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iOS Development, Android Development. Atlanta, Georgia. MaMBA Team.

With MaMBA Team, it’s a bit more than building iOS apps and Android apps; it’s about the product, the client, and success. Yeah, we have development side covered, but MaMBA Team is more than that. We understand the business-side. The marketing, financial, technical, and even corporate side are always in the forefront of our thought and actions during the development cycle. MaMBA Team is more than a means to an end - more than just a development firm. MaMBA Team resides, quite literally, in the industry of mobile and web development as a vehicle to produce revenue and more business.

iOS Developers, Android Developers, Mobile App Marketers - MaMBA Team is the holistic software development solution, and we’re in your backyard of Atlanta, GA. Our sense of quality, economy, and macro-sensibility is geared toward the success of your startup, established company, personal business, or awesome idea.

Some specs:

  • Expert iOS Developers.
  • Expert Android Developers.
  • Years of Experience Publishing to the App Store and Google Play.
  • Wicked agile.
  • Native English Language.
  • Located OTP - Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Friendly, Flexible, Punctual, and Professional.

Aside from knowing that your mobile app or web solution is killer, it’s MaMBA Team that can ensure that it was produced holistically. We are working with you - better than for you.

Honesty, Vision, Understanding. Brilliant iOS Developers, Android developers, Mobile App Marketers. Market Sense, Financial Tuning, Business Driven.

I’m Matt Maher; we are MaMBA Team - pumped to hear more about your project.

$100 - $149 / hr
2 - 9
MaMBA Team Atlanta, GA 30016
United States


Key clients: 

APT Enterprise Solutions, Inc., TaDaah, DADO, Contacts InMotion, Mossy Creek Aussies, Green Capital Planning LLC, Revolutionary Concepts, FitMate Social, Inc., MBTA - Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, AppCoda, Record Haüs, Interviewed, Beam Lunch, Inc., Holistic Insite, GCP Facility