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HyperSense Software is a top mobile and web app development company for startups and enterprise clients specialised in strategic app planning, design and development of iPhone, Android and Web applications, user testing, QA, DevOps, Big Data and IoT.


In-house staff. All our team is co-located and works under the same roof. We work faster and better when we are able to directly interact with our colleagues. We work on challenges together and all our team members benefit from the collective knowledge and skill set of the team.

Located in Bucharest, Romania. This fact helps us provide better prices to our customers. Another benefit is that in Bucharest there is a very large pool of highly trained IT experts. We also benefit from the fastest internet in the EU, almost everyone here is proficient in English, we have great IT related universities and many other pro arguments.

We are independent. HyperSense is a privately owned company. We are responsible to only one stakeholder and that is our customers. Our owners are directly involved in all aspects of our work, including client relations, software architecture and development.

Timezone doesn’t matter. In our experience we worked with customers from every corner of the world. We know how to handle the timezone difference in order to make the communication and delivery process smooth and not affected by this. Working with us will feel like having a highly experienced software development department in your own office.

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Bucharest, Romania


Key clients: 

ALD Automotive, EA Chillingo, LLC, truCrowd INC, Playwing LTD, CrossLife LTD, Texas truCrowd INC, Beechcraft Corporation, Class on Demand INC. 

iOS and Android Video Processing app – MyBlender Image

iOS and Android Video Processing app – MyBlender

MyBlender is a powerfull video processing application for both iOS and Android. The video processing core is so powerfull that is only requires half of the playback time to process the video (E.g.: if the video export has 6 seconds the application requires only 3 to export it). The application also packs a powerfull social sharing module. 

iOS and Android VoIP Mobile app – Sipergy

within the own network
– VOIP calls outside to cellular networks world wide
– Google translate integration
– Find Free WiFi feature – native map integration
– Social integration
– Speech to Text and Text to Speech

PHP Web FinTech Platform – truCrowd is one of the first Equity Funding web platform in the US. The website is build using PHP, using the Zend framework. The database used is MySQL and the whole system is deployed on AWS. truCrowd has social integrations for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. We have developed truCrowd to be fully responsive. For this we used HTML 5 and CSS 3.

You can read more about our great collaboration on

iOS and Android Offers app – Live Green Image

iOS and Android Offers app – Live Green

The Live Green mobile application for iPhone and Android has the following features:

developed for iOS and Android;

keeps data synchronised with;

offers offline support;

dynamic interface with support for html and css for item description;

filters information according to user preference and user


supports remote notifications;

social media integration.

iOS app:

Android app:

Android Automotive Mobile app – Car Buyers Guide Image

Android Automotive Mobile app – Car Buyers Guide

Car Buyers Guide offers a simple solution for buying and selling vehicles.
Step-by-step guides and intuitive design help users to advertise their car or find out complete specs about a car they are interested in.
Managing, buying, selling or insuring your car is all possible from within the mobile app. This is available due to a series of complex features such as:
– cars can be filtered by maker or model;

– pros and cons for each car are made available;
– full specs;
– car validation based on number;
– similar offers;
– quick access to insurance;
– integration with car dealers;
– car and driver reviews.
iOS Social Mobile Video Sharing app – CU Laterz Image

iOS Social Mobile Video Sharing app – CU Laterz

CU Laterz is a video sharing iOS and Android social network.
It allows users to record videos and schedule their sending to their loved ones or friends in the future.
Behind the mobile apps we have developed a complex video transcoding system based on the AWS Elastic Transcoder.

iOS and Android VoIP Mobile app – LlamaCUBA Image

iOS and Android VoIP Mobile app – LlamaCUBA

LlamaCUBA is a VoIP native mobile application for iOS and Android.
It allows both free calls inside the own networks and paid calls to any mobile and landline in the world.
The application also allows users to buy cellular top ups.

Android Video Calling and Business Chat app – SEKAI Image

Android Video Calling and Business Chat app – SEKAI

A easy-to-use communication tool, Sekai Business Messenger is intended for users and companies as a tool to replace business cards and facilitate networking.
QR codes are assigned to each account and a quick scan allows new connections to be made between the accounts.
The app allow connected accounts to exchange information using:
– encrypted chat messages;
– video calling;
– file transfers;

– audio calls (VoIP);
– video messages.
The application is intended to be used worldwide, including China. Several functions were implemented keeping this in mind.

iOS and Android Mobile Health App – Autismate

Autismate started out as a simple replacement for autism cards. However, due to the high interest presented by both parents and medical staff, the project expanded and allowed the integration of a multitude of aid systems.
In order to maintain a stable and easy to use product, the application separated users based on their roles, administrators creating content based on the user needs and the environment he is familiar

with.To ensure this, the application enables the administrator to select images and videos from the web, local storage or reuse resources from the app itself. Since sound is just as important as images text-to-speech and recording were included.

More information can be found here

AnjularJS Web Responsive Application – ALD Automotive Image

AnjularJS Web Responsive Application – ALD Automotive

ALD Automotive is an enterprise web responsive application that serves as a car fleet administration tool for ALD customers world wide.
It was developed using AngularJS and Bootstrap.

AKA20Pearls - Mobile ECommerce App and ECommerce Website (WooCommerce) Image

AKA20Pearls - Mobile ECommerce App and ECommerce Website (WooCommerce)

The mobile commerce application was developed as a counterpart of the online shop (The application can be downloaded from here:
In order to reach this goal, the mobile version uses the

WooCommerce latest API and several plugins, third-party or built specifically for the app.
The purchase flow is simple and intuitive, allowing the user to browse and pay directly from their phone. The payment methods supported are: ApplePay, PayPal and Payeazy.
To further simplify the flow, the user can store data on a personal account, by registering or logging in with Facebook. This also allows the user to review previous orders and create a wishlist.

The option of waiting for a product that is currently out of stock is available for all users, wether or not they have registered.

AdPoints - iOS and Android Shopping Rewards App Image

AdPoints - iOS and Android Shopping Rewards App

The AdPoints is a marketing oriented mobile application that helps retailers re-engages shoppers by using a system of points and achievements for bonuses and discounts.
The system includes and mobile iOS and Android apps, a front-end presentation website, Administrator Dashboard and a complex web API.
This system was deployed for various customers under their own branding.
For developing this application we

used SWIFT, JAVA, PHP, MySQL and DynamoDB.
BLEEE - Business Cards App Image

BLEEE - Business Cards App

The next step in business cards, introducing a new and dynamic feel meant to leave an impresssion.
Blee business cards app offers a variaty of fully customisable animated cards. Templates are provided so the user can set his contact details, pick any logo and freely manipulate it.
Airdrop and search allow user to share their cards or search for specific people or companies.
All data is safely stored on your

iCloud account.
Car Dealer Intelligence - Android App for Car Dealers Image

Car Dealer Intelligence - Android App for Car Dealers

The application is intended for car dealers, offering full management of the business.
Interactions between dealers are encouraged, but a the competitve marketing side isn’t ignored. This is made possible due to features like follow and variouse ranks.

From a business perspective the key features of the app include:
– customer management;
– follow up functionality;
– schedule and appointment

– trade management;
– sales report;
– cars overview.

The application was written in Kotlin. If you’d like to know more about our switch to Kotlin please also check Making the Move to Kotlin.

GEOREACH - Emergency App Image

GEOREACH - Emergency App

GeoReach Emergency App is a sophisticated yet simple to use mobile phone app that periodically sends your location and battery level though an military grade encrypted connection to a Control Room, where security personnel can monitor your safety in realtime.
In case of an unfortunate event the SOS function can be triggered and it will allow the application to record audio and take images of your surroundings without any

other user interaction.
Some of the most important app features include:
– battery optimisations, capable of consuming as little as 0.3% per hour, while keeping track of the user in realtime;
– full offline functionality, all records and events are transmitted to the server when connectivity is reestablished;
– military grade secure data transfer for both location and chat (end-to-end encryption on chat);
– module separation, chat, tracking and notifications function independently;
– redundant and backup systems, tracking can be requested by the server or initiated by the device.
The application was deployed for several security firms and was rebranded in accordance to the clients requirements.
CrossLife - Social CrossFit app for iOS and Android Image

CrossLife - Social CrossFit app for iOS and Android

CrossLife wanted a solution to connect crossfitters around the world in a single niche community. We provided them with full-stack solution containing a native iOS and Android application, a distributed web API, an Administration Dashboard

and a presentation website. Read the full article about CrossLife mobile and web app development here.
Fitness Mobile Applications Image

Fitness Mobile Applications

This is a collection of fitness applications we have developed.

All of them feature a simple, flat design. The applications are also displaying graphics. One of the applications is featuring a calorie counter.

All applications were developed for both iPhones and Android devices.

More details can be found at 

Big Data Visualisation Image

Big Data Visualisation

We are experts in designing and implementing complex big data visualisation models for big data.

In this case the web admin dashboard was designed to display real time data regarding cyber threads. The target users are C-level members of banks (especially CISOs), Governmental and Global agencies. The main problem we had to solve was to display complex data in a way that any untechnical user could make sense of and take

a decision without effort.

The Dashboard was implemented using HTML 5, CSS 3 and Java Script.

Fun-tastic Words – iOS/Android Game Image

Fun-tastic Words – iOS/Android Game

This game rewards cooperation, awarding points to both the giver and the solver, if a solution is found.
The giver’s role is to describe a word chosen from one of the several categories available. Once a word is chosen, the puzzle can be built using one or more of the options: sound, video, crossword puzzle, drawing or photo.
Each of the puzzles came with feature and development challenges. Videos and photos needed

to be accessible from both iOS and Android.
For the drawing option, the user has colour packages, multiple brushes and brush sizes to choose from.
Recording and playback synchronizes the sound with a ripple animation.
Crossword puzzles offer custom autocomplete and spellchecks.
In order to offer the best user experience, custom animations were included. The animations were designed not to distract the user, but to offer some added fun..
The social component was also taken into account, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ were implemented, allowing the user to play with his friends and followers and expand his group by inviting new friends.
iPad Enterprise App for Safety Interactions Image

iPad Enterprise App for Safety Interactions

The Safety Interactions iPad Enterprise App was developed for a work safety company. It was deployed only via Enterprise deployment.

The application was built to work offline and sync data whenever an internet connection is available. It’s API was encrypted in order to protect the private information.

Taxi app – iOS and Android Image

Taxi app – iOS and Android

Stress and traffic seem to be related and are embedded into the daily urban life. The purpose of this mobile application is to allow clients to request rides in real time.
The application is packaged in an easy to use UI, that allows clients to search for nearby drivers, and request rides. At the other end of the line, drivers may accept or reject the requests.Upon accepting a request the client is updated.

real-time communication between the clients and drivers is made possible by a custom server, that forwards messages between devices. Clients can see the locations of available drivers, request pick-up from any location and receive constant updates on the request status, designated driver, ETA, distance and route.

iFlipBook - Image and Video Processing

iFlipBook is a video and image processing application. It uses the GPU and custom shaders to apply custom effects. In also integrates a real-time applied effects directly on the video recording. 


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Software Application Development

"HyperSense accomplished more than we had expected them to...It is a very beneficial partnership for us."

Willing to refer: 
The Project
$10,000 to $49,999
Project summary: 

HyperSense Software is developing an iOS and Android application which allows users to create unique telecommunication accounts. They also shared knowledge on mobile app development.

The Reviewer
51-200 Employees
Magda Alexe
Software Developer, SRVR
The Review
Feedback summary: 

HyperSense Software exceeded expectations for application development. They were willing to train the in-house team on smartphone applications and felt like a true partner. The work the team produced was great and they were good people. 

A Clutch analyst personally interviewed this client over the phone. Below is an edited transcript.


Please describe your organization. What is your role and responsibilities?

I’m a software developer at SRVR, the leader in international telecommunications. We provide software for other telecommunications companies. Because our software is used by many companies, we sell under many brands.


What was your goal for working with HyperSense Software?

We needed help with a mobile application for iPhone and Android operating systems. The concept of the app is that our customers should be able to download our app and login using their account with us. Once they are logged in, our app allows them to use our services on the Internet or the phone.


Please describe the scope of their work.

After we originally approached them, we started slowly. We wanted to make sure that this partnership, and this project was right for our company. It was, so after two months of working together, we decided to launch the full project.

What was your process for selecting HyperSense Software with which to work?

We tried to keep the project within our internal team because we are developers, but we didn’t have a developer that could do this kind of mobile app project. I wasn’t in charge of this project from the beginning, so I don’t know how my predecessor selected them.

Can you give a sense of the size of the initiative in dollar terms or a personnel work-hour figure?

The size of both project combines was in the $30,000 to $50,000 range.


Is there anything unique or special about HyperSense Software that really makes them stand out compared to other business partners?

HyperSense accomplished more than we had expected them to. HyperSense provided my team with specific knowledge about smartphone application and guidance throughout the whole process. Partnering with HyperSense was a learning experience for us. Now, we have a lot of knowledge and expertise about the mobile app industry and technology that we wouldn’t have had we partner with other developers. It is a very beneficial partnership for us.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or that you might do differently?

We were working from different time zones, which occasionally led to some delays in communication. However, the work itself was great.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Scheduling
  • 4.5 Cost
    Value / within estimates
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
  • 5.0 NPS
    Willing to refer
    More if I could.

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