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Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Key clients: 

BitcoinWide, Ukrainian Government, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Agencies

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A huge e-commerce project with original User interface and User experience desing for intuitive userflow, presenting wide range of unordinary and unique toys. The design of the e-shop reflects the uniqness of the product and leads a customer to the shopping cart .

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The website describes product's basic ideas and gives an opportunity to have necessary quantity of cannabis. Shoppers can receive different loyalty priveleges and e-shops receive access to the cleints database. For more convenient usage a mobile application was created.

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Synesthesia - is a project about perseptual phenomenon which has only 4% of the world's population. In the most common types of synesthesia, known as the color synesthesia, the feelings are perceived as inherently colored. Five feelings - five colors - five "stories".

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The web platform is an ICO blockchain information security system. It also allows users to create wallets with chosen currency and receive tokens in exchange of their search request information. The alfa idea was a secure system of Information exchange and usage, uniting most powerful search engines in one decentralized one.

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Internal rebranding of the company web site with a classy minimalistic UI/UX design and turning it into business class web site, showing our new projects developed and giving more complete picture of all company’s skills and technologies.

We created brand-new site in minimalistic style for web presentation, showing our experience and skills set. Would be glad if you like it and have already made up your mind to contact



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Client asked to create a mind map and UI/UX design for mobile application with a wide choice of food kits for different recipes.

Having understood the idea of the application and the main goals that should be reached by a user of the app, our UX designer created a mindmap where he shown all the users' routes and functionality variations.

After mind map was finished we created UI and UX screens desings taking

into consideration client's wishes and ideas.
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The customer was interested in creation of the music player for music and iPhone fans giving them an oportunity to enjoy basic list of songs and have an access to the best and exclusive songs after subscription and payment made.

Our team started to analyse already created music players for iPhone users to make a new one more exclusive and more convenient. After determing pros and cons of existed music players our

designers created Mind map of new-level player.

Having approved the userflow we proceeded to mockups with colorful and nice UI design. Development was started as soon designs were finished.

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Golden Ball

The mobile application is developed for sports betting that will be understandable for the maximum number of users, even for those who have never used anything like it. Modern and clear trends of design were used.

Using the analysis of competitors, user interaction and our experience, we have made an application that meets the requirements of any user and gives visually acceptance.