The Touch & Go application is an innovative digital retail tool that makes the physical shopping experience more personal, efficient and compelling. Users scan the QR code via smartphone, connect wirelessly to a digital display in the shop window and browse through products or documents. In a few swipes, they can save their favorite offers to the mobile device for later reference. 

Walibi Quiz

Walibi is a Belgian theme park located close to Brussels.

For the purpose of this project, we teamed up with C-NUI, digital communication, and DOOH specialists, to bring unique mobile quiz experience for queueing park visitors. 

U project

U project (U Multi-touch Whiteboard) is an interactive app built for Digitaria International, headquartered in Luxembourg, company specializing in satellite telecommunications and multimedia software platforms. 

The purpose of the app was to fill in the gaps of existing e-learning platforms. To make it happen, we created a software-hardware-networking platform that facilitates content distribution and teacher vs students interactions via Multi Touch Interactive Whiteboards supporting up to 10 touches simultaneously.


Competenz4u is a SaaS startup for students in Austria who want to improve their math skills.

The client took the initiative to create a modern e-learning web application that combines his incredible flair for sharing knowledge and powerful Python development capabilities.

We've built fully responsive user experience and gave children access to affordable maths training videos via a recurring monthly subscription fee.


FLAVR is Belgian startup for hobby & professional chefs who want to sell homemade meals.

In the first two months, we were able to ship the MVP of the application, while after four months we finished working on its final version. What is especially noteworthy, in this projects such functionalities as Filters Module, Notifications, Follow chef, Admin Panel and System of discount coupons are used.


Playism is an indie-focused PC game digital distribution platform from Osaka, Japan. 

The scope of work involved design & development of high-profile, database driven multilingual, responsive web shop application (marketplace for indie games). One of the key project challenges was data migration from the old system (user accounts and products). The platform is hosted on scalable Amazon deployment space - AWS Elastic Beanstalk, fully utilizing its scalability features. 

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

Kopanito is an arcade, award-winning HTML5 soccer game. It's fast-paced football game without a referee on the pitch and with crazy super-powers.

Kopanito is inspired by such classics as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off. It reminds older players about games of their youth, while younger people can experience a soccer world they have never seen before. Kopanito is one of the few such advanced football games developed by using HTML5 technology. 

The Old Axolotl

Beautifully responsive, one-page experience for Polish sci-fi writer Jacek Dukaj’s new novel “The Old Axolotl”
The site uses modern web technologies, including Pixi.js, a lightweight 2D rendering library that helped us animate objects in background.
Project was created in collaboration with Platige Image that delivered illustrations and video content.


Fully responsive project prepared for The Tubądzin Group – one of the leading Polish manufacturers of ceramic tiles. We were responsible for comprehensive implementation of the project (analysis, gathering requirements, specification preparation, mockups creation, graphic design, HTML templates and finally – integration with Drupal CMS system).

Herb Alpert Presents

Complex multi-site project for American artist prepared in cooperation with our partner from USA. After receiving graphic designs our task was to write HTML/CSS/JS and then develop fully custom content management system for which we have used Django Framework. Project is full of advanced JavaScript. 


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Web Development for Interior Design Agency

"They put effort into understanding what we want and what style we wanted."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
Less than $10,000
Project summary: 

Working from basic wireframes, Merixstudio designed and developed a website for an agency within a very short timeframe. They also incorporated e-commerce capabilities. 

The Reviewer
11-50 Employees
Marketing/Sales Manager, Interior Design Agency
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Clients and visitors greatly appreciate the website for its ease of use. Merixstudio continually impressed with their prompt communication, responsiveness, and creative skill. Despite an aggressive deadline, they were able to understand the site's goals and deliver an outstanding product. 


Please describe your organization.

I work for an interior design agency. We specialize in architecture design and interior design for different properties.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am the sales and marketing manager.


What was your goal for working with Merixstudio?

As a new business, we needed a developer to build a website for us. We needed to start building an online reputation and allow for e-commerce functionalities on our site.

Please describe the scope of their work.

Merixstudio was mainly responsible for our Web design. When I approached them, we only had the rough idea and a logo. They did all the rest. We gave them the ideas of what we wanted and the price range we were interested in. They designed and developed the whole thing. They were an end-to-end developer.


What was your process for selecting Merixstudio with which to work?

I did a basic online search and selected the top five companies that I found. I decided to partner with them based on their previous work.

Can you give a sense of the size of the initiative in dollar terms or a personnel work-hour figure?

The size of the project is less than $10,000.

When was the work completed?

The project was completed in January 2015.


Do you have any statistics or metrics to track improvement from the project?

We got a lot of very positive feedback from both friends and clients.

Are you satisfied with their performance?

We were very pleased with Merixstudio. It was very well done. It's quite clear and easy to use. Merixstudio delivered a high-end product in a very short timeframe.

Is there anything unique or special about Merixstudio that really makes them stand out compared to other business partners?

The communication was very good. They replied quickly and are very creative. They put effort into understanding what we want and what style we wanted. I think they got it quite well.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or that you might do differently?

I can't think of anything.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 4.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer

Supplement Manufacturer Web Development

“There’s a clear difference between Merixstudio and their counterparts.”

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$50,000 to $199,999
Mar. 2013 - Ongoing
Project summary: 

Merixstudio developed an upgraded website for a nutritional supplement manufacturer.  The website was created to operate within the client’s existing system, yet handle increased web traffic.

The Reviewer
51-200 employees
Greater New York City Area
Director of IT and Data Services, Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements
The Review
Feedback summary: 

Merixstudio provided an exceptional team of designers and programmers, and delivered a flawless launch of the site.  The company has completed several other projects for the client.


Could you please provide a brief overview of your company?

We are a manufacturer, marketer, and seller of dietary supplements.


What was your original goal or objective for choosing to work with Merixstudio?

I worked with them a long time ago. I wanted to have a modern, functional website that would be robust and customized to our needs. We also operate a complicated ERP system for our company, which meant they needed to be compatible.

Which ERP system do you use?

It’s called Sigma Micro Controller Plus. It’s one of those Unix-based text systems that is quite old. Merixstudio was one of a very few companies that tried to integrate the two systems.


Was that the main reason you chose to work with Merixstudio?

We love their designers. We use them consistently for our weekly email blasts. They design those for us. We’ve worked with one of their team members for years now, perhaps five or seven. His work is absolutely invaluable to us. He delivers a more European-style design to our content. We enjoy it thoroughly. It’s extremely clean and almost clinical, which we appreciate because we want to be thought of as a company that’s not gimmicky. They also have highly proficient programmers on their team. Those guys do an excellent good job. We had zero problems with their work and their quality control was great, too. I’ve worked with other companies on similar projects. I manage more than one operation here. The issue with so many companies is technical: once the site is launches we would run into a whole gamut of bugs, malfunctions and design flaws. That’s never the case with Merixstudio. A launch never takes place until thorough testing has been performed and they’re confident that the product is ready.

Can you provide a general cost estimate for the project?

The website overall ranged from $20,000 to $50,000. It probably ended closer to $50,000, but initially it was estimated around $20,000.


How pleased are you with the results?

I’m quite pleased with the website you see currently, but it represents only one project among many that they’ve undertaken with us. It’s hard to choose an example because that website is five years old; it’s dated. The functionality is essentially obsolete. That’s why we’re working on the Magento-based platform right now. At the time it was a phenomenal improvement over our previous website.

Is there anything you found unique or special about Merixstudio compared to other developers that you’ve worked with?

To be honest with you, unique or special – yes. There’s a clear difference between Merixstudio and their counterparts. They would never ask you dumb questions relating to project requirements or specific documentation. They were comprehensive with their research and preparation. Other companies I’ve worked with previously have consistently bombarded me with rather ridiculous questions, like: “how do I connect to your server?” I never experienced that with Merixstudio. The only exceptions were absolutely no fault of their own; for instance, if I forgot to send them a password or username. That’s the distinction. They truly take ownership of the project and care a great deal about the quality of the work they deliver to their client.

Is there anything that you would do differently or that you think they could improve upon?

I would do three things differently in retrospect. For example, considering our current marketing needs, I’d have requested a completely different design for the website. In general, there were a few occasions where they were unable to deliver on time. They work the way that they would prefer and they were definitely honest about it. If they can’t deliver what was promised, they come right out and admit it. It usually has to do with the fact that they haven’t tested the product to the extent that they’d prefer. Even though they probably had it 99 percent complete, they would wait until they finished the testing. Their reasons seem justified, but it’s never a good thing to deliver late to a client. I did appreciate the fact that we were always informed about it. They never kept us in the dark.

Overall Score Well, that should be average, correct?
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 5.0 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • N/A NPS
    Willing to refer
    Yes, I would.