Custom Software Development for your business

The key activity of our company is custom software development. We provide a full development cycle from requirements analysis and software solution design to implementing it to your system and technical support by our specialists.

Our experience is based on successful software development for the largest Russian bookmaker company. Over 12 years of cooperation, we have completed more than 200 projects, including integrated about 100 payment systems, gaming and support services.

At the moment, due to our rapid growth, we are seeking new customers who will benefit from our expertise. We are able to work in situations with a high degree of uncertainty due to rapidly changing requirements and technical constraints. We have expertise in software development of high-load systems.

We are represented in Ulyanovsk (Russian Federation), but most of our employees work remotely full-time from various cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Spain, the UK and the USA.


Our technology stack:

  • Programming languages: Java, C#, Scala, Python, JavaScript.
  • Frameworks: Java EE, Spring, Play, Django, Akka, React, Angular.
  • DBMS: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB.
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Git, Gitlab CI.
  • Infrastructure: DigitalOcean, AWS.


Our infrastructure and support:

  • Fast deployment of testing and production environments.
  • Real-time monitoring of technical and business indicators.
  • Bilingual (russian/english) technical support service available 24/7/365.


$50 - $99 / hr
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Ulyanovsk, Russia
  • Prospekt Tupoleva
    Ulyanovsk, ULY 432072


Key clients: 

We have expertise in: - High load systems development - Complex web applications development: CRM, ERP, Marketplaces, CMS, Administration Panels, Integrated User Accounts and more. - Payment systems integrations (payment gateways, e-wallets, terminals) - Gaming systems integrations - Support services integrations (SMS/email gateways, internal and external services) - Business processes automation (back office, registers and reconciliations, requests management)

Complex User Account Development Image

Complex User Account Development

Objectives of the project:

1) Providing the bookmaker services users with a full-fledged functionality for managing their profile.

2) The platform me amd my team has worked on is a large system, with a complex logic and functionality.

3) It also needed to work perfectly well as the high-load system.

4) All the information should be editible

5) After the registration user is supposed to be able to

fill in and save his personal data

6) Implement validation - for phone, email input, etc.

- Project Structure

- My profile

- Deposit and withdrawal of funds

- Bid and Transaction History

- Inquiries

- Bonuses

- Security


My profile:


Core Functionality:

- User Profile Master Data

- Change phone number

- Email Confirmation

- Change Password

- Promotional mailing




User’s personal data: name, account number, account currency

Contacts: phone number, email

Promotional mailing

+ status: On / Off:

+ field with entering a phone number

+ verification of correct input

+ field with entering email address

+ verification of correct input

+ current password input field

+ new password entry field

+ input field for confirmation of a new password

+ confirmation button

+ mailing settings checkbox

Admin Panel Development Image

Admin Panel Development

Departments needs the system covers:

1. Management 

2. General and financial security 

3. User balance management

4. Management of game services settings

5. Game Services Logs Review

6. User data management

7. Partner Communications Management

8. Partner Communications Management

9. Work with Company branches

10. Work with financial statements



1. Management:

- Sections breakdown in the Control Panel

- Settings Management

- Manage Secure Settings

- Settings Change Log

- Operators/Branches

- Sections

- Section Links

- Roles and groups

- Organization Units (OU)

- Roles constructor

- Operator Statistics

- Log

- Flags Directory

- SMS management

- SMS settings management

- SMS 5000 Settings

2. General and financial security:

- Blacklist Management

- Managing fraud lists

- Wallet Search

- Currency Rates

- Automatic Confirmation

3. User balance management

- Manual balance change

- Manual payments

- Payments on the operator’s website

- Payment History

- Payment Systems

4. Management of game services settings: 

Financials Settings

Stocks (iForium)

5. Game Services Logs Review:

- IForium Deposit Journal

- IForium Payout Journal

- Registry Reconciliation

- Transaction Amount (Financial Rates)

6. User data management:

- Client's card

- Login to the user’s account for operators

- Phone numbers

- Card numbers

- VIP Clients

7. User Communications Management

- Operational management

- Answer Templates

- Query Log

- Query Configurator Download 

- Subjects

- SMS statistics

- SMS Newsletter

- SMS advertising newsletter

- Email Payment Confirmation

- Auto Answer Email Settings

8. Partner Communications Management:

Coupon printing

Partner alerts for technical issues

API Messages

9. Work with branches

- Branch List

- Newsletter

- Statements Newsletter

- Newsletter Archive