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In I LIKE ART studio we build positive brand’s image and provide consistent graphic designs. We identify companies visually and create coherent website arrangements. Various team members abilities allow us to use different forms of expression, such as photography, video and marketing, as well as binding them into one new quality. Branding is so much more then logo itself, as we consider it as an entire creative process.

Dynamic acting is what defines us  – we find inspiration everywhere. Complex multilevel projects is what we value most. Let us take care of you. We will make your brand visible.

Our client base is diverse and we work on projects big and small.

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Warsaw, Poland
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Key clients: 

Audi – mBank – Flaming & Co. – Tree Development Group – BMW – Lotto – L'oreal Paris – Be Tulum Hotels – Threnton – Komtur – Lodz Filmschool – and 300 more!

Rooms – eCommerce & Branding Image

Rooms – eCommerce & Branding

Rooms – eCommerce & Branding

500 square metres of post-industrial hall given in the possession of the best European furniture brands. The latest projects and classics of design: for a living room and a dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom, but also for a garden and on a terrace. Not necessarily for minimalists, but surely for spacious purists. For those who instead of the excess of home objects,

prefer to expose them in a proper way.

Janbor – Branding & Webdesign Image

Janbor – Branding & Webdesign

Janbor – Branding & Webdesign

Janbor is a feminine, elegant garment brand, that for over 20 years has successfully clothed Polish women. Many years of cooperation with leading European manufacturers in fashion sector have allowed to give the brand a specific shape. Janbor is always a fresh design, high quality and perfect performance.

Central Park Apartments – Real Estate Branding & Webdesign Image

Central Park Apartments – Real Estate Branding & Webdesign

Central Park Apartments – Real Estate Branding & Webdesign

Tree Development Group is the biggest house investor in Lodz and our regular client at once. Rewarded and nominated in many prestigious contents and categories, they wished to brand a new construction project this time, Central Park Apartments. Investment, placed in heart of the city, required unique visuals from us, and – once again – to

create a positive company experiencing strategy.

Flaming & Co. – Restaurant Branding & Webdesign Image

Flaming & Co. – Restaurant Branding & Webdesign

Flaming & Co. – Restaurant Branding & Webdesign

Culinary passion, cosy interiors, menu changing with the rhythm of the seasons – these are Flaming & Co. restaurants, the places that distinguish themselves on the culinary map of Poland. Attention to every detail always presents paramount value for the brand. The restaurants invite guests to discover Italian, French and American

tastes. The chefs in a spectacular way combine the best elements from various parts of the world.

Good Inside – eCommerce & Branding Image

Good Inside – eCommerce & Branding

Good Inside is a store for people who value uniqueness, quality, design and a Polish product. Also for those who love nature and appreciate the beauty in renovated furniture with a spirit. It’s an online store with such assortment as: furniture, lighting, carpets, ceramics, accessories and own projects and furniture after renovation. 

Be Tulum – Hotel Branding Image

Be Tulum – Hotel Branding