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Melissa Ritter Consulting was founded on the idea that all SEO agencies are not created equal. Our goal is to work with our clients to help grow their businesses while creating a lasting relationship of trust and partnership.

When you hire an online marketing agency to handle your website optimization, trust is paramount to your success. For this reason, it is our philosophy that if we show you that you can trust us before you even decide to hire us, the rest is all downhill.

We encourage our clients to be a part of the creation so that we can fully understand what their end goal is. Whether it is to simply outrank your local competitors for top keywords in your industry, or whether you need a full branding project, we are open to your suggestions on how to best market your business.


$100 - $149 / hr
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Akron, OH
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Key clients: 

We work with all types of clients, as SEO is not niche related. If a company knows how to optimize a website for one industry, they should know how to do it for another. With that said, we work with many attorneys and lawn care companies.