Mobile Apps, Web apps, Websites and E-commerce


I'm a UI Designer with more that 5 years of experience. 

I work in Krakow for software houses and UX agencies from around the world. 

I design: mobile apps, web apps, websites and e-commerce.

I'm available to work on awesome projects.


Email me at [email protected]

$25 - $49 / hr
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Kraków, Poland
  • Stojałowskiego 39
    Kraków, ML 30-611


Key clients: 
Hyundai, Toyota, 5+ Startups
Hyundai Equity Manager (Web App) Image

Hyundai Equity Manager (Web App)

Hyundai Equity Manager enables employees to group deals to relevant lists and check the best finance option for clients. Car dealers can talk with customers and other employees from forecourt and add appointments to the calendar. 


Link to project:

Flying Pizza (Mobile App) Image

Flying Pizza (Mobile App)

Flying Pizza app allows you to order a pizza with fast drone delivery. Drone doesn’t waste time in traffic jams, so delivery time is about 2 minutes! 


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