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We are digital agency 
based in Minsk

Core values

  1. Research. Making research our keystone yet placing special emphasis on users
  2. Trends. Keeping you up with the trends to be on top
  3. Individuality. Balancing usability and originality that make product stand out
  4. Quality. Gaining excellence in everything we do

Areas of expertise

Our team has delivered solutions to various industries and enjoyed working with every single client.


  • Social networks
  • Web platforms
  • Corporate websites
  • Browser games
  • Content management
  • Health Care
  • Public administration 
  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Gaming
  • Taxi business
  • Tourism

Technology stack includes

  • Front-end: React JS, Svelte JS, Vanilla JS, HTML5, CSS3 
  • Back-end: Node JS, Java
  • DB's: MongoDB, Cassandra, Sql based db's


We use Scrum and love it the most as everyone wins

Our team

  • CEO & CTO
  • UX Designers & UI Designers
  • Engineers & Developers
  • QA specialist
$25 - $49 / hr
10 - 49
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Minsk, Belarus


Key clients: 

Our industry expertise extends to healthcare, public administration, logistics, development, construction, gaming, taxi business, tourism. 

sosedi.games - gaming platform


We aimed at creating the most engaging, informative, easy-to-use interface for gamers who would choose this community over others and stay loyal.


Sosedi Games web application consists of two parts: front-end (client side) and back-end (server side).

Client side is carried out as SPA (Single Page Application). We’ve been using React + Redux taking advantage of the latest standards of

JavaScript - es6/7/8. The application works well with external games API and WebSocket. It allows internationalization and localization.

The server side is carried out by means of the microservice architecture approach. The technology stack of each service varies according to the current task. So, for example, the service of game business logic, payments, notification, gamification and social dimension is employed by using Java 8 and Cassandra database.

We use Hazelcast which allows to exchange messages between cluster servers and to cache data. The messages service or simply the chat is carried out by means of JavaScript (Node.js 8). MongoDB is used as the database while Redis is in-memory cache.


Despite being new to the game industry Jazz Pixels managed to quickly delve into the unknown sphere. 3 months later we showed solutions that allowed stakeholders to totally entrust us of taking decisions on the project development and its evolution.

The release took place at the midle of 2018. Now the social network is in its public beta version.

the-parallel.com - Website for VR company Image

the-parallel.com - Website for VR company

We had a challenge to stand out from the competitors. Similar virtual reality web sites have typical images of people wearing VR glasses. We put emphasis on minimalism, pure colors and beautiful 3D animation.