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In today’s world there are multiple ways to help solve the myriad of challenges that brands and companies face. At Intersecting Knowledge we feel the best results are gained through the combination of leveraging equally important perspectives. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that where Business Logic, Strategy, Creative Thinking and world class Design intersect is where the most thought out and effective solutions are uncovered.

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Boston, MA


VetCor Brand Identity Image

VetCor Brand Identity

VetCor’s corporate identity,logo and visual language was in need of a new modern feel that better reflected their vivacious personality and focus on community both within and outside of their organization.


VetCor Website Redesign Image

VetCor Website Redesign

IK updated VetCor's Corporate Website to represent the new brand identity and improve the overall navigation and customer experience. IK also developed a system of flexible web templates for the practice websites to foster customization while maintaining consistency across all web properties.


Lone Star Overnight Website Image

Lone Star Overnight Website

Lone Star Overnight or LSO is a regional player in the shipping industry with an attitude larger than the big boys. To support that Texas sized ethos IK partnered with LSO to completely rethink their web experience. A large gap existed between the corporate site and the shipping site creating a broken User Experience. IK’s UX team worked hand in hand with the LSO team to improve and simplify all sections of the

website with the result being one unified and consistent experience. To elevate LSO’s punchy attitude IK’s content team developed a new messaging and positioning system.


Knotty Groom Brand Identity Image

Knotty Groom Brand Identity

The Knotty Groom is a traveling men’s stylist. Men are often left out of the market of

Wedding Day self-care. The Knotty Groom focuses specifically on mens hair and facial

hair styling for big events. IK was engaged to develop this edgy brand identity and

materials to better appeal to this unique clientele.


Packaging Design Image

Packaging Design

Gift a Panda offers customers a unique gifting solution. Instead of a tangible item or impersonal cash gift card, a Panda is a unique memorable experience. Experiences range from cooking classes to a day trip to Napa or a helicopter ride. The gifts are delivered to customers in the form of a gift card, however a gift card by itself did not convey the special and unique quality of the Panda gift. IK was tasked with

developing a gift package experience that felt modern and luxurious. It also needed space for elements to accompany the gift card like a booklet, personal message and polaroid of giver as well as a related trinket.