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We are experts in Data Analytics, E-commerce and Digital Strategy Development. Our expertise aligns in sectors of Tourism, Culture, Health Care and Technological Industries. We work with startups, PYMES and established companies around Spain and Europe (Germany, Benelux). We partner with marketing departments of commercial and nonprofit organizations to develop strategies and to drive customer value and engagement.

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Barcelona, Spain


Key clients: 

Metropolitan Transport of Barcelona, HARTMANN Healthcare, HIPRA Pharmaceuticals, MeiKO professional dishwashing systems, LaCaixa Banking Foundation, Costa Brava Tourism Board, Malaga Tourism Board, Girona Tourism Board, PGA Resort Luxury Accomodation, Barcelona Pompeu Fabra University, Salvador Dalí Museum

Digital Strategy for Fashion Ecommerce, Greece Image

Digital Strategy for Fashion Ecommerce, Greece

Parabita is a fashion ecommerce shop for modern women wearing plus size. Originally based in Greece, company entered the Spanish XL clothing market in 2018. To get competitive advantage on the market, company focuses not only on designs and quality of its product line, but also on service experience.

Services provided: SEO, Advertising campaigns strategy development and implementation. 

Selfie your City project for  Costa Brava Image

Selfie your City project for Costa Brava

La Costa Brava is located in the top corner of Catalonia, on the border with France. With its idyllic coastal towns, golden sandy beaches, mountainous massifs and bustling cultural life, Costa Brava turns to one of the most prestigious touristic destination in Spain. To discover the power of influencers in destination marketing, we suggested to launch an advertising campaign targeted to digital nomads.

A project “Selfie

your City” was a joint initiative undertaken by tourism board, regional councils, tourism promotion bodies and the towns in the province of Girona. The idea was an creating a digital map of Girona province by gathering together the relevant content created by Instagram users. This public cartography platform was connected with Google Maps API and Instagram API to show images tagged with the official hashtags in one place: #InCostaBrava, #InPyrenees (Costa Brava Tourist Board), #CatalunyaExperience (Catalan Tourist Board), #LloretdeMar (Lloret Tourist Board). All content is visible on the official websites of Costa Brava destination (10 active websites).

All forms of UGC (User Generated Content) provide less expensive, but at the same time more valuable and reliable content. The main challenge in designing strong and involving campaign was to ensure a wide dispersion of the content related to Costa Brava destination.  The other demanding task was to choose a set of influencers corresponding the requirements of  influence, engagement, diversity - for a particular marketing actions.

Editorial Strategy for Healthcare company, Germany Image

Editorial Strategy for Healthcare company, Germany

HARTMANN Group is a leading player in the global Healthcare market, originally based in Germany. They provide innovative as well as economic solutions in the areas of Disinfection, Life Quality Improvement, Personal Healthcare and Risk Prevention. Company has its products available in more than 100 countries around the world.

Brand Tiritas from HARTMANN provides a large range of innovative bands aid for wounds healing.

Our collaboration started in 2015 with a new website development, content marketing and SEO services providing. The main challenge on the Spanish market was to build brand awareness and to protect the brand against strong competition with supermarkets. The initial website had low organic search ranking, low traffic (about 500 monthly visits) and low digital reach on the market in general.

The core element of website conceptualization was creating Tiritas Blog and “Curopedia”. Curopedia was designed as a first aid manual with easy-to-follow advices. The Blog content is focused on the topics of health, education and leisure in Spain in a more entertaining manner. Regularly generated content in these two sections increased the website traffic in 100 times comparing with the previous website (monthly average was 50 000 visits at the end of 2018).

Additionally to Blog and Curopedia, we launched Tiritas promotion on Facebook. It includes editorial calendar preparing, content creation and analytics. More than 90% of SEO visits now are obtained through content strategy successful realization.

SEO positioning for Salvador Dalí museum Image

SEO positioning for Salvador Dalí museum

We collaborate with Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation on the definition and execution of its digital strategy from 2010. We are responsible for SEO positioning and web analytics of its main website, providing regular qualitative and quantitative analysis reports on its web traffic and online actions.

One of our recent projects was conceptualisation, design and technical management of microsites for temporary exhibitions. We

activate temporary campaigns to generate traffic from different markets and encourage people to museums in Figueres, Portlligat and Púbol.
Training sessions for Costa del Sol Tourism Board  (Málaga) Image

Training sessions for Costa del Sol Tourism Board (Málaga)

“Intelig Málaga” project was dedicated to improve the competition in Costa del Sol touristic sector, to encourage innovation in SMEs and assist Tourism Board in managing Digital Transformation in the sector. The project was funded by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and supervised by EOI (School of Industrial Organisation).

LaMagnética main engagement in “Intelig Málaga” was the analysis of the online

competitiveness of the tourism sector and its touristic offer. We conducted a two-stage analysis to identify market digital maturity level. The first stage included the analysis of a big number of online indicators from a sample of 900 companies belonging to different touristic sectors (hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, etc.) The second stage included a structured interview with 100 companies representatives to identify their approach to digital strategy development in touristic products commercialisation.

After analysis, we designed a training program, aimed to improve digital literacy in the sector and increase the use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in sector. The training sessions included new tools and new approaches to manage destination resources and to improve touristic experiences. Also we trained a team of 12 consultants hired by Tourism Board to support SMEs in innovative initiatives and prepared a technical support manual for them.

SEO for Professional Dishwashers in Germany Image

SEO for Professional Dishwashers in Germany

Meiko is a company providing warewashing technology for the food service industry in German. It provides full cleaning and disinfection solutions for food industry, marine and aero business, hospitals and industrial enterprises.  "Made by MEIKO" is a synonym for value and reliability.

We started our collaboration in 2018 with developing and implemeting SEO strategy for them.