Mobile User Experience and Interface Design

Isavelev is a UX and UI design team with a passion for inclusive user-centered design and more than ten years of experience in digital design. They can apply their expertise and make the product stand out on the market or improve important numbers. Using a research approach, they partner​ with their clients to collect data to create evidence-based, proven solutions that support the outcomes they seek.


$50 - $99 / hr
2 - 9
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Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia
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Key clients: 

Adidas, Trader Interactive, ClickUp - The productivity platform, Adobe

Jamaican Stock App Image

Jamaican Stock App


  • My Portfolio- This displays the account information along with the profile of the individual.
  • The ticker will provide a live feed on the website showing trading activity. 
  • Newsfeed. This feature will allow the app to have live updates. Individuals will be able to see any relevant information immediately.
  • Daily Summary. At the end of each
day, a summary report will be done. It will summarize and list all activities done each day.
  • Notifications. This feature is to ensure that app holders get notified when there is a change in the stock market. 
  • FX Rates. Daily bank exchange rates, live updates of the buying and selling rates.
  • Fantasy Football. Paper trading for studying.
  • Fashion Store Image

    Fashion Store

    User experience and interface design for a fashion shopping app.



    Drapr lets you go from a simple video of you to a fully-featured virtual fitting avatar, your own body, imported into the platform, enabling you to see yourself wearing a variety of outfits without ever having tried them on in person.

    Amrek - Uber-like Delivery App Image

    Amrek - Uber-like Delivery App

    This Saudi Arabian start-up came with a task to design an on-demand delivery app that included cross-platform mobile apps with a client-side and courier interfaces, admin dashboard, as well as a brand identity.

    Amrek is a brand new delivery service that connects customers, drivers and local stores and service providers. Send a package across a city or make amrek pick up an item. Schedule a delivery for any time you

    Family Law Kit Image

    Family Law Kit

    Justice Family Lawyers and Stoa Pty Ltd identified a gap in the Australian Software Market in regards to Family Law Services for people who are going through divorce or separation and have no particular understanding of the family law and are reluctant to hire a lawyer or have limited funds to do so.

    To serve this group of people and to build up the user base Justice Family Lawyers and Stoa Pty Ltd decided to build

    Mobile Application first for iOS and then for the Android platform with a few core features forming the MVP of the product centred around helping the above group of people to orientate themselves in Family Court System and Litigation.

    The Service content will be available to users in two tiers.
    1. Free Content
    2. Subscription Based Content
    Trader Interactive Mobile Apps Image

    Trader Interactive Mobile Apps

    User experience and interface design for Trader Interactive. In a collaboration with a product owner, we helped to move the iOS app from 1.5 to 4.7 stars and doubled overall ratings, refreshed the apps with a new UI/UX, grown users and engagement month over month. 

    Trader Interactive  sells different types of vehicles from bikes to aicraft both in B2B and B2C areas, have hundreds of thousands listings, and collectively 7

    million monthly unique users, about 12 apps for ios and android both for a phone and a tablet.