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Our mission

To drive the transformation of people and companies from the traditional economics to the economics of the new technological era (industrial 4.0).

One of Magento creators is in our team.

We don't have freelancers – canned in developing specialists. All your tasks will be discussed in team.

Methodology of supporting your project

  • Contract signing (please refer to contract blank);
  • Set new tasks on language of business logic (on e-mail, tracker or phone);
  • Evaluation and harmonization of cost;
  • Realization. During realization task goes thru checking of code by senior engineer and tester;
  • Demonstration of functional opportunities on test stand or in real (due to arrangements);
  • Billing. Each month we give you full detailing which you can discuss with your manager. If there are no comments we put a bill.

Methodology of new project developing

  • Draw and plan. We hold a session of project strategy planning at your or our office. From your side - responsible for project, from our side - architect or marketer.
  • Decompose. We split the project and give you approximate estimate and calendar period for realization.
  • SCRUM/Kanban/FIXPRICE. We choose methodology of project: SCRUM (with setting of new characters for product rhythmically and demonstration of new product at the end of every cycle or by versions with fix amount (page of product, homepage, integration with ERP, delivery method etc.)
  • Adjustment of cost and terms
  • Product demonstration for you . We prefer demo every 2 weeks.

Our developers and designers work together, it provides fast communication during realization. Designer work result has a 6 months guarantee, defaults in designer logics are amended for free.

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50 - 249
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Moscow, Russia
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Key clients: 

Nike, Converse, Danone, Loreal, Saint Gobain, Norgau, British American Tobacco, Snowqueen, ТВОЕ

TVOE online clothing store Magento Image

TVOE online clothing store Magento


TVOE is the largest fashionable clothes seller of the budget price range.


The project is quite complex in internal business process. A great deal of money was spent on developing for Oracle, but the previous contractor failed and the site didn’t start.


To develop an omnichannel multicurrency online store based on

Magento Enterprise with multiple integrations and flexible structure management.

Creation on Magento Enterprise

Magento is just the tip of the iceberg.

We have done tremendous work on:

Automatic scaling of the number of servers under the appropriate setting (within the resources allocated by the customer, based on Dataline).

Integration with a variety of transport companies and payment methods.

Integration with NAVISION, SMSAero, WMS, ExpertSender, AUTOSCALE, Yandex.Market, B2CPL, Raiffeisen, Russian Post, SNGB.

Click and Collect:  regular delivery and pickup.

The review

“The guys practically lived in our office to launch the project on time. They really could handle it! Keep the brand, well done!”

Maxim Sakib, TVOE operational manager

Future Medicines MobiApp Image

Future Medicines MobiApp

We are glad to bring to your attention the new application called MobiApp – all the work of the clinic in one application: online fixing an appointment, the results of the medical analysis, counseling, medical record and all necessary


1. Customer

MobiApp is the first medical service in Russia, which combines telemedicine and expanded range of services offline clinic and the first real mobile medical record in Russia.

2. Task

  • To provide the necessary medical services and store all the patient's medical information
  • To develop short and easy scripts for customer convenience
  • To revamp the appearance, to make the design relevant and modern, without being tied to the aggressive medical colors and style of competitors

3. Solution

  • To develop a system for separating telemedicine services and offline clinics, and consolidate all medical data from both channels in one place
  • To develop a user-friendly interface not like the usual medical service in blue / magenta colors
  • To use the visual style of modern European design and smooth interface animation at each stage

4. Design Systems

During app design system development modularity was used as the core principle. The selected components  development provide more user-friendly realization and support.

B2B Magento Saint Gobain Image

B2B Magento Saint Gobain

Project Task
The project is aimed for self-service of large corporate customers. Customers should be able to create orders through the website and their own ERP
systems, taking into account all the rules, allowances, discounts, penalties, pricing features

and unique prices.

To simplify customer service business process and provide new level service. To refuse to manually processing of all exceptions. To combine program section into one, reducing royalties.

In the space of a month — To set up a project with the integration of
SAP, MVP on the original version of the design.

In the space of two months —To set up a project with the full described functionality. To provide first customer inclusion.

In the space of further six months — To develop, refine and support the project to provide services to all customers. To debug all the business processes in the account and take into consideration all the complex and rare cases.

We have a high ambition to keep the functionality 100% and the project desktop version whereas a used-friendly and intuitive interface. The user can complete any target action in 2-4 clicks.

We have done it!

Online store “SNOW QUEEN” Magento 2 Image

Online store “SNOW QUEEN” Magento 2


“Snow Queen” (“Snezhnaya Koroleva”) – is a major online fashion store, operating throughout Russia.


The tasks set to contractors by “Snow Queen” (“Snezhnaya Koroleva”) were not fulfilled. As a result, the next sale (“Black Friday”) showed poor results, as incoming customer orders were not processed.


To bring the

project to Magento and to make seamless transition to Magento 2

To scale the server operation and to optimize the import of residuals

To transfer to hosting, to enable OMNI CHANNEL.

To connect multistock to Magento 2 and to integrate with PIM

The results

+ 39.9% the conversion has increased

+ 67.6% the profits have increased, the amount of purchases has increased

+ 57.8% increase in average check cost has increased

 LA NATURE The world’s first Magneto 2+ PWA website development on a turnkey basis  Image

LA NATURE The world’s first Magneto 2+ PWA website development on a turnkey basis

In cooperation with DIVANTE.CO, we have been developing Vue.Storefronte, an ultra-fast front technology for La Nature, for many months.

The introduction of PWA helped to achieve a download rate of 0.1 seconds per



The online store La Nature offers European brands of designer jewelery handcrafted by the best artists and craftsmen.


The website did not meet the criteria of the modern user such as: the speed and attraction of the website. The customer would like to renovate the website design and make it more modern and innovative.


Website redesign

Development of omnichannel online store with integrations CRM and ERP (Bitrix24 / 1C TO (trade office).

The introduction of PWA-front for Magento, accounting analytics.

The results

0.1 sec the page loading speed

from 0.74% to 1.22% the conversion increasing

the product view rate has increased by 30% for 1 session